Ulterior motives…

Seriously!!! He wanted Pizza! It wasn’t as funny as it was odd but Grace was grateful. She had set out to befriend this one guy and somehow, it had gone so well, he could tell her he wanted pizza. Even though he said it jokingly.

This is probably how stalkers felt. She had taken her time to read everything the internet had to offer. She knew his birthday. His other name, which wasn’t so common. His hobbies. She had followed him to his church and joined his unit. If only he knew, he would probably think she was a weirdo and stop talking to her.

Grace felt like he would be a great friend and confidant. She knew he was out of it cos of the whole lawyer thingy but, this one, she liked. She really did.

She had a test tomorrow though and dear Jamal wasn’t going to write it for her. So she gave him her best smile and told him to contact her if he ever got the pizza because she could do with a slice.

More on friendship…

Denrele’s face just made Ebun happy. Every single time she saw him, there was this smile on his face that was really contagious and had a way of lifting her spirits.

It was the first day of school and really, Ebun was not ready. Her regular friends were either not back or blowing her off, so she was feeling a bit down. She had even gone to say hi and they had maintained the cold tone she had heard when she called the night before.

But then, bless the Lord, she had seen Denrele right after the blow off. His smile and warm greeting just made her forget the way her so called close friends had just treated her.

Even as he walked away, Ebun thanked God for bringing him her way. Friends like this were really hard to come by and that was what she needed at this point of her life, friends that didn’t mind that she forgot to call them every once in a while.

A Friendship Pact.

Today, I have been having a really nasty time. The sad thing is that, it’s not bad circumstances that are making my day go badly but some of my so called friends. Just the other day, my sister was complaining about how she didn’t have good friends anymore and I thought I was better off. I really thought so.

Well, today, I have had a change of mind. I’m not saying I have NO good friends. I do still have some who put a smile on my face everytime but I guess all this is because some friends let me down today. Like we say around here, no be by force. Hence, the friendship pact.

Today I make a pact with myself
To make better friends.
Friends that are like me
But not necessarily so.

I promise to gift myself
With people that are true
People that are as kind to me
As I would be to them

People that want to share my joy
And won’t rest if I’m not sharing theirs.

I make a promise to myself
That I would say no to toxic friends
That make me feel less of myself
That leave me when they are off to have fun
That do not even try to coax me
Out of the shell I might sometimes enter.

Friends that do not have my time
That can’t cry with me
Can’t laugh with me.

Today is a new day
And from today, I make a pact with myself
That the friends I have
Will be the ones that will have me.

It’s so sad, I know but today is a blue day.

Ciao, Clandie Chi.

Social troubles.

First day back at school. There was the usual excitement and of course, some sort of sadness, because who ever wants the holidays to come to an end? Definitely not Amara.

She knew she had offended a lot of her friends. Her not-keeping-in-touch policy, albeit subconscious was beginning to cause trouble. Her terrible phone which chose the days it wanted to work randomly was not making matters any better.

Where does one start begging from? Who does one start with? And knowing how much it annoyed her, she was really praying that none of the people she was to appease asked her what she brought back before she offered to give them anything.

That was the first mistake she had made. Being too friendly. Helping everybody and caring without even being asked. Now, that wasn’t a bad thing but she now had an obligation to keep that up and it could be tiring.

Amara sat in her seat and fiddled with her phone so that she didn’t have to look up and see her friends come in to class. She could start greeting and apologizing later. Right now, she wanted nothing but solitude.


What was it about this need to impress people one didn’t even know and whose opinion of one didn’t actually matter? Danielle looked at the young man making a call beside her and wondered what exactly he hoped to achieve.

Of course, he had been quiet and unassuming until those three fine girls from law school entered. Then he had a sudden urge to make a fictitious phone call to a non-existing person simply known as ‘Guy’. Not the name but the Nigerian term for all young men.

He asked Guy, quite loudly, why he had not returned the 100 thousand naira he borrowed last month. He said, again in loud tones, how that ‘small’ amount was dulling his non-existent business and explained how it was chicken change really. Really? Then why couldn’t he let it go? Danielle had the answer to that.

When he noticed that the three girls were beginning to pay attention to him, he became a bit louder, this time letting Guy know that he was travelling next week to Lagos to tidy up his Canadian Visa as he had no plans to go to England or America for the ‘summer break’ and how his sister, another figment of his very creative imagination had been inviting him to come over to Canada for a visit. Or should he just stay in Africa, visiting with friends in Uganda or one of the royal families in Kenya, who happened to be really close family friends?

Just as one of the girls smiled at him, he ended the call, which was not even real, to walk up to her and say hi, not before he shot a warning glance at Danielle. But then, Danielle thought, there was no need for that. Fine-girl-about-to-be-decieved would soon find out for herself that our uncle had never left the shores of Nigeria and as a matter of fact, all of his family lived in a two bedroom flat, not five minutes walk from Sasa market in Ibadan, Oyo state. She, Danielle, would simply shut up and wait for the inevitable to happen.

A bit of Black in the Royal Family!

Wedding Goals!

Today has been overwhelming! I was practically thinking of the Royal Family throughout the day and of course, the wedding today! Whew! Loving love is a bit exhausting. 😂

Where on earth does one start from? First of all, I would not mind a British Royal somebody to just meet me on a blind date and let’s start our life together. I’m kidding. But seriously, I can’t get over Megan’s story. I’m trying but I Kent.

The wedding was such a success, pun definitely intended 😎. Megan’s dress was a dress, my people. It was a dress. I’m crazy about cake on a normal day so I wasn’t so into the detailed story of the cake I read online.

See the guests. These people went all out to tell all of us that they were marrying a Semi-Black woman and they are loving it. Black culture was just like a golden thread woven throughout the tapestry of the wedding. From gospel music, the black, clapping, fat-black-woman-belting-vocals kinda gospel music to the Black Bishop of Chicago preaching fire and brimstone. Just the way we love it. Uncle was even so bold, he mentioned slavery in his sermon. Like I said people, it really has been an overwhelming day! 😌

So let me just say this about all that happened today. Nobody has a right to be stupidly stubborn about tradition and rules again. The British Royals were the last people to exercise that privilege. It is done. If you know about some of the rumours that went with Diana’s death, you will understand how big of a deal this is. We have had a Black man in the White House and now we have an American woman with a healthy dose of melanin in Buckingham Palace, so please! Now might be a good time to swallow your pride and take life easy. If the Queen can do it, if the Royal Family can do it, what’s that you were saying about who you are? 😏

Secondly, let your Black light shine. Don’t cover it for anybody. Megan’s wedding was Megan’s wedding. Not Kate’s. Not Diana’s. And it was still traditional. You can’t scrape the classy off that wedding. She was able to bring in herself without being too much.

Like we say around here, today’s wedding is a goal. Let me go and sleep. I can just imagine Megan like 20 years ago, maybe looking at pictures of the Palace and then flipping the page to something more pressing at the moment. Today, I’m singing ‘Mama look at how we made it’ in my Falz voice, on her behalf.

See how Harry is a subtle member of the beard gang? I renew my fan membership.

For those of us hating on Princess Kate, I just want to say that we might want to mind our business. Yes she is Royalty, she can wear a different dress everyday but repeating ensembles is not yet a crime. So what, she wore a dress we have seen before for the wedding today? Thank you for not criticizing what you don’t understand.

Have a great night people. May this kind of goodness hit y’all.

Ciao, Clandie Chi.


Dolu could not cook to save her own life. Oh, she could boil eggs and toast bread but that was the extent of her culinary skills. And as God would have it, she heard Briggs saying there should be a love feast thingy, with only home-cooked food.

Briggs was not male ooh. Just a regular female who never shut up about her culinary prowess. Seriously, you can cook, so should we now die? Haba!

Now Dolu was stuck between a rock and a hard place. She could either cook something or not go for the love feast and have Briggs tell everyone she had no cooking skills. She would probably blow it up by saying that Dolu had no skills in wifely duties as if cooking made a wife.

For the third time, she poured the contents of the pot of what was supposed to be jollof rice in the trash can. It neither looked nor tasted like jollof rice and the rice wasn’t cooked. It was a bit raw. And why did it look like Acha pudding?

Dolu watched the Youtube video for the upteenth time and shook her head. As a young girl of 25, she had two degrees, in civil engineering and architecture. She was a cetified computer wizard who made her own clothes and did her own hair, natural and weaves. She could handle any fixtures in a home and knew how to work under the hood of her car.

But her major flaw was coming out Nigerian and because she couldn’t cook, some considered her a little less than useless. Where did one start to protest such injustice from? With a resigned sigh, she picked her phone and dialled her elder brother’s number. There was a time for everything. Maybe this was a good time to start learning how to cook.

Mothers Day.

Today is mothers day and I just wanted to do a small shout out post to my mum and all the plenty mothers in my life.

From a very young age, I’ve had so many people taking my matters on their head and you know, just caring for my siblings and I even when they didn’t have to. Some of them have adopted us and their kids refer to us as cousins and we are not even blooded!

So today I’m grateful to all these women who took me under their wings when my own mum couldn’t be there no matter how much she wanted to. Thanks for the love, the advice and the welcome. I’m especially grateful to those that feel it’s their personal duty to get me gifts, I love gifts so much.

And finally to my mum, I love you so much. I don’t tell you enough. I’ve seen you almost kill yourself just to make sure that we are all okay. You do everything to fit in with us. I remember when we were all in or out of FGGC Owerri and you tried your best to keep up with our slangs.

I don’t know how you did it but I want to be able to deal with my children the way you deal with us. We are able to play with you (I must do ‘see kingdom’ with my kids), tell you everything and not be afraid of you more than we should be (you know, for disciplinary purposes 😉).

All our boy talks. You know all them boys and how they be tripping. You also know of our crushes. Of course boo will meet you first to get some strength for Meeting Daddy. Pc’s girlfriend doesn’t have to worry about Mother-in-law issues. You give the best boyfriend advice. You give the best advice.

You tell the best stories. You are best at ‘chere-were”. You can disturb sha. You listen to us. You made the very best and smoothest transition from dressing us up to taking our fashion advice. Like, the best that I have ever witnessed.

I love you Mama. Today. All day. Any day. Every day.

*chere-were – literally ‘wait and take’. My momma’s way of referring to food that takes little time to prepare like okro soup.

Happy Mother’s Day.


Uduak was already ten minutes into what was supposed to be a 15-minute jog when she realized that she was lost. She looked around, jogging as she went, trying to figure out where on earth she was. Nowhere looked familiar.

She turned into the dirt path that seemed a bit familiar, convinced that she had been there at least twice but also convinced that she had no idea how to get out.

She turned right when she came to the end of the dirt path and stopped jogging. With a brisk walk, she turned left as she came to the end of the second road. Nothing familiar still.

Uduak didn’t know what to do. She was determined not to ask for directions and she knew that she was going to exceed the 15-minute limit she had given herself.

About 30 minutes later, after many wrong turns and strange paths, she finally came to a wood work shop that seemed a little familiar. Turning right at the wood shop, she finally saw the church signboard which she had used as a landmark earlier. Then came the creche and finally, Ixora College.

With a sigh of immense relief, Uduak resumed her jogging. She was late but she was well on her way home. Time seemed inconsequential at that point.

On the struggle for front seat…

Tani Oludipe was late. Again. He had told himself over and over that he would at least make an effort to come early. At least, just so he could get a good seat. Today, he had Corporate Law and he wasn’t willing to negotiate sitting in front. He knew he would sleep through out the class but he still wanted to sit in front.

Well, he was late. And all the good seats up front were taken. Except one. One bad seat. He looked it over. This struggle was real. It was either the bad seat or the House of Lords.

House of Lords was the back of the class and it was, well, for the Lords of the class. Conducive for sleeping, talking and generally not being serious through out the day.

He looked the chair over again. It looked bad but it felt strong. He sat on it. Examined it again. Sat on it again. It was flexible. Actually, it felt quite comfy and he had to make a decision fast.

He ignored the voice telling him that consolation prizes were still just that, consolation. The House of Lords could have him on another day.

10 things you must know before you join the Natural Family.

It’s another beautiful day people. I said I was going to put up more hair care posts and here we are.

First I would like to give a little background gist. Flashback 2015. I had hair on my head and it was doing really badly. It was falling off and it was breaking. My scalp was almost always sore and the hair was brittle. Almost everyday for me was a bad hair day so I used weaves a lot which meant my hair couldn’t breathe. So one day, I came home, sat in front of a mirror and I chopped of my hair with a scissors. My big chop.

Fast forward three months later. I had a TWA and I had a wedding and I had no idea what to do with my hair. So I bought a small cup of creamy crack and put it on my hair. Let’s just say the results were terrible and I resolved never to do it again. And so my transitioning began.

That was September 2015 and well today, let’s just say my hair is way better than it ever was. Before I made the decision to go natural, I did research, like I researched like it was my PhD. I read articles, joined natural hair chat sites, followed so many hair bloggers and I even downloaded a full-blown book and read it cover to cover. I wasn’t about to make any mistakes. Today, I talk to so many people about natural hair and I have even learned so much more.

So I wanna share the top 10 things I think anyone should know before getting the Big Chop or doing the transition thingy.

