Clandie’s Place…

Hi. Welcome to Clandie’s Place.

I started this blog some years ago out of straight-up boredom. I didn’t want anybody reading it. I just wanted something to do.

Somehow, it became a place of release. Here, I could say whatever I wanted to. This became the pillow I screamed into.

So here I will scream. About life and what I’m getting from the things I see around me. About hair, because I love mine and I love natural hair. I’ve learned so much that I want to share with everyone I know. About little things that seem irrelevant but press my mumu or pissed off button. All as they come.

You can check out the latest posts here.

Clandie’s Place is my spot. You are welcome to come in. Any day, Everyday, All day.

*mumu – foolish or silly.

Ciao, Clandie Chi…

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    1. Rooooooooowland! Thanks. Just in case, before you see it yourself and kill me, I spoke about your Man O’War experience in one of the NYSC posts like that😈


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