To All The Boys I Have Loved. #2

To all the boys I’ve loved,
Kekwanu?* How market?
I know some of you are still there
Searching for the one thing I could have given you

Chigozie, how big is your shop today?
Who do you love now?
How many do you love now?
You once told me you couldn’t settle
Is that still true?
Gozie, tell me please
Do you have enough money now
To do multiple girls at a time?

Olumide, how is your mother?
She was mighty back then
Does she still cook for you
And tell you when to get back home?
Haaa! Still?
You once told me she would never take second place
Is this still true?
Or did one stronger than me come?

Usman, dearest Usman
I was so sure it was you
How is your new bride?
I hope she is from Zamfara
She must be from Zamfara!
I hope she is from your Local Government?
In fact, I hope she is from your very own village?
I hope she is your cousin’s aunt’s husband’s niece?

Orobosa, decieving Orobosa
You should have made me a Benin woman
How is work in that your big town?
Your own excuse was distance
How is that your girlfriend?
The oyibo one that now lives in Melbourne.
How many times a year does she come to Nigeria?
I hope it is 52.

*Kekwanu – How are you? (Igbo)

Can you figure out why any of these men are in the past? What were their reasons?



    1. Awww, I’m glad. I never liked them too until I discovered they could tell common enough stories and don’t have to sound too philosophical.


    1. Thanks.

      Lol I wasn’t the reason. Well not me, the poem personae. She tries to give a hint at why the relationship with each one didn’t work out without saying it expressly.


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