No, not me. Just my sister. I will never let her hear the last of how she has me to thank for her natural hair experience.
  • It is far from easy. Like very, very far. Especially if you are starting afresh. In fact, I don’t know which is worse, Big Chop or transitioning. For the Big Chop, you have to worry about the TWA stage and that time when there is absolutely nothing (I’m exaggerating the nothing here) you can do with your hair. For the transitioners, you have the almighty demarcation line to worry about. The invisible line between new natural hair and old relaxed hair. You also have that stage where a wig may be the only thing to save you because your braids are not just it. It is not easy but I’m here to tell you, it will pass. The storm would soon be over😁.
  • Trimming is necessary but it can be overdone. When I started, a girl I met at the salon was good enough to give me this tip and when I started reading, I saw how true it was. You want to trim, yes. For the transitioners, you must, to get rid of old hair. However, the mark is 1/2 inch or less if your goal is not to chop off old relaxed hair. Over doing it will just be over doing it, like no gain whatsoever.
  • Simplicity is the utmost sophistication. Do not become a product junkie. Once again, proverbial black pot speaking🙈. I was obsessed with products, Good Lord! Stay as natural as you can. Do not try to put too much on your hair, you just might weigh it down and block your pores with all the build-up.
  • Never neglect the L. You will hear of things like LOC, LOCO etc. L is for liquid, O is for oil and C is for cream. Seriously, moisture is the koko. You do not want dry hair. Always, always work on maintaining moisture.
  • There is a difference between sealants and penetrating oils. Let’s go back to O and C from the point above. Most oils are penetrating, for example, coconut, olive and jojoba oils. Creams are sealants, this is your ori (Shea butter), and any other cream you want to put in your hair. Penetrating oils go into the hair. They enter the pores and follicles and do magic. Sealants seal. They lock in moisture and oils.
  • Learn the hair jargon. Seriously. Sealants and penetrating oils are the easiest terms you will deal with. Humectants, laurates, prepoos, co-wash and so many other terms, you will find regularly on natural hair blogs and sites. Hair porosity, hair types, split ends, alopecia are others. Also, if you really want to be careful, you would want to learn how to read labels and ingredients on anything you buy so that you stick to those with good ingredients.
  • Tie it all up at night. I will be completely honest. I do not always do this but I can tell you that it is useful. Get you a silk scarf and tie up that hair at night. Use silk pillowcases if you don’t have a silk scarf (I use my law school scarf sometimes 🙈🙉🙊). It helps to prevent split ends you can get from rubbing your hair on cotton pillowcases or rough bed sheets.
  • It will help you so much to know how to, at the very least, twist hair. Hair dressers will try to ruin your life! Get you some twist and lock gel (I use ORS Lock & Twist Gel. Good for hold and moisture) and twist your hair yourself. Your arms will die some days but no hairdresser will be up in your business doing nonsense. Until natural hair salons become regular in Nigeria, we might have to stick to this. If you find a good hairstylist that treats your Natural Hair well, allow your hair to marry her. THEY ARE RARE! Also by doing your hair yourself, I don’t mean use a hot comb or hair straightener on it every day. We don’t want too much heat to burn or damage those tresses now, do we? Exactly…
  • Too much clean is not always good. Shampoo is not a must for you. Very early in the game, I learnt about hair things and what goes into my shampoo. It didn’t take so much for me to lose my shampoo. Co-washes are just as effective. Co-washes involve washing with just conditioner. Most available shampoos strip your hair of good oils and just leave it ‘clean’. It will take some time to convince your brain but it is doable. You can clarify once in a while with lemon or baking soda to get rid of build up though.
  • Finally, Stop touching your hair! Really, over manipulation breaks hair like nothing else and deals with your edges especially. All of you that fiddle with your hair when nervous, you might want to find another stress act. Just keep the hands away from the hair. That’s one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is for all those of us who like to wear a new look every other week. It’s all well and good till you lose all your hair up front and out back. Don’t carry hair styles for too long (3 months max depending on the style. Kinky twists can be worn for longer cos you can wash and treat your hair even with the extensions in) but don’t do it too often either.

There! It looks like a lot but believe me you, it’s nothing compared to all there is to know. These are just 10 basic tips to help you start your journey. Are you planning to go natural? Are these tips helpful? Do let us know, Thank you! 😚

Ciao, Clandie Chi.

It all started with a craving…

So today My People, Ice cream carried me to Wuse Market, all the way from Maitama! 😥😫😥 What even happened sef?

I was in court reading my thing jejely. Next thing I start looking for ice cream and cake. You know this yeye cravings that just start and fall on you? That’s what I had. It was kinda bad, so I put it on my whatsapp status. Some thing like this…

That done, I waited. And a few minutes later, God answered my prayer ooh. Porpo (If you know, you know) allowed God to use him and I was going to get my cake and ice-cream. So I packed my books (All you law students, it was already 2:30, I had been reading 😇) and headed out to my favourite ice cream place. And that is where yawa started!

First, My ice cream spot (in Wuse 2) was out of service. I almost cried, after taking ‘drop’ to that place, how dare they be out of service for Maintenance and Upgrade? I told them I wouldn’t leave until I got my ice cream. Yours Truly was this close 👌 to throwing a temper tantrum. But God prevailed and I finally left.

The next place I could get ice-cream was Shoprite Mall, Lugbe. It is close to my house. But I was like, before going home, let me just walk down to where I’ll get a Lugbe cab and see if I will see any ice cream shop on the way.

Secondly,  My people, I walked 😌. I got to the junction where I would get my cab and was told that there was no cab to Lugbe. Like what is this? Ki le leyi😏 (I know my Yoruba is bad, manage)?

While I was thinking of an option, I remembered my Etisalat sim that has been having issues. I found out their office was nearby, so I took a cab there. Still in what I may call Wuse 2, not sure.

Third, I got to the Etisalat office and they said I needed an affidavit to prove ownership! Number I have been using since forever and a few weeks join! Argh! By this time I was just tired and I wanted to go home. I just asked for the nearest place to get a cab to Lugbe and the man I asked told me to “go front small”.

That’s how Clandie kept on going front small for almost 15 minutes! Next thing I knew, see me see Wuse Market😱😰. Please, kindly remember that I have not even seen the ice cream that brought me out in the first place. My feet were hurting, I was genuinely hungry (if you know, you know) and I just wanted ice cream.

Seeing as I was in front of Wuse market, tor! I said let me enter and buy a few things, I’m already at the market abi? So I entered, got a few things I needed and started out to really find this Lugbe cab, Haba!

By this time, apart from all the discomfort from my painful feet and hunger from my stomach, I could feel my liver cooking and I definitely could see (with my inner eye👁) my skin turning about 4 or 5 shades darker. The sun was craaaaaaay!

I finally found my Lugbe cab. I had to sit at the back. It was so tight but I got home safe. Remember that I was supposed to have stopped at the mall for my ice cream? Didn’t happen. I was too tired😥.

Immediately I got home, I bought a bottle of Coke. To say sorry to myself for all the stress I had put me through. Went to make some food and by the time I was done, I couldn’t eat because I have this terrible I-can’t-eat-what-I-spend-too-much-time-cooking-cos-the-smell-fills-my-stomach syndrome. A mild case of it anyway. And I had a bad case of Hot Pepper Hands. So no ice cream and I’m not able to enjoy my food.

Still haven’t had my ice cream but I look forward to it tomorrow. Have a great night and next time you have a sudden craving, take a deep breath and calmly make sure that the ice cream shop isn’t closed for repairs and upgrade. You might end up doing something you will call silly.

Have a great night. Sleep in view for me.

Ciao, Clandie Chi.

Just because some people can do no wrong.

The burial ceremony was almost over and still, Korede was nowhere to be found. Zainab knew he didn’t want to meet up with the church service, but she had thought he would at least try to keep to time. It was a few minutes to noon and they had agreed for 11:30. Zainab didn’t even try to get angry, because she knew that one look at his face and she would forgive him almost anything.

The service came to a close and still, he was not here yet. Zainab thought of the best way to react when she saw him. He had once told her he was attracted to her but she knew from experience that that wasn’t enough for anything substantial.

Just then his call came in. ‘hi, I’m out side’. Zainab checked her face one more time and went to look for him. Once she was outside the gate, she regretted leaving her phone in church. She didn’t even remember to ask him what he was wearing and she had no idea what his car looked like.

She heard him before she saw him. ‘Zainab Amara Yusuf!’. Zainab turned to behold the fine man behind her. Stress was making him gray but bros was just as fine. With a deep breath and all her lady’s composure, she smiled and walked into his arms for a hug that was going to turn her head for the next few days. ‘Hello, Korede. You are late!’

Oh no! Not again! My family’s simple remedies to itchy scalp.

Every once in a while the scalp itchs. It is NOT because we are dirty and not even because we have dandruff. I for one, have had badly itchy scalp when I was clean down there, you know what I’m saying? No dandruff or scales but the scalp be itching like mad.

At some point, I perfected what I may call the tap-scratch. We all do it. You know, you are in public, your wig is looking all peng! And then the itch starts. So we tap on the spot as hard as we can because we can’t dig our nails in and scratch like we really want to. So we tap hard.

The tap-scratch.

Today’s remedies are simple things I have tried. My family has tried this and we testify. Fam here isn’t just my blood but the entire Nat Fam. So leggo!

  • Lemon. This is a one-do-all fruit, you must know if you are into DIY for skin and hair. It takes care of a lot of things with its astringent properties. Not only does it help with itchy scalp, it is great for clarifying your scalp. It bleaches the hair some though but if used well, this should not cause too much of a damage. It should be mixed with water and some oils like coconut oil and you are ready to go.
  • Baking soda. I think this one works because of its clarifying properties. We know that dandruff causes itching and product build-up is even worse than dandruff. If you do not like to use shampoo, mixing some baking soda with your conditioner before you co-wash is great to clean and free your scalp. With clean scalp, our scalp won’t itch so bad. Caveat: it bleaches with constant use so you might want to use sparingly.
  • Coconut oil and honey. If you can’t already guess, let me just say it. This is as soothing as any hair mixture gets. Coconut oil seeps into your hair follicles, saturates your scalp and enters all those pores there and then, the honey soothes any inflammation you might have gotten from all the scratching and itching. Works best after you have clarified, peep the baking soda and lemon again. Test and see, that this mixture is so good.
  • Oils. Oils. And more oils. I cannot even overemphasize the importance of natural oils to anybody with hair on their head. Oils won’t work if there is no moisture. All you would have is a head dripping in oil. So what you want to do is have clean scalp, moisturize and then oil up. Your hair type would determine how much oil you want to use. My hair is kinda dry so I’m liberal (unless my oil is about to finish, and then I’m not😀).
  • Know your hair. Know your hair. Know your hair. Know your hair. Know your hair. I said that 5 times.
  • Know your oils and creams. We have sealants which are different from penetrating oils. To kick off itchy scalp you need all these with a good dose of moisture because dryness causes itchy scalp. Hello Spray Bottle! Deep conditioning regularly would do wonders for your moisture levels and here’s how to do it without robbing the bank.
  • Finally, Don’t be such a product junkie! 🙈 I know, it is hard and right now I’m like the proverbial kettle. But too much product leads to build up and the truth of the matter is that we are not always concerned with clarifying. We use regular shampoo to wash which does a lot of harm (I’ll talk about that later). It either adds to the build up or it strips your hair badly, all of which contribute to itchy scalp. Or we pile on all sorts of chemicals which is just bad news. So there, let’s strive to be better product-avoiders. Use all natural products as much as you can.

So there! 7 things done by the fam to keep the itch out. Next time you want to do the tap-scratch, remember these.

I seem to love talking about hair so look out for more hair care posts because we just have to take care of the crown.💆

Ciao, Clandie Chi.

For new friendships…

Emmanuel looked at the three girls laughing in front of him. First of all, this wasn’t how he thought his break would go, gisting and laughing with the most unlikely trio he could make up.

There was Savage Moremi. Moremi was funny, she was nice and very brutal when she wanted to be. He didn’t even remember how they became friends. She took her shots and she shot quite well.

There was Kande. She was his group leader. She was quiet most of the time but obviously, she could light up when necessary. They didn’t really talk much except on official business.

Finally, there was Chidera, assistant group leader. For some funny reason, people thought she gave off ‘good girl’ vibes. But like Kande, she could light up when necesary and she was quite friendly with a lot of people in the group.

Looking at them, Emmanuel accepted the fact that he was the official target of all the jokes today. Moremi, in particular, was out to get him.

This was not the same as hanging out with his guys, but the feeling was quite similar. At the end of the break, he bought drinks for all them (water for Moremi, of course) and some would call that unnecessary. But then, what was N300 compared to a nice time? Not much actually.

5 Options to expensive high-end conditioners.

Hello everyone, how are you doing? It’s just Monday but I do not feel my week already! And I need to do some seeeerious deep conditioning for my wonderful hair and I am broke! 😫

So this got me thinking. I know I’m not the only one who wants to take care of the tresses and not rob a bank to do it. I may be a product junkie but I can’t spend all my money on Cantu this or Organic that so we got to find some other options. And I did!

Over the last year, I convinced my sisters to go natural and praise God! Now we can look for stuff to put in our hair together.

The sisters. Baby sister ain’t in this one though. Plus my brother with his natural hair too😂.

See their hair? Yeah, nobody got no money for expensive products and we are not the only ones I’m sure, so today I share my our top substitutes for good, creamy, expensive conditioners!

  • Mayonnaise. I mean the food kind that you put on your Cole slaw or salad. That type! Bama has been wonderful to me. Does the same work as your hair mayonnaise and it’s cheaper because it can do your hair or do your stomach. Anyway you want it!

  • Avocado pears. I do not like this fruit but my hair does. It has some natural oils that can give your hair some good old loving! Mash it up, make a puree and feed your locks. You can mix it up with some other oils or or do the cado-honey mix. Also great for the skin. Don’t think of my face. It has a mind of its own.

