Happy Sunday! I didn’t go to church today. I don’t know why, just one of those days I guess…

I seem to be on a roll… I had another unexpected visitor today. Someone I met while I was in NYSC camp. He was in charge of POS transactions and we kinda got friendly. By the time I went to camp again as a band instructor, I saw him. We’ve never seen outside camp and today, I’m outside my room washing some plates and I see him walking towards me.

I screamed a little. It was a pleasant surprise but that’s not the gist. As we greeted, he asked which was my room and then he followed me into the room.

The gist, my people is that I did not panic.

When I was in the university, I lived alone for most of my time there. I was very scattered. I rarely ever cooked and I ate a lot of junk food. I saved for events or travelling but I never tried to be more deliberate with my money.

Not panicking today made me realize how much I have actually gone from being a girl to becoming a woman (woman sounds so deep!😱).

For one, I’m not so scattered. I still don’t like folding clothes but now not liking it doesn’t mean I ignore the chore. You can’t really catch me unawares with my room scattered. When I was in school though… Let me just say unexpected visits was a bloody taboo.

I actually cook now. Almost everyday. And not noodles or just macaroni. I love pasta but now I also eat better. It’s like I’m finally realizing how important it is to eat properly. I still drink a lot of tea and coffee, sometimes in place of food. But junk food is now a treat and not the real deal. Still a lit bit lazy about exercising but I still force myself.

As for my money, hmmmm! Let’s just say I can account for every kobo. It’s not new for me, a good habit I picked up in secondary school. But now, in my accounting, rubbish does not take up half the page. Reasonable things do and I still somehow save money every month.

So you see, sometimes things just change suddenly. Other times, they take time. People will always say give it time but we need to realize that time takes time.

The realest sign of growth is change. Not just in small things like finally learning to pick up after yourself but also in the big things. Like being financially smart. Like making conscious effort to be healthy and respect your body. Like taking a step in the right direction.

I was so proud today as I realized that I had come to the point where not liking a chore didn’t stop me from doing what I had to do. I wasn’t always like that.

Change in small things kinda reflect in bigger things. How have you changed in the last few years? How subtle have those changes been? Are you growing up?


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Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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