Said nobody.

Like no freaking person ever.

So latest news is that Nigerians are being killed by South Africans.

I do not know how to say this. It is embarrassing.

My stats say that after Nigeria and the United States, South Africa accounts for a lot of views on this blog so guys, I just want to ask one question.

What exactly is the problem?

Why are we killing Nigerians? Let us talk now ooh! It can’t be because they are taking up space. I refuse to believe this rumour going round about how they are taking up the jobs and women meant for South Africans. Or is it the booze? They are drinking too much beer? Or no, wait, it’s the air! I should have known! Our noses are so big, we must be sucking up more than our fair share of air.

If it is the air, we are sorry. We apologize.

But if it is not the air, then are we serious??? All this talk of being one, su casa mi casa and Ubuntu, does it not apply to black people? Abi South Africans and Nigerians are not in this same Africa again?

I have to ask because I’m confused. I’m sad to say the least that this is happening. And it is not the first time.

If it was white versus black which we are always crying about, I would say ok. I would shudder and think to myself, well there is a physical difference between us even if it is only skin colour and hair texture. But black south African and Black Nigerian, Kílódé gan-an? Ó yà mí lẹ́nu seriously. I’m still shuddering ooh but this time, I can’t even talk. This is black on black crime!

Xenophobia is the strong fear of or aversion to strangers or foreigners. Ahhh, so we are now foreigners and strangers to ndi South Africa kwa? I am speechless. This isn’t even xenophobia. There are too many other nationalities in SA, not just Nigerians. So what is going on?

Trevor Noah (a fav, by the way) has spoken out about this ‘xenophobic’ nonsense, saying that we are not even responsible for 1%of the wealth in SA. 1%!

Here’s what he had to say…

We are not taking over anybody’s economy.

Of course, what are we saying? Our own country values cows more than humans so the South Africans should go on. Kill some more of us. Don’t stop till you have found every last Nigerian and used them to make bobotie and boerewors. After all, we are not even talking about our Oga that can not fit us into his September itinerary. As a busy somebody, Oga will see what he can do about us next month, when his calendar will be a bit freer.

The fact that there is something to write about this whole situation? Shame on all of us. Shame.

As for the Nigerians who are paying back by looting shoprite and closing down MTN offices, I really wish we would find some way to not hurt our own people in the process. I have not lost anybody in this madness so God forbid I sit on my bed with all my family members intact or lost to old age and talk about the right way to lash out.

But please can we try to not hurt ourselves?

Stop this freaking madness!!!

It’s hate. Hating ourselves is just sick.


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Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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  1. This is really embarrassing but I’ve read from South Africans who are against what their brothers are doing to Nigerians. But remember, there’s no smoke without fire. Let me give another perspective to the issue… the South African perspective.

    Apparently they (SA) say that a lot of Nigerians there are drug lords in their country and they use those shops and car dealerships as cover to launder their money. And the Nigerians there are giving them trouble (crime, drugs, prostitution, big pimping). They also say that the Nigerians have infiltrated their systems and continue to bribe their way through the law thereby making it difficult or impossible to bring them to book. And SA police system says that you can’t arrest someone for a crime without evidence, so these drug peddlers are literally untouchable.

    The Crimes (jungle justice) took place in a few places in the country… the ghettoes in Joburg and very popular market places that aren’t exactly in the metropolis. There are loads of Nigerians spread across the country doing just fine without disturbance. Fine.. there’s a lot of truth in what they say… however… jungle justice is NEVER justifiable and this time around, these South Africans are not exactly saying what their major annoyance is or what has caused these fresh attacks on Nigerians. But I’m sure there’s definitely more to it than just saying Nigerians are taking over their jobs and women and all that stuff.

    But I know one thing for sure…Nigeria has a few(or lots of) bad eggs outside this country that put the country in so much bad light and the ripple effects are usually devastating. But going to destroy so-called South African outlets in Nigeria is in no way the means to get revenge. Nigerians are always on the lookout for ways to get clumsy. 99% of employees in these so-called SA stores here are Nigerians. Nigerian Govenrnment, if they really want to retaliate should provide military presence in SA and take on those causing this harm. Not all this noise we are making back here in Nigeria.

    We need each other to make Africa great. Celebrities tearing each other apart and crazy things causing outrage on social media, really not called for. The typical illiterate on the street is thinking of how to cause harm or damage to South African businesses here. They are time bombs waiting to explode. These are the things that make the white man laugh at blacks. It’s like this our black colour is really a problem. My love goes out to those who tragically lost their lives or loved ones in all these. In moments like these, we get to appreciate the saying, East or West, home is best. It’s embarrassing really.


    1. There might be Nuerians dealing in drugs in SA but they are not the majority of the drug enterprise. SA is the drug hub of Africa and it is not Nigerians that made them so.

      Read Trevor Noah’s book and you will see that South Africans didn’t start doing drugs today. They can’t put that on anybody. If Nigerians are doing drugs there, they took it from South Africans, not the other way round.

      We are so big on drugs and yet it is not our problem, how is that even possible?

      As for Nigerians bribing their way, seriously? Is that strictly a Nigerian thing? Not an excuse.

      I’ve tried to look at this thing from various angles and it does not fit. Economy, corruption, drugs… The Nigerians in SA do not have enough to be the major influencers of those things in SA.

      All the black people in SA command less that a percent of SA wealth but Nigerians have taken over the economy.

      There is just no sense in that.


  2. It is really sickening to read of all the killings which is quite recurrent actually. Don’t even know what to think or say, my prayers are with the victims. And as for our government? SMH. Was it not Gimba Kakanda who tweeted that a Nigerian’s daily prayer in a foreign land should be that he never finds himself in a situation where he needs his government’s help? Is he not right?

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