  • Banana. Same as the pear above, a banana puree would love your hair and be loved by your hair. If like me, you love the banana smell, double joy for you. You can use it alone or with honey or other conditioning somethings.
Banana and honey…
  • Yoghurt. The fermented stuff does wonders. It boosts your hair proteins, moisturizes it up and just makes your hair stronger. Get you some yoghurt. Should be unsweetened and non-flavoured. You can even make it yourself. I think I’ll put up a post on that one sometime soon.

  • Coconut oil and Honey. My personal favourite. I use this all the time. Wonderful for prepoos and co-washes. It works well and it is not so expensive in the sense that even if a 75cl bottle of coconut oil is N1500, and honey is about the same price, it will last way longer than your N3000 conditioner! I said so!

My roomie and I in Law School. Natural hair and face too, lol.

I have tried all these out and I am a believer. Save your money and allow some bananas to fall on you. Or yoghurt.🤐😜

Ciao, Clandie Chi.


Dele walked into class that morning with what would probably be called a frown on his face. He sat right in front of class because he was really not in the mood. The mood to get all chatty with his regular seatmates or even anybody. The front was his best bet for a quiet class.

Looking around, he saw Feyi. Today, he was not even in the mood to say hi. He was supposed to return her textbook which she had given him the night before but he was going to wait till one of the breaks. Or even after class.

Deep inside, he wondered why he was so pissed off at Effiong. He had been adopting the ‘silence is best’ policy but man, his roommate was funny sometimes and he was almost at breaking point. It was so girly but one day, he was going to really scream.

GONG! Crush alert. Adaeze just walked by. She had never even noticed him, including the two times he sat down beside her and tried to talk. She replied and went back to her blue headphones. She was always with them.

Dele shook his head at how scattered his thoughts were and tried to still his mind. Sort of like meditation, just not so concentrated. He couldn’t wait for the class to begin. He knew it would bore him. It was going to be a long boring day. But at least he would not be thinking of ways to off his roommate.

Forced? Or Nah?

Fego didn’t understand. She had tried, but she couldn’t grasp the idea. This was not something she was trying to force on someone. Obviously, she had assumed – and quite wrongly – that THIS friendship at the very least was mutual and if it wasn’t, was she the one who was just out there in the cold?

This was not the first time he had disappointed her. Oh, no. Making a mountain of her hopes and then blowing it all up with dynamite was one thing he seemed to do so effortlessly.

Does one start to recount all the times he promised to call and he didn’t? Or the plenty promised texts that never came? Now, he seemed to have upped his game, standing her up three days in row!

Fego looked at her phone and wondered whether to call or not. Actually, the question was whether to call again because she already did once and he said he would call back. No surprises though, he hadn’t. Didn’t even reply the text she sent the third night, right before she shut down about it.

She blamed Anthem Lights. She blamed the good music she couldn’t resist. If she had kept her admiration to herself, she wouldn’t be feeling this way now, like a tramp begging for attention.

He had asked that she keep in touch. She had tried. She really did. But that was it. She was done. Officially. For real. For good.

Because, a girl can only go so far.

The start of a wonderful friendship.

Nnamdi looked at his wristwatch and wondered why time was so freaking slow. Law school was difficult and some of the lectures were so boring.

He always sat in front so he didn’t even have the small pleasure of looking around, you know, to feed his eyes a bit, look and laugh or just shake his head at the oddities that were some of his classmates.

But then, even if he didn’t have all this, he had one thing. Felicia always sat in front of him. She was a constant k on the first row and from his usual position on the fifth row, he always had a vantage point, all the better to peep at her every now and then.

Nnamdi couldn’t say what drew him to Felicia. He wanted so much to be her friend. He DIDN’T want to date her. She seemed so cool with her space, never seemed to be in a rush. Just cool, calm and very calculated.

He had collected her number after they met in church and he was already thinking of how to send that first text. Everybody knew he was not a caller. His phone beeped. He had forgotten to put it off.

‘Hi. Will you be at the service this evening? Felicia ‘. Yes, yes and yes again.


Hello everybody! TGIF! I’m so excited for the weekend. It’s not like I have anything to do (those of you that want to come and take me out, yaas!) but the idea of the weekend makes me happy. Plus my Aunty is baking chocolate and fruit cake and I get to eat the shavings, there is beans in my plate and God is still faithful. Joy!

So like I said sometimes ago, Embellished is here. About 20 or so stories, all inspired by real life events or stories I heard in law school. Some of them are my personal experiences (if you know me, you would know which), others are the experiences or thoughts of my friends. Some are based on juicy gist I heard and others, I just looked and added imagination to what my eyes were seeing or what my ears were hearing at the time. I won’t say which is which.😁

There are two poems or so, I’m not sure. Names are not real. Actually, names are real in the sense that I used my friends’ names in all the stories. However, in some stories, names are completely fictional. In one story though, name is real and event is also real. With his kind permission, of course.

So, this is just introduction, stories would come in on Sundays (because that was the day I was born) and Thursdays (just because I love Thursdays!).

I’m a learner at the writing game. I do not know how to craft sophisticated stories. I do like gist though. So look at my stories with kind eyes and don’t criticize me unless it would make me a better writer.

That said, I look forward to sharing some stories with y’all. Have a great evening people!

Ciao Clandie Chi.

Government workers and Drama.

Hello people! Hope y’all are having yourselves a nice day.

So far (it’s just been three days), Court attachment has been good. Tfare has been hmmm… A friend of mine told me of these buses that convey staff to and from different locations. She actually suggested the buses from NYSC office which is opposite my court but it was late and I decided to join the one which actually belonged to the court. My people, I sincerely regret!

First of all, issues with seating as there were too many people and not enough seats. I was quite early and the people in the bus told me to come in. I got in and sat but I was willing to stand if necessary because I actually do not like negative drama.

Now the people in the bus! Those that will be speaking igbo to you just because you look igbo or because they heard your name is Chioma. Those that want to ‘mistakenly’ flirt because they think they have seen JJC that they can say anything to. Monkeys. Then the mother you find in every place who was in this situation, willing to let me sit on her laps rather than have me come down from the bus. Then of course the very loud man with a potruding tummy and very big head who is Igbo and refers to everyone as nna. One of them even told his fellow brother to ‘hold me tight’ because I was his ‘nwannne’… Uncle please, I do not know you, neither do I know him. Let’s hold nothing and no-one but ourselves tight!

Should I talk about the different smells? No. Let’s save your imaginary noses.

Anyway, I got to my dormot (bus stop) safe and sound. I had to carry someone on my laps but who cares? I’m in my bed now and I didn’t spend as much money as I normally would so, fine by me.

I have a feeling I would see some crazier stuff while on externship and God be my Helper. I am also going to look for other alternatives to avoid any further altercations.

Goodnight people… Sleep in view for me.

Ciao, Clandie Chi.

PS: This post is for yesterday. Just discovered this morning that I didn’t publish… Enjoy anyway.


Hello everyone!

My externship started today at the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory. I was a bit scared and nervous about it but all’s well that ends well.

My judge is this really cool man, strict but not wicked. Very helpful, very courteous and polite. The registrars were also very nice. I had a swell time.

So what’s externship? It’s our own internship, a bit different in the sense that you are not paid and you are not expected to do much more than observe and learn because you are not yet qualified to do the real work. Compulsory for us to get the certificate, wig and gown and all the other things we get after law school.

Today went well but a little gist…

My uncle dropped me off at the court and I was to find my way back home. So here I am, with my court having dismissed us a bit earlier than we all expected and I have no idea how to get home! Like, I didn’t notice know road.

So I sat in court for like an hour trying to figure myself out and wait for my friend to come and do some magic. He did and with the help of Google Map, we were able to figure out how to get me home.

Tfare as usual in Abuja was outrageous and ridiculous. But na we get ground, so no biggie.

Do I miss law school? Yes. But I saw some of my friends at court today, was kinda exciting.

Today’s my Grandma’s birthday🎂. So go get yourself some cake on account of her. Lots of cheer people. 😁

Ciao, Clandie Chi.

No Title.

It’s been so so long, like super long and I have missed being here. I like the idea of blabbing to my phone and letting other people read it so yeah, I have missed this place.

Well, why did I go away? Yours truly lost her phone. Couldn’t get another one for an insanely long time. And this is weird, money kept coming in and so did things that needed doing and that’s how I went more than a year phone-less. Well I got a phone now!

I’m in Law School, like the almighty Nigerian Law School, Bwari Campus. I’m done with lectures and ooh! How I would have loved to talk and rant and cry about it here but being phone-less, I was doing the journal thingy. Writing it down manually. I will still tell some stories sha.

Yeah, so while in school, I started writing these short stories based on true life people and happenings in law school and I would be sharing some of them. I called them Embellished, cos they are true but so twisted they have become fiction. I look forward to that.

I have missed blog space, small as it is with the very small number of followers I have but I love y’all and I have missed being here. How many times have I said that?

Ciao, Clandie Chi.

PS : Just a recent picture because for a while, even I forgot what I looked like. Hehehehe. It’s not clear but it’s the thought that counts.

Night Time

Oh yeah! It’s night for 2016..

After all is said and done, all is assessed and criticized, 2016 was a beautiful year for me.

I started the year fighting God and determined to part ways with Him. I was certain, He would let me, He didn’t. So although 2016 might have seen me at my moral and spiritual lowest points, it also saw me at my best. It saw me deliberately do bad stuff but it saw me turn away too.

2016 saw me crushing. It saw me loving. It saw me losing. It saw a lot of secret giggles and tears. It saw friends that literally lifted me up. It saw people who became landmarks. Good, bad and terribly ugly landmarks.

2016 saw me discover God’s stubborn righteousness. I won’t say it saw me loving myself because I have always loved myself. It did see me become less selfish though.

2016…. I graduated. I got a job. I got into something that put a restriction on the one thing I told myself I would do once I graduated. Don’t worry boo, wherever you are, whoever you are, I’ll recognize you when I see you. At the right time. Until then, I’m gonna be making sure you see Proverbs 31 when you see me.

Many times this year, I listened. So I heard. Give this out, accept this request, stop talking to this person.

Goodnight 2016. You were beautiful. But I know 2017 will be way hotter. I’m in for the fun ride.

Ciao, ClandieChi.


Hello people… today I’m celebrating an amazing friend of mine. Some months back, we were talking about poetry and I asked him to share one of his poems. He did.

I like to call this The Backslider’s Poem. it is a call to come back home. It is especially for believers (yea, cos it’s all about Jesus). You will see what I mean as you read through, so please do.



Hey you…
When was the last time we spoke?
We’ve walked together all this while
Yet our hearts remain miles apart
You used to be my carbon-copy, my facsimile
You once held the key to my heart
Please tell me this is all a joke

Hey, can you hear me…?
How are we so close and still so distant?
I so long to experience those times again
When our hearts melted for each other
And our bond was strong and unfeigned
When we were best of friends – more like brothers
I can’t just imagine this is happening – I can’t

Hey, listen to me…
How did we let this get out of hand?
I’d tell you what happened to us
You abandoned me for those ‘dogs’ – yes you did
You let my voice wane and like a virus
They have eaten up your conscience – sordid!
Oh, that you heeded my warning beforehand

Hey, talk to me…
When are you coming back? Today?
I have terribly missed you
You know you’ve been away since December
Please talk to me, tell me you miss me too
Return to your body – that’s our home remember
So what do you say?

Hey, let me remind you…
Our union is so potent – you remember yeah?
You know you can’t conquer the world alone
You know you’re just a mind, a soul
And guess what, you belong to me – you’re my very own
So return home anyhow – no worries we’d be whole
And let’s conquer the world again – year after year

Hey, it’s me…
It’s your spirit speaking
Your body and I are waiting…

So there, hope you enjoyed that and got the message. Happy birthday Uzo… thanks for sharing.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

In a fix.

I should,
Stop twisting the gospel to find a better fit for me
Yea, it’s technically legal but is it spiritually appropriate?
Hiding behind a smile and
Sinning in the shadows and
On and on in an outward show of extremism
But with an inward life of negativism.

Still He loves and gives and waits.
Not because I deserve it,
Or cos I am the best person to receive it.
Not because I deserve it,
Or cos I am the best person to receive it.

I’m always fighting His love
Loving the things of old
Old ways that seemingly irresistibly I
I choose to drown myself in
Inward bleeding, outwards giving
Giving off fakies that I’m fine
Finely fading away
Away into the oblivion that is a life without Christ.

Cos I set my own standards
And so lost I, my ID card
Ignored the mirror of His word
That held the description of his wards
Supposedly running the Christian race
But surely falling out of grace

I should,
Stop twisting the gospel to find a better for me
Yes, It’s technically legal but is it spiritually appropriate?
Hiding in the shadows and
Smiling in sin and
Off and off from the pearl gate
May I not stay off till it’s too late.

Inspired by Janette Iks and 1 Corinthians 6:12. Have a great day y’all.

Ciao ClandieChi.

My LL.B story

Hi there…

Last post I gave y’all some gist on how I got into school and all. I’m gonna give you some more gist and hopefully I’ll find some picture to make the read better.

Ok, so you already know how I got in. First year was just there for me. I wasn’t into school and and by the end of first semester, I was definitely not into law. Law 101 was boring. 102 was worse. And I loved my psychology course. Didn’t think about switching though.

I found FECA and I’m the better person for it. I mean I can imagine what I’ll be like if I didn’t join FECA. It was like my major growth stimulant or should I say catalyst? I thank God for them everyday.

200 level was also just there. I moved from school and started living solo. I loved it. I could scatter my room and come back to find my paperback exactly where I left it. Life! Lol, I missed my roomie though and this time I had a housemate.

First time I saw him, I was so angry because I knew he was in law, he was my senior and I wasn’t ready for anybody to be able to poke nose into my business. At home and in school. Even worse, I found out he was the ‘cooking’ type as opposed to my gala_indomie type of person. Lord, where exactly did I go wrong to deserve this?

