Nothing but Gold!

I come to you guys today with so much joy in my heart! So much excitement! I have to admit that I come with a bit of fear too. On Thursday, I passed out of the NYSC scheme and only my Call to Bar beats the excitement I feel coming to the end of this […]

Thank you! 100 Followers Y’all! 100!

I’ve said this before, I celebrate all my wins. Every single one. There is nothing like a small win for me and if I didn’t currently live in a place where I don’t know where to find ice cream, I would definitely be getting ice cream today!


Hello great people! It’s been ages and I’ve kinda missed writing about all the stuff that’s been happening to me and all the lessons I’ve learned. some of them very happy and others, very sad. Sad as per, you know you’re learning but as you’re doing it, all you can do is cry. Kk. where […]