Pet names.

“Nneoma!” Bad sign. That’s the name I get when I have disappointed you. People would usually choose this time to call one’s full name but not you. I get pet names especially ‘Nneoma’. ‘What have I done baby?” I ask quietly. “You know you have done something?” ‘Pet names baby,” It is simply that easy. […]

Hey guys, how was your night? Great I hope. Mine was cool. When you sleep with the knowledge that the next day (and the day after) is a public holiday, you tend to have a more restful night. Happy Sallah guys! Yesterday I was talking about giving and how sometimes, we just don’t do it […]

Games Village…

The first man came sometime in December. I had just returned after my call to bar and I was cleaning my room. Next thing I heard was the sound of dripping liquid outside my window. Or so I thought. I actually thought someone was pouring water out their window from one of the rooms upstairs. I look out to confirm and I see this guy, happily uriniating in front of my window. What the hell!

Thank you! 100 Followers Y’all! 100!

I’ve said this before, I celebrate all my wins. Every single one. There is nothing like a small win for me and if I didn’t currently live in a place where I don’t know where to find ice cream, I would definitely be getting ice cream today!

Because this blog is my scream pillow.

I want to scream right now and I can’t do it in civil society. But I think I can do it here. I don’t feel my best. The above is what I’ve been reciting to myself for the past 3 hours and I’m failing miserably. I’m not very happy but I’m learning now more than […]

Happy independence Nigeria… One day later.

Yesterday, October 1, was Nigeria’s Independence Day. Nigeria turned 58. I’m a Nigerian and Independence Day is usually a public holiday, there are parades in every state and everywhere is in a celebration mode. Yesterday was different. I kept waiting for the ‘feeling’ to write about Nigeria but it never came. And that’s when it […]

Grateful and Celebrating!

Hello lovelies! There is so much to celebrate! I’ll go point by point. I published the last official story of Embellished (see previous post). I remember when I started writing these stories, just looking around in class and generally picking stuff on the way. With time, I added some of my own personal experiences. Boom! […]

Self-imposed loneliness, aka, The art of being purposely antisocial.

Sometimes I shudder at myself. And here’s why. I am at a birthday get-together and it is all my friends gathered in one place. I am supposed to be happy right? And having the absolute best time of my life, yes? All my friends in one place, my kinda music playing, suya and cake all […]

Celebrating 10 Rays of Pure Sunshine!

Good morning lovelies… I’m so grateful to God to be awake this morning. I have had the greatest so-so six months ever and today is the last of it. I’ve had the past few weeks very tough and my grandma’s burial was yesterday. So it’s kinda blue for me. But, some people know how to […]

5 Important Lessons. From Candy Crush.

Hello my wonderful people. I know I said I will stay away but candy crush has been crushing me for days! I’ve been on a version of the game and I play it so seriously, my books think I’ve broken up with them. I’m still reading ooh but it’s looking like I’m having some side-chick […]

The power of a smile.

It’s been a great week so far. OK I’ll be more honest. I couldn’t wait for the week to end. Came down with something on Tuesday. I don’t know what was wrong with me except I had all the symptoms of a sick person sans the fever. I was ready to snap at anybody who […]

First time ever! One post a day goal reached!

Hullo everyone, I’m so excited. While you read this, try to imagine that I’m talking in my Cardi B voice. It sucks but just humour me! I’m so excited! I always say I’ll try to do one post a day and see how that goes for a week but I never get to it. I […]

Nigerian Lawmen and the Not-so-Subtle Art of Being Unruly.

Please I just want to ask a question. Is there any other place in the world where police men break traffic rules for no just cause or reason except that they feel like? Because I’m tired of Nigerian Policemen, especially the ones that move about in those their rickety vans with the loud sirens. Just […]

This or That….

Hello lovelies… If you could hear me now, I’m trying to do a Cardi B impression while saying that but I digress. One of the reasons why I have enjoyed blogging so far this year (the year I got serious) is because of the blogging community on wordpress. They have been a great family, providing […]

Hair gone LOCO!

Hello sweeties… I don’t like Mondays!😌 Anyways, how are you? My week is off to a great start, inspite of my confession up there. I just came around for some hair gist real quick. It’s a hair day. 😎 Yeah, so I wanna talk about going LOCO. In the hair world, you ain’t crazy just […]

Externship Again!

Hello everyone…. Can I just say that the court attachment part of my Externship is over and I am a bit giddy. It was such a wonderful experience and I worked with some of the nicest people. My judge was just too lit… Anyway, Chamber attachment started this week and my law firm is a […]

A bit of Black in the Royal Family!

Today has been overwhelming! I was practically thinking of the Royal Family throughout the day and of course, the wedding today! Whew! Loving love is a bit exhausting. πŸ˜‚ Where on earth does one start from? First of all, I would not mind a British Royal somebody to just meet me on a blind date […]

It all started with a craving…

So today My People, Ice cream carried me to Wuse Market, all the way from Maitama! πŸ˜₯😫πŸ˜₯ What even happened sef? I was in court reading my thing jejely. Next thing I start looking for ice cream and cake. You know this yeye cravings that just start and fall on you? That’s what I had. […]


Hello people… today I’m celebrating an amazing friend of mine. Some months back, we were talking about poetry and I asked him to share one of his poems. He did. I like to call this The Backslider’s Poem. it is a call to come back home. It is especially for believers (yea, cos it’s all […]

Day 3

Two more days… The excitement is on a high even though I’m good at hiding all things giddy and all things touchy. Song- 22 by Taylor Swift. All thanks to Roy for giving me the album – Red. I’m still jamming to this one plus it’s so appropriate. Moment- Well this is a really awkward […]


Hello great people! It’s been ages and I’ve kinda missed writing about all the stuff that’s been happening to me and all the lessons I’ve learned. some of them very happy and others, very sad. Sad as per, you know you’re learning but as you’re doing it, all you can do is cry. Kk. where […]

Soaked…Lessons from the Rain.

Lovely people! Hellooooooo! Its been quite sometime. Something happened today and despite me wanting to read (for that dreadful thing called exams), I just had to share. So today, being the seventeenth day of the month of March, two thousand and fourteen, it rained. Yes, a very heavy rain from heaven descended to water the […]

Standing Out and Standing Tall.

Hello great people, happy Vals day, Hmmm! Hope y’all are enjoying today and feeling all the love in the air. I’ve recieved only-God-knows-how-many fliers today, inviting me for one love ‘ish’ or the other. Well, I’ve been away for some time. My phone decided it was not in the blogging mood. Thank God, it’s back, […]

Reading hurts…….or does it???

Good day beautiful people, It’s a wondeful saturday morning and I’m thrilled to be alive. Hope you are too, because it is a wonderful priviledge. Today, I just want to say something about reading and how much I love it. Hehehe, please ooh, I was talking about novels and story-books there, not school books or […]

Its a whole new year…..with the resolution ritual.

hello great people!!! I think the first thing I should officially say is Happy New Year!!! Oopsie!! I can already hear it already, ‘girl, it’s already 10th january!!’ but who cares?? As far as I’m concerned the year is still new until (at least!!) the 31st day of a year with a minimum of 365 […]