“jeez! You are going to be living with a boy?” “Eew, are you guys gonna share the same toilet and bathroom? Guys can be so dirty” “hmmmm, you have grown ooh. You are now living with men. No 9 month course though”. I heard all those and more. It didn’t matter that I was living in a theological college. All that mattered to some people was that I had to use a bathroom with a guy.

But then, Ola-Amala (Ola is the name, Amala is the favorite food. In my opinion though.)was bae and boo at the same time. Of course, his idea of okro soup is an abomination to my Igbo mind but… In law, in life, this one is a friend. My egbon. And he didn’t ever ever leave dirty toilet for me. I left plent dirty dishes for him though. And he NEVER nagged. When I used the last bucket of water or his plates and spoons and then forks and disappeared. When I hijacked his laptop to watch movies or locked his iron in my room so he had to wear rumpled clothes. When I was sick and told him to buy 3 bottles of coke for me. Lol, I’m still owing the money for that one. Hmmm, I’ve met people in this my life sha.

So yea, he’s part of my LL.B. story. By the way, he got called to the bar some days ago. Bros is a barrister and solicitor of the supreme court right now. Looking up to that.

Have a nice day folks,
Ciao, ClandieChi.

Across the Bridge.

In 2011, I was in secondary school and all the rave was JAMB at that moment. Everybody was looking forward to tertiary education. Well, everyone minus me. I was scared to death of going to the university. The tales I had heard were just horrible. I was not ready to meet lecturers who demanded for sex and I liked the freedom of walking on the street safely colour-blocking,-any colour of my choice- not because my boyfriend was the capon of a cult in school but just because.

Of course I had to write JAMB but my dream school (UniJos) was having issues and I didn’t want to be in school anyway so I put in University of Maiduguri. In Borno State. Lol, I knew nobody was gonna let me smell that place.

My father found out and told me to change my choice of school. My grandfather suggested University of Ibadan. “It is a very good school, you know. Your uncle went there and studied medicine”. Ok ooh. I changed it to UI. Prior to that time, Ibadan was just a place on the map.

So I applied, got in at first trial and on my 17th birthday, my family had a thanksgiving in church. For their beautiful daughter and future lawyer.

5 years, 10 semesters and 58 exams later, I’m here. I’m done. Oh, there’s still law school and service but I’m done. I’m taller, my pimples seem to be getting tired of having conventions on my face and the nickname Clandie stuck. UI played me 5-0 though, if you catch my drift.

Alright, those things have nothing to do with my graduation. Point is, God has been faithful through the years. And right now, it is my fundamental human right to be.mushy and emotional about it. I’m still finding my way with the law but I’ll be fine. I know that one.

Congrats people, your girl just got into the LL.B. game. B.L. next.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Day 1

Hi. Happy birthday to me. Thank you. I don’t feel strange today or any different. Just very thankful that God kept me till this moment. Right now, my whole body aches from all the weeding I had to do yesterday and Friday and I got shocked by electricity a few minutes ago. That thing is crazy but I’m fine. Very fine. All the excitement is replaced by a very sober feeling that God didn’t have to sustain me but He did.

That was the intended intro for my last birthday post but my phone started acting up and I couldn’t upload anything. I start exams tomorrow and yea, my birthday was great because I wasn’t thinking of exams the next day. Plus I got some really pleasant surprises…

Well before I get into all that- because I can go on and on in that state – let’s get to business. The top of everything in Year 21.

Song- Actually it’s songs. Onyeuwaoma by Nikki Laoye and Banky W (What a combination). Charles, God bless you for giving me this one. Another song I’m saving for boo. The other song is Loving me by Jonathan Mcreynolds. I love this song. The lyrics are like my personal words to God right down to the part where he sings about God loving him even with the pimples on his face… Soul brother or nah?

Moment- #Exousia concert. I gotta tell you guys that worship is just bae. And I’m not saying this just because Nikki was there. Yea, I got a picture with her but it was great just worshipping. No talk, nothing. Of course it made me wonder why my voice was so croaky.

New Friend- Uzoma…my friend in everything. This one is almost like a miracle because we became friends in a way I told myself I would never make friends. God had other plans, probably had a good laugh too. There is too much to say so let’s stop there.

Scripture- Psalm 16:7 I will praise the Lord who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me.
This may seem figurative but I know that it happens live. This scripture has been one of my top prayer points… Lord, even in my night seasons, instruct me. Then when I sleep, instruct me still.

Movie- God’s not dead 2. I saw this movie just a few nights ago. If you have seen it, then you get why it can be my no 1. If you haven’t, please, grab your copy now!!!

Trip- Akure. Ok, this one was all Sola (from Day 2 ) inspired and it was a #first trip. It was short but great. I met some of the tallest guys I have ever seen. Saw shoes that were size 49.5 – 50. God is just beautiful is His diversity. Got to watch a basketball game and I’m goner. I wonder why football is a biggie… It’s not even half as exciting as B-Ball. However, the trip to and from Akure was really bad. Had to add that.

Bucketlist item- Make new friends. Actually I think what I want to do is have stronger friendships. It was a bit hard coming up with new friends for this post. So by my next birthday, I hope I have stronger friendships… With more females of course.

Picture Time. So this is me some few years back…


And this is the nine shades of Clandie…


Have a great day sweeties. It was great doing this countdown with y’all. Thanks for following. Thanks for sharing. Do let me know what you think because feedback is another bae.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Day 2

Tomorrow is my birthday, just like that. I’ll be quick today. I hope I can be quick today, because tomorrow is also the Annual Harvest at my church… Y’all are invited.

Song- Only You by Nikki Laoye. I got to say that I fell in love with Nikki this year. Heard her sing this song at #Exousia and I just started tripping.

Moment- First time at UI zoo… It’s funny that the zoo has always been there and I went for the first time a few weeks to my final exams. There was this lion that just kept staring at me and the cobra that expanded its head for my eyes only. Let’s not talk about the annoying  co-primates I saw there…

New Friend- Adesola. The first non-FECAite on the list. Funny thing is we’ve been friends for less than 2 months. That zoo visit? Was with him. My first basketball game? Same thing. Striking Ondo off my tour list? Him again.

Scripture- Psalm 3:5 I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me. This is one of my ageless favorite scriptures. Year in, year out. A daily reminder that it’s all God. From the basics to the complex, God’s got me and all the formulas to the various equations in my life.

Movie- Suicide Squard. Will Smith, my boo and Viola Davis. Another action movie I was so scared to watch but it turned out well.

Trip- Edo again. This time, to Benin city. Went for a FECA meeting. Met Etinosa from Day 6 and Jioke from Day 3 at this meeting.

Bucketlist Item- Ditch carbonated drinks for at least 3 months. Who am I kidding? However, I would really love to give it a try.

Gallery gallery on my phone, which picture do we have today?


That’s me, reciting the poem Africa by David Diop. I was about 7 or 8. That wrapper wasn’t tied properly and I was scared it would ruin my hyped performance but then, God was my sustainer. Back to now…

One of the white days...

Yea yea….  Have a beautiful Saturday people… Much love.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Day 3

Two more days… The excitement is on a high even though I’m good at hiding all things giddy and all things touchy.

Song- 22 by Taylor Swift. All thanks to Roy for giving me the album – Red. I’m still jamming to this one plus it’s so appropriate.

Moment- Well this is a really awkward one. A girl looked at me and said I looked like someone who would soon be married off. It was one of the most embarrassing moments in the land of 21.

New Friend- Actually, friends Kemi and Chijioke. Yes, they are FECAites. Kemi is just sweet+reason and of course, Jioke is the funny one. I’m anticipating all the fun and tears I’m gonna have with you guys.

Scripture- This one is a passage. Zechariah 3:1-10. This is where God showed me what justification really was about. God is good ooh.

Movie- CEO. Nigerian movie with a great plot. And Hilda Dokubo was in it. That alone rocked my boat. Let’s not talk about the awesome dress sense of whoever was in charge of costume and wardrobe.

Trip- From Aba in Day 4, we moved to Owerri and from there, to Enugu. The trip lasted about a week with a max of two nights per town. Of course, these are towns I’ve been to so many times but travel is still travel for me.

Bucketlist item- Volunteer at an organization and learn something completely different from law.

Picture time. Well, well, well…. Started somewhere here…

See how fat I was....

Now we here…


Lol… The metamorphosis is not much. So yea, the next two days will also have then and now pictures.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Day 4

Thursday… I’m supposed to start exams on Monday and ASUU started a warning strike yesterday… Whatever the plan is, Kolewerk. I don graduate finish. Back to business…

Song- He Knows by Anthony Evans. Cool song that passes a special message to me.

Moment- When I saw a reply from Peter Bartlett, from the University of Glasgow, who is like one of THE MEN in mental health law. Needed help with my project which deals with the subject topic in Nigeria and I reached out. He sent me some articles and I was just feeling like a star.

New Friend- Esther. I like to call her Estee… I have met few people who are as humble as she is. I already loved her before I discovered she was a FECAite… All the way from Cross River. God dey ooh.

Scripture- Psalm 16:5 The Lord is my chosen and assigned portion; my cup. You hold and maintain my lot. He is not just God, He is my share. Oke-oma. The keeper and maintainer of my lot.

Movie- The Purge- Anarchy. I do not usually like action movies or any movie where there is a lot of blood and death but The Purge got me. I saw the first one some years back and this sequel just killed it. The Purge- Election Year is next on the list and I can’t wait.

Trip- Aba came next in September after Edo is August. It was a family trip, something we do every year since my siblings entered boarding school in the East. It was fun to be in Aba, in a different location than I had always stayed during my visits to the town.

Bucketlist item- Finish at least half of the non-fiction books I have at the moment. That’s about 10-15 books to read before my next birthday.

Today’s picture is….

Just there...

Thinking of sharing some baby pictures…. Y’all might as well see where we started from…
Have a nice day sweeties…

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Day 5

Once again, a disclaimer. It’s 4 more days but the birthday would count as day 1 instead of 0. So where were we?

Song- More than Anything and Rest of my life by Lara George. The songs I’m planning for future boo though…

Moment- When I was offered a job that would keep me busy till it was time to go to law school. Just. Like. That. I was just like, “erm, yea. I don’t mind’. Eeh? Mind ke? Wahisdah (in Jennifer’s voice)?

New Friend- Josh Osaghae. For some reason, we just clicked the first time we met. In less than 3 hours, we already had inside jokes and all. #theJoyoftheLord. Looking forward to working with you full time. Yes. He is a FECAite.

Movie- War Room. We all know this one. That’s the room we belong to, not the other room. Fullstop.

Scripture- Psalm 11:7 The Lord is rigidly righteous, He loves righteous deeds. The righteous shall behold his face. Ewoooo! This one gets me everytime. Sometime this year, God was leading me to understand being in right standing and when I saw this one on righteousness, I scattered. Chai! There is a God. And He is stubbornly righteous. Let’s leave it there.

Trip- Ok, the next trip was to Edo. It was a #first trip. I went for FECA national Convention, Kingdom First. That meeting was great. And I got to meet Amara, my new friend from Day 7.

Bucketlist item- make a dress for myself and another person. Any other person.

Today’s picture is from my sister’s matriculation at the University of Ibadan. I just had to take a picture with her gown.

Borrow-borrow ooh....

Once again, let’s make it pictures

2-1-3... From left to right.

Those are my sisters… Have a great day y’all.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Day 6

Hiya.. 6 more days people.

Song- You hold my world by Israel Houghton. Fell in love with the guy this year and that song was just lit.

Moment- Waking up on the first day of October to hear my aunt had given birth that morning. I missed the naming but she gave the baby the name I had in mind…. #bossfeeling

New Friend- Etinosa Ighodaro. Another FECA friend that is just great. Even when I showed him my picky side, bros was just calm. He was still asking me what I wanted to eat. In Regional Congress!

Movie – When love happens. Gideon Okeke (Lawd!), Oreka Godis (#baefashionista) and Weruche Opia.

Scripture- Psalm 8:4 what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?

Trip- Plateau state. Jos is like home for me. Went for another wedding. With ulterior motives of course. That trip was just great sha plus it was my first time visiting in about 8 or 9 years. Saw some friends I hadn’t seen in 13 years!

Bucketlist item- visit 3 new states. Working hard to get all the states off so I can move to countries and cities.

Today’s picture was taken in Jos..

Balling at the wedding with sis

Infact, let’s make it pictures..


Have a nice day sweeties…

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Day 7

I’ll start by saying that it’s actually 6 days but I like the number 7, so I’ll just make the D-day count.


Now to business…
Song – Piece by piece and Heartbeat Song by Kelly Clarkson. I rocked the whole album this year. I guess I like my story-telling songs just fine.

Moment – I know this might sound somehow but… When this guy I really liked told me he liked me. That was sometime early this year. I was on high for like two weeks, hehehe.

New friend – Amarachi from FECA Nigeria, Zamfara Zone. This girl is sweetness, too bad I don’t have a brother to wife her.

Movie- this is a series.. Jennifer’s Diary. Yes I actually like it.

Scripture – Lamentations 3:22-23. The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning, great is your faithfulness.

Trip – I think my first trip this year was to Lagos for a wedding. Lemme add that I didn’t know the person. Ok, I knew his brother. It was fun though just to travel and get out of town for a bit.

Bucket list for next birthday- Attend at least 5 leadership trainings or conferences.

I said I was gonna add a picture each day so…

First impressions and all....

…that’s me looking all prim and proper. Lol, have a nice day y’all.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

7-day count down.

