When I started this blog, I wanted to tell stories. Stories of love, happiness, fear, anger and sadness. But I wanted them to be my stories. It was my blog, my space. My place. Most of the stories were supposed to be stuff that I couldn’t just up and discuss with someone else but I could write about.

When I went to Law school, so much was going on. There was a lot of drama and energy all over the place and I wanted to write about that too but I didn’t know how to so I decided to write fiction. Well flash fiction. I took what I could see and embellished it so much that it became fiction. From embellishing stories, I started making them up. Aha! Fiction here we come!

The fictional stories turned out OK. Some of them turned out better than OK and I kinda got carried away. You know how it gets. Oh Chioma, I read your story and it was so nice. Oh Chioma, that story was good. Oh Chioma, I hope it’s not ending there, I hope there’s more. And so on.

I got so carried away I forgot why I started a blog in the first place. That is, until I started getting stuck.

You see, the issue was this writer’s block issue. I mean, I would go months thinking of a story I liked and nothing would come up. Meanwhile , hilarious things were happening to me everyday but no, I wanted a fictional story. With writer’s block, well you can’t do jack but wait and my blog was just growing weeds.

Sometimes I would get a storyline and I would get so excited. I would write a few lines and then I would forget the story line. Or I wouldn’t know how to continue. Or worse, I would start to wonder why I found the idea appealing in the first place.

Only two weeks ago did it occur to me that if I was telling my own stories there was no way on earth I would be having writer’s block. Interesting and funny things happen to me almost everyday. If not interesting and funny, then weird and annoying. The point is that almost everyday gives me a story and I had been pushing those away in favour of fiction. Which is good but then, you can get stuck.

That said, I’m here to tell you guys that my stories will be making a come back. The funny thing is that now that I’m determined to write more of my stories, my life would probably become an incredible bore as if the fates just want to prove me wrong but who cares?

That said, how many of us have deviated from our original plan, the one that made us giddy and got us all excited for something that looked more interesting (albeit temporarily) and also seemed to get more attention?

Are you stuck yet?

If yes, then my dear, this is the sign you have been waiting for. Go back to the original plan baby.

If no, then aren’t you some incredible lucky bunny? Depending on how long ago you deviated, well I might be able to say congratulations. I’m happy that you are not yet stuck and I pray you don’t get there (unless of course, you have to get there for you to realize you’re making a mistake). I pray things continue to work out great for you.

Bye for now and expect more real life stories. And stick to your original plan. Somehow, passion has a way of making everything easier.

Of course, if a great fictional story comes along, why not if not?πŸ˜‰

Clandie. πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž


That awkward moment when you only realize how long it’s been because you don’t even remember how you sign out… Bleh!

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Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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    1. You see, it’s people like you that just make me happy. You just made someone’s day babe! Thanks!


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