Day 17

Your views on religion.

I was born into a christian home, an Anglican one at that. My dad is an Anglican cleric and I grew up in church and all that. I’m sure you can imagine. I had the best time ever as a child.

I went with what I was taught in church but at some point growing up, I rebelled. As a good girl, my rebellion was so subtle, some never even noticed it. Mostly in my head, I started to question almost everything I was taught and ask myself why I had to follow the rules set out by the church.

After the rebellion phase, came the finding phase where I discovered for myself that religion wasn’t supposed to be a bondage, the way it mostly is now.

I came to the conclusion that the only thing that really mattered was my relationship with God. In trying to have a good relationship with him, I automatically kept some rules of the church and I broke some others. Others I neither broke nor kept because I didn’t even see them as rules. Others still, I openly fought and spoke against.

So what’s my view on religion? If it’s not pulling you to God and the things that make him happy, you are just in a ritual exercise. There has to be a relationship with Him for it to be true religion. I have issues with what I hear in so many churches these days. Religion is a market square and God has been turned into the ultimate item. Everything revolves around money. Secure your miracle with a seed offering!

I hope I don’t come across as some self-righteous, holier-than-thou sister. I have made my own share of mistakes. I have done some really stupid things which I regret but I’m not letting those things define my walk with God and I’m making an effort to live how He want me to live.

Also, I’m a Christian and when I talk about Faith, I’m talking about Jesus Christ and the Bible and other related things. I’m not referring to some higher power or super being or the universe or Mother Nature. No. I mean Jesus. For me, that’s the real deal.

Let every other name fade away.

Clandie πŸ’ž

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