Hmmm, so it’s my birthday in 7 days and I’m getting excited. I think the older you get, the less excitement you feel about your birthday. It’s even worse for me because my birthday sucked last year. Almost all the really important people forgot – family members included- and I ended up crying that day. Not even scripture could console me.

Anyway, it’s a new year and yea, Taylor Swift’s 22 has been like a jam song through out the year if you catch my drift. So I’m doing a 7 day count down for my birthday. I start exams the next day so I have a feeling I won’t be able to rock my day so well but then….

So this is it. 7 days -starting today- and I’ll be sharing top 7 songs for me this year, top 7 moments, top 7 new friends(none of my old friends get on the list because there are too many people to mention), top 7 scriptures, top 7 movies, small gist of 7 trips this year (Because I’m Ajala’s daughter) and finally, top 7 things I want to do before my next birthday.

So enjoy. It’s my top 7 count down on life-things. I’ll try to put a picture each day.

Once again, Enjoy.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Spilled soap.

Generally I’m not one to cry over spilled milk but when I spill milk and the tears come, I know that something is wrong somewhere. Sometime in September, I travelled to the East with my family and one of my aunts gave me this special black soap mixture from Ghana which was supposed to clear the convention of pimples (acne is too pretty a word) on my face. So far, so good. I do not have porcelain smooth skin yet… but there is hope.

Or so I thought. I came home a few days ago to find the container of soap empty. Apparently, something had knocked it to the floor and my neighbor had picked it up, shut the jar and left it there for me to discover. I was about to take my bath. Well I did that and then went to my room and cried. Hard racking sobs came out from only God-knows-where, shaking me. After crying, I got dressed, put on some make-up and went to school.

I just knew that it wasn’t just soap. I knew it was something bigger. For the past few days, I have been really melancholic and it’s like life is flashing before my eyes. I’m on the bus that takes me to real life. I’m at my stop but I DO NOT want to get off.

I am losing all the excitement that comes with graduating. I am thinking about all the things I could have done better. I want to take more pictures. I mean, how on earth can somebody not be a picture person?

Once again, life is too damn short. Take more pictures. My last three posts have been about regrets. It’s all coming from this final year nonsense. The good thing is that I’m getting it out now. I will cry when I leave school but I wont be writing about it then.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Throwing time away.

That title right there…? That is my definition of procrastination. I cannot use the words I’m thinking right now because my mum would wash my mouth with soap if she reads this. So let’s just stick with saying that procrastination is a rat. A dirty, slimy rat fresh outta the sewers. Yea right.

You see, I woke up kinda angry this morning. Angry with myself. For pushing a lot of stuff till the last minute. My birthday (yaaaaaaaay!!!) is in a few weeks and I have a feeling I won’t enjoy that day because of work. Lemme just add that my final exams start the next day and I do not even know what is in most of my notes. But then law and academic work has always been a bore. Something I do not mind pushing…

… But what of checking up on your friends and calling your mum? Washing your hair and washing your clothes? Writing your final year project? Praying and studying the bible? There. I said it. I have ignored all the above at one time or the other to sleep, or hang out or see a movie. Basically, I have picked wasting my time over using it well. A lot.

The other annoying thing is that when you procrastinate, there is a very big tendency that you will forget about that thing until it is too late. I know right? Just nod your head in agreement. What of long-term procrastination? I will read more books next year. I will learn to sew, drive or make jewellery after school. Pray do tell, whatever happened to now?

I have decided this morning to live my life in the moment. Even when that means combing out my tresses (I love that lovely word) before it becomes rock-hard hair. Or writing my assignments as they come and turning them in on time. Or learning a skill when I see someone to teach me immediately (especially for free). I have decided to NOT sleep with plans of doing the work when I wake up. No more throwing my time away.

Now, lemme schedule more posts. #doitnow

Ciao, ClandieChi.

The last days…..

Today, I attended a programme put together by CLASFON which is the christian fellowship for law students. It was awesome but that is not the gist.

It was the second time I was attending anything CLASFON. No, the third time. First was in my first year at the University. I went for some reason I cannot remember. Second time, was a worship concert so I went. And now, Lex Groom, a mentoring programme for law students and I thought, “what are you doing at home?” The answer to that question was nothing. So I called my girl, Bukky (lawyer, artist and naturale queen) and off I went. But nah, that’s not the gist.

It was a great programme and I gave my self a mental cookie for coming. Just as I was about to leave, I saw them. Boys. Lots of them. Tall and short. Fine and so-so. Dressed and painted. This is the gist.

No, they didn’t put me on potential crush alert but they got me on regret mode and I’ll say why in a bit but lemme explain something first. The University of Ibadan is a world and boy, do we have some culture here!. Second semester is like one long festival because all the departments and faculties and fellowships are having their anniversaries or week or something. Law week ends tomorrow and Zik Hall week is just starting (The guys? They were from Zik hall, having a rally of some sorts.).

So I was saying how the boys got me all sad and all. I need to say that I’m a final year student of Law at the University. December 2nd approaches slowly because that day, I’ll write my last exam as an undergraduate student of law. Five years of wearing white and black so much that you go shopping and you are colour blind. Five years of wearing shoes everyday, so much that my feet look wierd because my toes are white and the other parts are black(ain’t I just the perfect law student?). Five years of trying to find a place in law. Five years of never using my library card because I wasn’t interested in law reports. Five years of never attending law dinners or being in a justice match.

Need I say more? I’m just kinda sad I didn’t get more involved in stuff like that. I’m not a bookworm and I was involved in extra-curricular activities, just not the ones that had anything to do with my faculty or law. So, yea I was a little jealous today, but then……

Life is too short to be too cautious. Your time in school is even shorter. Go all out. Knock your self out. Just don’t break your head.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Disguise III

Hello… Ok, so part three is ready but it is kinda really short. Anyway, please enjoy.

Part Three.

The day before that, when I came back from work
I met at my door a dirty little boy
Beside him, his equally dirty sister
With a dirty ragged doll for a toy.

Please kind sir, can you spare us some food?
We are cold and tired and have no place to sleep
My sister’s got the flu and I have a boil
if nothing else, can you give us some drugs?

Needless to say, I didn’t give in
Whore, boy and sis, I sent all away
Wouldn’t let them ruin my reputation
Or have me thrown out of the church.

Disguise II

Part Two.

I forgot to mention
Something from another time
A woman whose sole occupation
was to lay in your bed for a dime

I was resting one evening
When I heard someone at door.
This one seemed to be crying
As I drew closer, of this I became sure

Immediately I opened up
My neighbor walked by
I almost swallowed my tongue in a gulp
Oh! poor me! This lady loved to pry

Was God trying to test me?
With a weeping prostitute at my door?
These kinda people had to let me be
I had problems, didn’t want more!

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Disguise I

Hiya… This is sorta kinda a poem. A story too. Enjoy.

Part One

One early Friday Morning,
I got up to pray.
Just as I knelt,
The door bell rang.

This had happened before and when I took a look
Alas, a man in haggard clothes
In his hand what looked like a book
With tattered and dirty notes

Did I give him the time of day?
Not in this life!
Wouldn’t have heard what he had to say
Even if faced with a dagger knife.

What would people think
If they beheld this sight?
Or if the scribes with their ink
Were to write of my plight?

A noble man like me
Allowing a haggard drunk
Come in to drink my tea
Or sleep in one of my bunks.

So I sent him away
With a loud shout from inside
And an advice to get a job with pay
And quit wandering like the blind with no guide.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Ajala Me….


I just discovered some weeks ago that the proverbial AJALA was actually a real person. Known for travelling a lot. Lol, I thought he was just a myth or fictional character. Needless to say, I love the man.

I love travelling so much. Maybe it comes from moving so much as a child. I never had issues with settling in a new place. I’m grown now and I would jump in a bus and go on a trip in a second. Or no, not a second. Just the amount of time it would take me to pack a bag.

I’m a FECAite. FECA is federation of colleges ex-students Christian association. We have a couple or so meetings every year in different parts of the country. They have greatly increased country-trotting.

Travelling does so much for the mind. The peace of being in a bus for hours, quietly looking out at some beautiful sceneries. The experience. The plantain sellers of Ondo. The ‘hand’ tower of Owerri. The tent and canopy makers on the Owerri-Aba road. The rest stops of Ore. The suya spot on the Enugu-Anambra road. The potholes….lol.

It’s not just what I see on the road. I saw a new dimension of women-bikers in Agbor. I love the cold dry weather of Jos. I’m in love with Delta state. I learnt for the first time that you could buy money at a wedding in Lagos. I love the plainlands of Nasarawa and almost all the states in the North. The Kufena mountain in Kaduna. Have I mentioned Erin Ijesa of Osun and Olumo Rock?

The list goes on and on. Beautiful places. Phenomenal practices and culture. Take out time to take a ROAD TRIP. Lol, do not jump on a plane and spend a week in a hotel. That’s nothing. Increase your knowledge, broaden your scope. Become an Ajala like me.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Falling Out.

Good morning. For me, the morning does not look so good. I woke up to realize that for all intents and purposes, I no longer had a relationship with two of the most important people in my life.

For the past three years, a lot has happened to me. Made me change a lot of views about a lot of things. I lost friends….. no biggie there. I gained more. Now, I have lost The Friends. Two people I could call on anytime for anything, anywhere. One is not even talking to me at all. The cut was so sharp. So severe.

What do you do when you realize that you do not actually have friends anymore? At some point, I was going to deliberately pursue some people just to have real friends but some things should never be forced.

Friends are the family we do not share blood with. We share something deeper, a connecting of souls that happens either instantly or over time. When you lose them, it could be drastic. I use ‘lose’ on purpose. They are practically dead to you.

Anyway, my point is life goes on. I woke up to realize that I had lost some of my tribe but then, I woke up. I refuse to allow sadness blind me. I am leaving my house. today opening my heart to anything. Anything wise and noble. Plus I know, Jesus got me.

Have a nice day y’all.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

what strike did to me…

Hiya everyone! I’ve been away from this blog so long that I don’t even remember my introductory sentence, y’all can imagine! Anyways I was going through the documents on my mum’s laptop and I saw an article I wrote during the strike period in 2013. I didn’t even finish it and at the time, I was just doing it to kill time. Few weeks later, I started my blog and I totally forgot about the article. So thank God, I found it today and y’all get to read my unfinished article about what strike did to me… enjoy.


My name is Clandie George and I am a nineteen-year-old student of the University of Ibadan. Aha! Did I just say I am a student? You know, the people in my street would probably doubt that. You may want to ask why, well, it’s just because they have seen me at home for the past five months and I mean, what kind of student is always at home for five months in a row??? Moreover, we are not just talking about vacation months, we are talking straight school, intense-study, September-November included months here. So you see, I do not exactly live the life of any ideal student.

But then, thousands, if not millions of students are in a similar and if I might add, sorry state all over the country. Let me help you understand this a bit. Below is a normal day

  • ·         Wake up, clean up, devotion.
  • ·         Go to school, have yourself a couple of intense and stressful lectures
  • ·         Grab a snack and some water. Drinks if you can afford it.
  • ·         Go for more back-breaking lectures
  • ·         Head to church or home or whatever it is that you do in the evenings.
  • ·         Sleep, read, do your assignments or whatever it is that you do in the night.

Now, that is a normal student day. It’s not that boring ooh, but I’m a pretty boring person, you know, what they call triangular students, except that there is no library in my triangle (my parents must not see this). Below is what this beautiful day, (beautiful though we never stop complaining about it) has been reduced to;

  • ·         Wake up, clean up, devotion
  • ·         Eat a hearty breakfast
  • ·         Go back for the second round of sleep unlimited
  • ·         Wake up for a snack
  • ·         Watch some TV if there is power supply, if not, make visible attempts at reading a book. If you are the book type, you can actually use this time to enjoy reading a novel
  • ·         Eat lunch or grab another snack.
  • ·         Watch some more TV or go out and ‘flex’
  • ·         Eat a well ‘deserved’ dinner and go back to bed
  • ·         Check your weight two weeks later and it is up by a couple of kilograms (that word ‘kilogram’ is not one I like very much).

Like I said before, lemme add that it is not that boring. there are some few things I missed out due to my very exciting nature. My point is that in the face of all this, some of us, have decided to do something useful with our lives and make something out of this unnecessary, compulsory and very not called for holiday(I am not so sure that statement is grammatically correct). There is news of students learning trades of all sorts and creative arts. Just the other day on Facebook,(that’s the app that keeps your children on the internet more than you like or think they need.) a friend of mine was inviting us to what I’d like to call his ‘graduation’ from the school of barbing skills. Another friend, my classmate I might add, posted a picture of himself with a group of kids which he tagged ‘my kids in school’. He had gotten a temporary job to teach at a secondary school. Or a primary school. The point is that, he was teaching a group of kids and he was earning a salary (which is like the magic word for students like me who still receive pocket-money). I was happy for them ooh. Sincerely. Stop giving me that look.

On the other hand, some are not doing anything. They have wasted almost five months because they were listening to news reports, which all promised that school would soon resume. I am afraid I fall into this category. At first, I tried the chamber attachment thingy but it did not work. I traveled East where there was a better chance and begged my parents to forget me there but my mum would not hear of it. I came back with them to the West and continued the daily routine, which I so carefully outlined earlier. What I wanted to do was learn how to drive and tailoring so, I begged my parent to send me East. Just when I thought they had finally agreed, we heard news that school was going to resume unfailingly the next week. All plans were stopped. One thing led to the other, and we are back to square one. Plans are being made once again to send me East.

So there! that’s where I stopped that day. To cut the really long story short, I finally got my trip to the East, learnt some tailoring, went to my mum’s village for christmas and generally had a good time. Ironically, now, I’m facing exams in a few days and I want some very specially selected people to go on strike so that i have more time to read and… GOD FORBID!!! What am i saying? I’m so sorry, that was just a slip of the tongue. I would never wish or pray for such a thing now, would I?

Ciao, ClandieChi.


Hello great people! It’s been ages and I’ve kinda missed writing about all the stuff that’s been happening to me and all the lessons I’ve learned. some of them very happy and others, very sad. Sad as per, you know you’re learning but as you’re doing it, all you can do is cry.

Kk. where do I start from now? About a month ago, I travelled to Kogi and I think that is where all the absence ‘quanta’ started from. I travelled and Yours Truly left her phone in Ibadan. It was so not funny because I had a lot of work to do and I wanted to share my experiences here and I wanted to ‘whatsapp’ with my friends and I wanted to send some pictures to some people and I wanted to send some messages and I… Well I guess you get my gist. I wanted to do a lot of things and I couldn’t.  I went for a wedding and it was fun. From there I was supposed to go to a friend’s house. As if the fact that I was ‘phoneless’ was not enough, after feeling ‘fly’ and all with the beautiful wraparound skirt I got all the way from Nairobi, I discovered I was wearing my skirt the wrong way, as per inside out. I just wanted to die. In fact, I was practically praying that the ground would open and swallow me. Yours Truly had to wait till we got to the reception before she could put the skirt the right way. Hmmm! You never want to be in my situation that day, lol. I’m laughing now but that day I was truly mortified.

I got to my friend’s house. I went with another friend and thank God, we were able to find the place ( I hadn’t been there in about 8 years and without a phone to communicate, you should understand and even appreciate my wonderful memory). It was fun seeing them and I was there for a week. While I was there, my friend celebrated her birthday. Yours Truly even helped to make the cake and it was so beautiful. I was sad because I couldn’t take pictures.

The D-day finally arrived and I was to head back to Ibadan. That faithful day, I was too lazy to leave my bed so I ended up missing my flight. Oops! Sorry! I meant my bus. Did I say flight? Abeg ooh, no vex. It was a slip of the tongue (abi should I say fingers?). I missed my 7am bus and so I had to go to town kinda and look for another bus. I finally found one, but brothers and sisters, men and brethren, you will not believe that I payed an extra N2000.  2k! 2 whole k!! Can you believe that? The driver was now rough and the journey was no fun at all. I love travelling but I hated that journey! It was so bumpy.

I got back to Ibadan sometime around 6pm. a normal 30-minute or so journey to my house took about 3 hours. I got home by 9pm. I was vexed that day. It was really not funny. To make matters worse, I got home, only to discover that my house had been broken into. I didn’t know where to start from. Thank God, nothing was stolen. I was now wondering what the person was looking for. Thank God I was not around or I might have been telling a different story.

I got my phone back and trust, I had about 54 missed calls and only God knows how many messages. Didn’t know I was that much of a ‘celeb’. Two weeks later, towards the end of the month, I travelled again. This time I was going home. I got to Abeokuta and I dropped my phone in the cab.  Well, that’s where we are currently. Phoneless and the funny thing is that, the man with my phone is picking when my friends call and telling them that it’s a wrong number. My ‘whatsapp’ messages are even being delivered. Well, that’s all that has happened.

You know, most times I usually have a lesson after every post and it’s usually something I learned. Well this is a lesson, for y’all now, not me. That’s because I learnt it a long time ago. Kk, there is no need crying over spilled milk, and I seriously mean that. My mum was kinda surprised that I was crying and screaming bloody murder because I lost my phone. You think I shouldn’t cry? I mean a phone with about 1700 pictures worth of memories including my picture with ‘Flow’, the guy who sang ‘twale’, about 20 books, all the Laws and Acts I need for my current level of study, songs only God knows where I’ll get them again, videos, contacts, write-ups… I have a right to cry and scream but I also know that all the shouting I can do in this world will not bring back my phone. so peeps, quit crying over spilled milk. I’m not saying I’m a superwoman (y’all already know I cry over crushed snails and when my movie favourite dies), I actually felt really bad but well now, I’m trusting God and saving to get a new phone. The general idea is bigger and better.

So, there. For now, all my articles would be coming from a hired PC at an internet café and that means I won’t be regular, unlike when I had my phone and I could whip up a new post in the middle of the night on my bed. Stay cool and stay blessed.

Ciao, ClandieChi.


Hello, great people. It’s been a while. Happy new month, May Day and Worker’s Day. I’m so grateful to see this month and be free in it. Also today is my cousin’s birthday. I mean, what better way to start the month right?

However, what worse way to start a new month than to have the news of missing girls hanging over your head? For sometime, the news of these missing girls has been everywhere and well, it’s now stale. I keep asking myself, ‘How can such a thing become stale?’ but the truth is that it has really faded out.

These are girls whose sole crime was getting up and dressed in the morning and going to class to learn. To Learn! Not to steal, or fornicate or bully younger kids. Not to fight. Not to join cults. Not to sell their bodies. To Learn. I mean, shouldn’t I get scared? I have two younger sisters, one in secondary school. Shouldn’t I get scared? I mean, I’m a student. I just want to ‘stab’ classes and hide under the bed in my room. Shouldn’t I get scared? I want to get married one day and have daughters. Well, maybe not anymore. At least, that means less girls to threaten and abuse and kidnap!

What is going on in our Nigeria? What is going on in our Motherland? The land our fathers gave their lives for? The land they gave up their rights for. I really doubt all those fighting fathers did all they did so that in this present day, we would kidnap girls who went to school to make themselves better people. Correct me if I’m wrong.

The funny thing is that from where I stand observing, I can’t see what the Government is doing about it. Oopsie, pardon my poor sight and lend me a pair of glasses, will u? Over 200 girls are missing in your country and you are happily campaigning and what is your stupid excuse? ‘Well, it is in the North. Each man should fend for himself’ God forgive you! You should be very ashamed of yourself! What is the use of the whole ‘One Nigeria’? One Nigeria, my dog’s plate! When you want resources from another state, that’s ok, but when it comes to their problems, it becomes a territorial thing. #SMH!

Please, let us stand up for the truth. Let us stand for what is right. Celebrities outside Nigeria are calling for the return of these girls. We, whose sisters and daughters are missing, are celebrating anniversaries, getting married, sewing more ‘aso ebi’ and briefing our thugs for next year’s election. Meanwhile, a mother has been weeping everyday since her daughter was kidnapped, a father’s HBP(High Blood Pressure) has drastically increased, a friend can’t eat or concentrate and learn because each time she opens a book, she sees her classmates’ faces. Whole families, clans and villages are in mourning. What are WE doing about it? I believe in God and His Word and prayer and thats about all I can do. Are you doing something or it is not your business? If that’s what we think, then it is just sad. Pathetic

Abuja has just experienced another bomb blast. Hehehe, It’s kinda just starting. Maybe when we hear about bomb blasts in Abia, Imo or Ebonyi state, all those ‘conc’ Igbo states or very far western states, our eyes will be opened. Because right now, its obvious, that we can’t see.

I want to wake up in the morning and go out without fear in my heart. I want to see my sister going to school without fear. I want my country to be peaceful. I want my sisters everywhere to be free to learn, regardless of race, religion or any other barrier made by man.

Most importantly, I want my sisters back. #returnourgirls

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Snails and I.

Hello, people! Happy palm sunday! Hope y’all went to church and got your palm fronds and you know, did the whole palm sunday ‘thingy’. That’s what it’s all about, Jesus and the triumphant entry.

Hehehe, before I forget myself, I actually want to finish my earlier story on wasps and snails. Last time, I talked about the wasps and today, it’s gonna be about the snail. Let me just add that those silly wasps actually came back after my neighbour removed them. I entered the toilet today and saw that they had started ‘rebuilding the broken walls of their Jerusalem’. Yours Truly destroyed the walls again and she doesn’t feel bad about it. Not one bit!

Ok! About the snail. Where do I start? Well, it was night and there was no light. My phone battery was ‘weeping’ and I really needed to charge. So, I went to my neighbour’s house (they put on their generator most nights). I came out of my room and was on my way when I just heard a sharp cracking sound! I had just stepped on a beautiful snail going on its business ‘jeje’ (gently, and not disturbing anyone).

I can already hear the question y’all are asking… So, ‘kini big deal?’ What’s the big deal right? Well, let me explain. I care about some really weird things, snails included. I feel bad if you cut a flourishing tree or kill an animal for no reason (I seem to have lost all feeling for chickens however, though i’m still in awe when I see their chicks). So, for somebody like me, somebody who takes her time when walking to move snails out of the way so that they would not be stepped on or run over by a car, for this kind of somebody to step on snail, men and brethren! Brothers and sisters, that is a big deal!

I stepped on this snail, totally crushing its entire shell and when I realized what I had done, I felt so bad. I was almost in tears, my eyes became misty and I just kept on saying, ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’ Trust me, it wasn’t funny. I picked this snail, it was already trying to hide but I mean, where could it hide? I had destroyed its shell. I even started praying that God should work a miracle and reshell it, you know that kind of stuff, but nothing happened, so I left it there, in front of my room.

You remember that I was going to charge my phone? I finally got myself and went to my neighbour’s house to charge and in the ‘less-than-a-minute walk it took me to get there, two things hit me. Hehehe, it seems I’m always learning stuff in twos right?

The first lesson I learnt started with a reminder that I do not normally feel the way I was feeling when I step on my sister’s feet or toes. Or mistakenly hit her or push her. Whatever. The point is that, here I was, feeling so bad that I stepped on a snail and I didn’t feel that way when I did something to somebody, a human being. Even if I didnt crush the person’s shell. I mean you dare not touch some people’s dogs or cats or rats! Yet they do not think anything about hurting a human being, the one God created in His own image.

The second lesson kind of comes from the first one. Many times we focus on the minor and forget the major and as I like to say sometimes, we make the electives compulsory and the compulsory elective. From the first lesson, we can say that the minor is the snail and the major is my sister. God will not judge me on how I treated a snail but He’s very concerned about how I treat my sister. Also, some of us want to kill ourselves with church activities and our personal relationship with God is nothing to write home about. These are just examples. We know other aspects of our lives where we focus on the minor.!!!!!!!!

So there! Abeg, let us stop ‘major-ing’ on the minor and put first things first. I still care about animals and all that but then, each time I hurt somebody, I will remember the snail and treat the person better. At least I’ll try to because as we all know, there are some people that just make you want to scream, Arrrggghhh!!!!

Well, about the snail, by the time I came back from charging my phone, it was already surrounded by some very huge soldier ants and a few sugar ones. Gosh, y’all needed to see those ants. Speaking of ants, I may write on them next. I mean, they have a place in the bible, why not here? *winks* Have a lovely week ahead. Shalom.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Wasps, Snails and I.

Hello, jolly fellows! Happy wednesday. Hope y’all are good. I am. I happen to be done with my second year exams. If I don’t feel good, who will???

Well, well, well. I learnt two lessons on Sunday and I wanna share. The first lesson is about some wasps making themselves comfortable in my toilet and the second is about a beautiful snail I mistakenly stepped on. We’ll do the wasps today.

Some months ago, I noticed a wasp was building a nest of some sort on my toilet door. At first, I was always scared (my name is Deborah and it means bee or wasp but if I hear say I no avoid any insect in that family.) and I always kept my eyes there whenever I went into the toilet. After some time, I noticed that the wasp was always still, never moving and I stopped being scared. I thought it was dead. So the next time I was cleaning the toilet, I decided to remove the nest, bee et all. To my surprise, the wasp moved. It flew away. You can’t imagine my joy. It was finally gone.

Now, you can imagine how I felt when I entered the toilet the next week and behold! The wasp was back, building another nest. I must say, that I was impressed. You know, I was thinking all about animals and how most of them are usually persevere in all they do. This time, I decided to leave it. By the way, more often than not, it was still and didn’t harm anybody.

The next time my eyes went in that direction, I noticed something was different. The nest was bigger and the wasp looked bigger. No, wait a bit. It wasn’t actually bigger. Its wings looked longer. Wait a bit….. Incredible! It wasn’t bigger in any way, there was two wasps! The part of me that is half romantic ‘mumu’ (I mean that in a nice way, I only used that word so that nobody would have to wonder what ‘hopeless romantic’ means.) was already thinking, ‘wow, it got a mate’ and ‘two heads are better than one’ and what God has joined together’ and ‘can two work together unless they agree?’. Lets just say, I blessed the ‘union’ and left them, with no thought at all of chasing them away or destroying the nest.

The nest day, I went into the toilet and behold brethren! There were, not one or two wasps anymore, but four!!! At this point, I instantly stopped thinking any foolish thought about how a man needs a helper and I was thinking about the words of Jesus Christ. The part where he said that if you chase out a demon, it would go and call seven others, more wicked than itself and return to the house which has been cleaned!!!

Res ipsa loquitor is a phrase we say in law, meaning that the fact speaks for itself. I believe you can already tell the lesson I learnt from this wasps. Sin, is not something that goes away willingly and if care is not taken, one will fall even after he has been cleansed. After your house has been cleaned, the demon will come back with others more wicked than itself and try to get back in. Will you let it?

The second thing is that sin can be attractive and the devil knows where to get at you. If you leave sin, ignore it, it grows and expands its territory. So if you think you stand, be carefull lest you fall. While I was busy thinking how romantic it was that the wasp got a mate, it was busy gathering its army. As I speak, they are still there but Yours Truly is gonna get rid of them.

So people, get rid of the wasps in your life. Do not get carried away with their supposed beauty and let them build nests on your head, in your heart or wherever. Because when they attack you, hmmm! Na you do yourself ooh! Shalom!

P.S: Wasps are not sinful, no. I’m not saying any such thing. Neither are they symbols of the devil. They do sting anyways. Or so I think.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Soaked…Lessons from the Rain.

Lovely people! Hellooooooo! Its been quite sometime. Something happened today and despite me wanting to read (for that dreadful thing called exams), I just had to share.

So today, being the seventeenth day of the month of March, two thousand and fourteen, it rained. Yes, a very heavy rain from heaven descended to water the earth. And well, me.

You see, the thing that is so special about this rain is the way it gave me a ‘Chioma, think about your future’ beating. I was in church, I could see it brewing with heavy, dark clouds et all but I just thought it would ‘chill’ for me to get home. If I hear! I was still in church when it started dropping. Note; I didn’t say drizzling. I wouldn’t have gone out in a drizzle, not withouth some kind of protection for my expensive braids! I got to where I’ld pick a cab and it STARTED drizzling. I sent a special emergency message to God. He replied instantly and sent a cab immediately.

By the time, this miraculous cab got to gate, it was drizzling a bit harder. Hmmm. I just decided to brave it, since I would get a cab to my house anyway. Hia! I left the shelter and went to get a cab and then, see the rain falling in full force. As if that was not enough, I couldn’t see a single cab or bus. All the available vehicles were going to Bodija while I was heading towards Samonda! (sorry for the odd names, Ibadan peeps will get my point.)

I finally got a cab. And immediately I entered, what I thought was rain in full force became a drizzle in light of the one that started falling! Omo see rain! I got to my junction and to come out, (or should I say alight?) became a problem. My side was flooded. To cut the long story short, the driver did ‘shakara’ before moving forward so that I could come down. And you know what his moving forward meant? Taking me further away from my junction, increasing the distance I had to walk before I could get to shelter. He seemed to have noticed this because he now moved more than was necessary. I smiled sweetly at him and got down from his cab.

I walked to my junction and by the time I got there, I was soaked thoroughly. I got into a shed and planned how to get home, which was still about a 3 minutes walk away from the shed. I had a ‘clearbag’ with some forms. The forms got into my bag and the file was utilized as a covering for my ‘expensive braids’. I stayed there for some minutes and then got into the rain again.

The rain was so much so I stopped at another shed directly in front of my gate. While I was there, a car drove into the compound and didn’t even pick me! Can you imagine? I was so angry and then I discovered that the person might not even have seen my face.

It was still raining heavily but suddenly I just felt that I should go back into the rain and walk home. I instanly refused. As if to ginger me, i just remembered that a part of my ceiling was leaking. I didn’t need a second reminder to enter the rain!

But while in that rain, I learnt two wonderful things. I didn’t actually learn them, because I could teach comprehensive lessons on them in my sleep. I just had an experiential knowledge of them.

Lesson one; The peace of God passes all understanding. Hehehe, how on earth does that come out of being soaked right? I was walking in that rain and I wasn’t disturbed which is so unlike me. I just felt an unearthly peace. I felt that nothing in the world mattered as long as I had Jesus, I had God. Considering the fact that I’ve been having some issues with real peace, that lesson couldn’t have come at a better time.

Lesson Two: It is never about the physical. Hmmm! Immediately I got into the rain again, I knew it was not about my leaking ceiling. It had never been. God wanted me to see something and if it had to take me being in a crises to see it, then so be it! Being soaked is not crises ‘abi’? Don’t let me start on my expensive braids again!

The point is so many times, we focus on the physical, the here and now when God has his mind on better things. I was ready to miss such an important reminder from God just because of my hair. Now how’s that for myopic???

It’s never about the physical, the disappointments or your hair. Walk with God and let him take you in deeper! In the meantime, I need to dry my hair and get really ‘comfy’ in dry clothes and a warm bed. Shalom!

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Standing Out and Standing Tall.

Hello great people, happy Vals day, Hmmm! Hope y’all are enjoying today and feeling all the love in the air. I’ve recieved only-God-knows-how-many fliers today, inviting me for one love ‘ish’ or the other.

Well, I’ve been away for some time. My phone decided it was not in the blogging mood. Thank God, it’s back, #singing… ‘I’m in the mood, I’m in the mood. I want to write on something!’ hehehe.

So I wanna talk about standing out. And as usual something real happened and I just knew I had to write something on it. We wrote a test in my class and the next class, the lecturer decided to kinda review the questions and answer them. But first, she started calling us out and asking us to come and explain what we wrote in the test! And I was in group 1! Jeez! When I saw all my group members slipping out, I joined them.

Now I did this without thinking. All I knew at that point was that I didn’t want the lecturer to call me out. I really didn’t have much to say on the topic my group wrote on. So I joined the band wagon. I snuck out of class. Is that word ‘snuck’ correct? Too lazy to check a dictionary now.

Back to my gist, when I got outside, I was feeling good. You know, I had succeded in escaping. I felt good till I saw the people around me. Then I felt stupid. These were people, who didn’t give classes the kind of attention I gave to them. Note: I didn’t say they were bad people, just that we didn’t have the same values and under no circumstances did I want to ever be classified as someone with the same values as they had.

By this time, it was as if the other people in my group had noticed this and they just ‘jejely’ went back to class. We were three left. One guy, another girl and me. The guy told us to return to class and we refused, so he left. After some minutes, my girl friend was like, ‘Chioma, lets go back. I’m uncomfortable here’. And then she said something about not wanting to be seen loitering during a class. She wasn’t that kinda girl and she didn’t want anyone to think otherwise.

That was when it struck me. I was the last person in the group to ‘repent’. Why? I felt so bad. And I walked with my head down (mentally, if not physically) back to class.

Going with the crowd may be fun but trust me, unless it’s for good, it’s never worth it. And I realized it that day. People will always talk, ‘eeh! What is she now trying to feel like’ and all that but the mere approval of men pales so much when compared to the inner peace you get from pleasing God and doing the right thing.

Another thing is that some of us are willing to throw away whatever reputation we have just so that we can be ‘in’. Trust me, ‘in-ness’ doesn’t stay forever. IT FADES AWAY!

It’s not all about standing out. What about standing tall? Imagine somebody who keeps on saying, ‘I will not follow you to your night clubs’ and each time, asks the next day, ‘how did it go?’ or worse still, ‘I missed shee?’. Standing tall involves being proud of your decision to stand out and not sulking and pouting and complaining about how the decision is making your life boring. By the way, who says an outstanding life of standing out has to be any less fun than a jampacked life of joining the band wagon? Puh-leeze!

So get a life, yea. Live it to the fullest, double yea. Do what is right, not just by your standards, which are flexible but by God’s standards, triple yea! And enjoy a life of standing out and standing tall.

Happy Valentine Day!!!

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Introducing… Love

I’m in a room filled with people.

Everyone sees me and says hi.
I reply sweetly with endearments.

Gosh! There are so many people here!
Some shake me, some hug me.
Others playfully pull my hair.

I look pretty with my smile.
My make-up and clothes are perfect.
I am confident, that’s what they see.
I am also lonely, that’s what they don’t see.

All it took was one hurt,
All it took was one wound, one cut.
And to shut it out, I shut myself down.
I built a strong fortress and locked its gates.
I was protecting myself. Or so I thought.

Over the years, I failed to notice,
How my fortress had become a dungeon,
My place of protection, a prison.
And somehow, I couldn’t get out.
I had thrown the keys away,
In trying to throw out the garbage.

I am cold even in the sea of warm bodies around me.
My eyes have become glassy,
Glazed by the pain and hurt I feel.
I’ve learnt to give the perfect smile.
I sound happy, even to the envy of others.
Yet deep down, the real me, hurting
Is screaming for help.

Can’t they see my wounds?
Can’t they hear my cries?
I’ve run helter skelter, from pillar to post.
In the process, gone from frying pan to fire.
I’ve given up hope, disappointed by the world.
If they’ve decided to ignore me, so be it!
I’m my own woman, my own person!
I will survive!

Hehehe! The laugh of deceit.
Who exactly am I deceiving?
I say I can do without them,
And yet, I still crave their attention.
Just a glance please!
Look my way for just a second!
I want you to love me!
Give me the attention I can’t give myself.
Show me the care I can’t find on my own.

In my deep search, I became aware of Him.
What would happen if I loved myself?
What would happen if I loved Him?
What if I turned to my maker?
Surely, He would know all about His product!
Surely, He would have a word of advice!
What if I stopped searching for warmth
In all the wrong places?
What if I changed my focus
And turned to warmth Himself, the Uncreated Sun?

And so I set out a new plan.
I stopped focusing on the world
And what it could never give me.
I stopped my hopeless rat race,
I sat in one place and thought.
I got out of the fire
And out of the frying pan too.
I cleaned out the ashes
But oh! How great the burns!

I took one look at my burns
And took to my heels again!
Patience, He calmly said.
Running takes you back to the fire
And makes the wounds stay.
I screamed at Him.
I wanted love, affection and healing
And I wanted it now!

Relax… I figured I’d better obey.
After all, my method hadn’t worked
And He had heard the wailings of my muted voice.
I cleaned out the ashes again
But this time, there was no running as I saw my burns.
I had put them there in a way,
This time, I went for healing salve.

The salve was soothing but painful.
Oh! The tears it brought to my eyes!
But, I was getting results.
I was hoping again.
I started to love myself,
Appreciating what He had made – Me.

Yea, I started to love Him too.
So much more than I loved myself.
So much that He became my First.
Our love grew, well, basically mine.
Because His love unchanging had always been there.

With all these healing,
I found the key to the dungeon.
Oh what bliss to be out in the open again,
To feel the breeze and hear the birds sing!

Now my eyes are sparkling and my smile is genuine.
My clothes look better because of the wearer,
And make-up doesn’t matter.

Now I feel the warmth when I’m greeted and hugged.
The love I feel makes my confidence real.

Because I found Him, I found Love.

Long right? I thought so too. Well, that’s the opening scene to my LOVE SERIES. Anticipate!

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Friends and Trust.

Hello wonderful people! How’s you all? Chilling like me I hope…

Last week I promised that my next article would be about a girlfriend. Well, here it is, it took a lot of effort but you know, it’s me! I deliver.

So this week I’m going to be talking about a girlfriend who is like a sister to me, a girl I trust, a girl I love. And in talking about friends and trust, I have a person who is a reality check, who lets me be me and somebody I can tell everything. Almost everything. Well, the things that really matter (talk about saving the best for last!).

I met this crazy girl -I mean that in a good way- in secondary school and I can’t say for sure when we became friends or when we started ‘rapping’. I just know that by the time I was in SS3, when I thought about my friends, she came in first 3 and that I was going to miss her like mad when I left school.

We used to eat each other’s food and gist about the boys we were crushing hard on, those we were not crushing so hard on and those we didn’t care about. I could trust her not to spill important ‘info’ unless I wanted her to or if it was something which was really not supposed to be kept secret.

Talking about trusting someone depends on what you are trusting the person with. The few times I went to this girl and told her some silly things I had done, she gave me a mini sermon and if it involved someone else, she indirectly prodded me to go and apologize, all without spilling. Having a trustworthy friend should not be all about the telling but also about what the person does with the info. If it’s bad, do they help you stay in the darkness without helping you see the light, even in the privacy you want? That, sweethearts, is not trust. It’s more like aiding and abetting (lol, sorry for the legal terms there).

The next thing about trust is whole hearted sharing. My girlfriend and I have this thing we do on our birthdays. All the credit we get that day as gifts, we spend on each other. Well, almost all of it. And its not because, we expect something in return. One year, I didn’t get much and I called her to tell her how ‘show spoil’ for that day. I half expected her not to call on her birthday the next year. She taught me a valuable lesson. She called.

I am well aware of the fact that some people say we should trust no one, but I do not agree totally. Be prepared for quarrels once in a while. And if you guys are anything like me and my friend, the quarrel won’t last long. Why? Because you’ll surely run into some hot gist that can’t wait. *winks* Plus you can’t truly love without trusting.

Finally, like I always say, get a friend like mine whom you can trust. Who will watch your back, not while you’re robbing a bank however. Or doing something just as silly, like telling a lie. In general, someone whom you can trust to put you back on the right track when you are going off point. There, I think that summarizes it all.

This is supposed to be the last article in my FRIENDS SERIES (sniffing back tears), but I am hopeful that I’ll be meeting some wonderful people as life goes on, people with wonderful qualities that will inspire me to write. Till then, I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the wonderful people in my life. Have a great week!

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Friends and Accountability.

Hello great people, wonderful day to y’all!

I have been talking about some of my friends and I really didn’t know who to talk about next. But then, something happened last week Friday and my crises was solved (Praise God!).

Secrets can be little foxes that spoil the beautiful vineyard of your life. I know some secrets are good, but I’ll call those ones surprises instead. I mean, who wants to keep a good thing secret unless it’s supposed to be a surprise??? So now, you know I’m talking about bad secrets.

Last week friday, someone said some really hurtful things to me. Indirectly. I snapped and was taking it out on everybody, frownin my face and looking like the Ice Queen. A beautiful one, I must add. *winks* I kept on feeling bad until I talked to two people. God and a good friend.

A problem shared is a problem half solved and when that problem happens to be a horrible secret, then sweethearts, I humbly recommend one or two friends whom you are accountable to. It works like magic!!!

My friend this week is a friend I tell things. Almost everything. Well, not almost everything but the things that really matter. I used to have some temper issues (well I sometimes get angry over nothing, but it’s so much less.) and I kept on feeling that nobody understood me and all that. It took some time for me to understand that if nobody understood, it was because, I wasn’t talking to anybody about it.

The advantages of accountability are too numerous to mention but I’ll talk about a few. Just two actually.

Now, I know that somebody understands me and that people are actually ready to help. Well, not everybody. I know that when I snap without thinking, I have somebody to scold me, and help me get through that period.

The second advantage I’ll like to discuss is the fact that when you know somebody knows about your problem, you try more not to do that thing. Especially when you know that you’ll have to spill to that person after the deed is done. So it helps because you won’t be too willing to have a bad report each time you speak to that person.

So, when somebody is really pissing me off (and trust me, some people can be very annoying!) and I’m about to blow, I remember this very wonderful friend of mine. Sometimes, I can even hear his voice, ‘Chioma, we both know you are better than this. What exactly is making you angry? Focus on the root and not on the tool’. Most times that’s enough to make me cool down.

It will do you real good to get a friend you can confide in. A friend like mine ( he’s not available for snatching!) you can tell your secrets before they choke you. Anger is just a minor one, there are serious ones that deal with immorality (I think immorality is the most common) and stuff like kleptomania.

PS: I just noticed that all the friends in my FRIENDS SERIES have been guys. I’m not cheating, my next article is gonna be about a girlfriend. Anticipate!

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Friends and Freedom.

Hello, great people, happy marry-nesday. Hehehe, sorry, I meant, happy Wednesday.

This is the second article in my FRIENDS SERIES. This time, I’ll be gisting you guys about another friend of mine. This one, well, let’s just say he allows me to be me.

You know how you have some friends and you can’t allow them to see your phone, see you with your natural hair, see you without makeup. Or worst of all, catch you drinking garri!!! Then, there are others whom you can allow to see your natural hair, see your phone but certainly, never ever allow to catch you drinking garri.

But then there are some other friends whom you allow to see you in tears, broke, barefoot, and you let them come into your scattered room. That’s exactly the kinda friend this my special case study for today is.

I ask him for money when I’m stupidly broke. Or just plain broke. When he come to visit, I barely bother with presenting a very nice ‘TV dinner’ kinda meal. If I have prawn crackers, good. If I don’t, well, I give him water and my container of garri. With a special warning not to finish everything because if I let him, he can. And he probably will.

Enough about this very wonderful friend of mine, lemme ask, do you have friends like that? Or are you all uptight and tense when you are around the people you call your ‘paddies’??? You have to hang out with them and you’re too scared to wear your favourite blouse (or skirt or whatever) because they’ll just call it ‘churchish’ (or ‘mary-amaka’, I guess that’s the word) and ask you where on God’s green earth you got that rag from (Haa! Rag!! The blouse you saved your money to buy!!!). I mean what’s the point if you can’t be free around them??

True friends present freedom. They let you be you. They might ‘yab’ you a lot but when it comes right down to the basics, they know when to free you.

I was in one class the other day and we were dicussing fundamental human rights, rights to personal liberty in particular and my lecturer said some thing which struck me (funny how a lot of things seems to start ‘striking’ you when you start a blog and you are constantly in search of ideas!). According to a particular law (which I will not mention because of how bookish and ‘law-ish’ it sounds) he said, ‘personal liberty means freedom from restraint in one sense and in the other sense, freedom secured by the imposition of restraint’.

Sorry for how boring that may have sounded but I needed it in other to make my next point though I’m not using it in the same context as my lecturer. Not exactly anyway. I said earlier that friends let you be you. Now, friends do not only let you be you by always allowing you to just do your thing. They also know when the only way you can get real freedom is by stopping you from doing something. And of course, it will probably be something stupid.

So you see why I love this my friend and I’m using him as a case study. He not only lets me have my space but also, when he sees the need to not let me have my space (probably because I need it for something silly), he does what needs to be done.

So pals, find a great friend (like mine! *winks*) and see how having a good friend can mean so much more.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Friends and Reality Checks.

Happy monday great people (argh! I don’t like mondays!),

Hope y’all had a nice weekend. I had a very nice weekend but something really threatened it. However, thank God, it didn’t succeed. Lemme just give you a little gist of what happened and how it inspired my post (haa, something good came out of it, Praise God!).

I’ve got this friend of mine who is a graduate and in law school at the moment (for which he will not allow me to rest, just because he is a graduate and I’m not yet one! Haa!). Well, he came back for a few days and we decided to hook up. Hmmm, I saw this my friend and he was, well, all blown up. You know what I mean, like fatter et all and immediately, it just flew out of my mouth! The guy was busy protesting, ‘ eh you’re the only one sayin that’. Poor dude (he’s gonna break my head when he sees this! On my way to get a new helmet!), others were probably using ‘healthier’ in place of my rather blunt ‘fatter’! Mere Flattery! I just told him, ‘well, I’m your reality check’ and I meant it.

Now to what almost spoiled my weekend, he was really angry with me, something about me being kinda selfish (in his opinion and that was really difficult for me to write, I mean, i’m not supposed to wash my ‘dirty linen’ in public) and he took it upon himself to scold me. To cut the long story short, when I told him he was a bit biased because he was the only one making such complains, he just looked at me and said, ‘yea, I’m your reality check.’ (Note: I really didn’t appreciate his using my words back at me.). However, it did the work of putting my brain in motion.

What are your friends like? I mean, I obviously have one who thinks it’s his God-given duty to correct me when I’m being silly. And for real, I can imagine what life would be like if people (as excruciatingly annoying as they can be!) like him were not there. We would all dress up and walk with our heads in the clouds, thinking we were Cleopatra. Or Queen Elizabeth. Or worse still, a combination of both.

Finally, lemme end by saying that friends, true friends in this case, are supposed to be reality checks. You know, bring you back to earth when you are riding on the high of what you would like but what is not true. Note: I didn’t say they discourage you. No. They are not discouragers. Instead, they encourage you, amongst other things, to be a better you, which obviously is easier when you can relate better with the world around you. So there, make good friends, ones who will not hesitate to draw your ear when you’re being silly! Note; I wasn’t being silly, that’s just an expression! *winks*

Have a nice week y’all.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Being Relevant.

Hello great people,

Allow me to gist you guys some of the things that have being going on around me.

I am a student of the prestigious faculty of law, at the prestigious University of Ibadan. I am also a member of the prestigious youth wing of the Chapel of the Resurrection (the Chapel is prestigious too, but as you should have guessed, I’m tired of the word already!), a.k.a The Youth Forum.

I’m an active member of my fellowship and last year, I was a leader. This year, I’m not so fortunate. When you are a leader, you have more opportunities to impact lives and you, know, be heard. Or so I thought!

I was gisting with my mum some weeks back and telling her that I was no longer a leader in fellowship et all. And the next thing she asked me was, ‘does it mean you have to stop being relevant?’ Note: I wasn’t whining or whingeing. I was just stating a fact. But I guess, being my mother, she sensed the fact that somewhere deep down, I was a bit scared of being discarded.

The word ‘relevant’ means to have ideas that are valuable and useful to people in their lives and their work. In other words, it means that a relevant person is useful and valuable to others and I had to ask myself, ‘how relevant are you?’ I also discovered that being a leader is not worth it if you need the title and office that comes with the position for you to make an impact in someone’s life.

So I made up my mind to continue to be relevant despite the fact that I didn’t have a group of people I was leading. The funny thing is that, leader or not, there will always be some people looking up to you and watching every step you make.

You know that very painful (almost physically painful!) feeling you get when you stay with some people for weeks, months or even years and then when you are not around, you are barely noticed. Or you hear statements like, ‘ wow, I didn’t even notice you were not around!’ Ouch!

Well, let’s just say that I’m going to be doing so much more than I did when I was a leader. And seriously, it’s gonna be so totally worth it.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Reading hurts…….or does it???

Good day beautiful people,
It’s a wondeful saturday morning and I’m thrilled to be alive. Hope you are too, because it is a wonderful priviledge.

Today, I just want to say something about reading and how much I love it. Hehehe, please ooh, I was talking about novels and story-books there, not school books or heavy legal material. Yea right, I’m a law student and I’m sure you all know all the hype that goes with the course. We are supposed to read 20 hours a day and all that. Well, I personally don’t care for reading school books so much.

However, reading is a necessary evil and we are all forced to do it. Unless of course, you don’t particularly care for knowledge or even just passing your exams. I’ll use myself as an example, i mean who better to use right?? Good.

I’ve got this test, albeit an annoying one, on Monday. On contracts. I’m supposed to read the whole topic but i’m going to answer just one question and the funny thing is that, I have absolutely no idea where that question is going to originate from. So, there I was turning the pages of my material and trying to store up some cases. I was also on facebook (not seriously though, and I was chatting with fellow law students!). We were talking about how boring reading can be and how sometimes all you just want to do is close the book and you know, do something more interesting like, sleep. My friend just said something which almost literally speaking, blew off the candle I was using to read. In a nutshell, by the time I was done with the conversation, I had some new information. The test was for five marks!

Five marks in a school like mine is a lot! But it wasn’t a good incentive to continue the kind of intensive reading I had been engaged in. And yea, I blew my candle off and went right to bed.

My point? Sometimes we need a strong incentive to read. Now that incentive could be marks, the thought of how proud you’ll be when you come out tops and so on and so forth. But for me, I think the best incentive is FUN. Fun??? Yea, fun. How on earth can fun be an incentive to read? And that successfully brings me to the part of how you must enjoy what you do. Or in this case, what you read.

I know that I’m beginning to sound like all this motivational speakers ‘yarning dust’ but the truth is that, the dust is actually gold dust. Or has flecks of gold in it. Whatever, the point is that, when filtered, you’ll find gold. I discovered that this was the reason why I never got bored with novels, no matter how boring the first five pages or chapters were. I knew there was something cool at the end.

So, brethren (I like that word a lot), that’s how it is for reading. If you enjoy what you’re studying, then reading it won’t and shouldn’t be so bad. Even the boring aspects of it. And trust me, I love law, but it’s got a lot of boring aspects like administrative and constitutional law, yuck! And that is just for 2nd year. Only God knows what I’ll face as I go higher.

Oops!!! Told u guys i had a test on monday and y’all let me stay here, talking, instead of reading. I just hope you discover that reading doesn’t hurt so much after all.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Its a whole new year…..with the resolution ritual.

hello great people!!!
I think the first thing I should officially say is Happy New Year!!! Oopsie!! I can already hear it already, ‘girl, it’s already 10th january!!’ but who cares?? As far as I’m concerned the year is still new until (at least!!) the 31st day of a year with a minimum of 365 days. So once again, Happy New Year.

I’ve been talking to some people and as usual, I’ve started to get that ‘lazy’ feeling I get by new year. It’s not that I’m lazy, but when everybody is talking about new year resolutions and you’ve got nothing to say, I mean nada, then that feeling creeps in. I’ve heard d common ones like, ‘I’ll read more this year’, ‘I wont sleep so much this year’ (that one is my personal favorite.), ‘I won’t talk so much this year’ and all that. I’ve also heard some really peculiar ones, which were also so touching. Some like ‘I would be a nicer person to kids and old folks this year.’, ‘I’ll help better at home this year’, and the likes.

I’ve got to say that I have nothing against new year resolutions. I even make some similar statements on my birthday, which is my personal new year. Statements like, ‘I will not worry about my face this year’ and then the next one goes something like, ‘I would be a cuter person this year’. However, the question I like to ask myself is ‘is this just the normal ritual?’ or am I really concerned about making a difference this year in my life and that of others??

For those who do the resolution ‘thingy’, it should be out of a deep burden or concern to be better and not just because, u feel lazy like me and you want to have a ready ‘word!’ when your friends are talking. No, its so much more. Resolution means a strong determination to do or achieve something. Now, are you really determined to achieve what you said at the beginning of the year? That’s something you should really think about.

With all that I’ve said earlier, I dont want you to think I’m not balanced, so lets go to the part of people who are really truely determined to do or achieve their goals and yet, by the end of the year, they still have that goal as a goal and not an acheivement. I know there are people like that. Let me also add that, if you are the type who, by the end of febuary, March, April, June or July, has forgotten about their new year resolution, then in my opinion, you fit into the category of those who see this stuff as a mere ritual. These set of people who are really determined, well, I can’t say I know exactly what the or their problem is. For some, they never had the means and for others, the opportunity.

One needs to know that part of being really determined is going out of your way and leaving your comfort zone. So don’t lie on your bed or go about life normally and then say at the end of the year, ‘I never got the chance’. Stand up and look, no, search for the chance! You will find it. And it doesn’t end there. Some find the opportunity and then, they take it for granted. Of all things to do!!! Please, neva take an opprtunity to do something better or learn something new for granted. God might just decide to do the whole ‘opportunity comes but once in a lifetime’ thingy for you!! Some would now be so silly as to sit down there and believe in second chances. I believe in second chances too. That’s not wrong, but too let first chances slip away due to negligence or laziness on your part, all because you believe in second chances, now that’s a first class wrong!!!

Finally, I’ll just like to say that It’s a whole new year. Your first new year resolution should be not to turn resolving to do something new each year into a mere ritual. And i pray that God gives you both the means and the opportunity to make a change. And that you are not too lazy to take it!

Ciao, ClandieChi.

What!!!!! A blog??????

Hello, beautiful people. I’m Clandie Chi and you are welcome to my blog. Errrr…… I’m not gonna pretend i’m not one of those people who happen to start a blog just because it looks like the ‘in’ thing. But it’s also something more.
This blog is going to be telling a story as time goes on. My story. How i view life and a lot of the things going on around me. It will be funny, interesting, sometimes very annoying and blunt. Did i mention emotional??? Yea ryt, emotional.
So sit back and relax, lol.i dont really know if that applies here but enjoy the journey through life with me.

Ciao, Clandie Chi.

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