Hello, I’m back again with NYSC stuff. I’m so sorry for the break, it wasn’t intentional. I just had to deal with some things first.

Also I would like to apologize for some misinformation. I thought the next batch was going to start camp on the 20th of November 2018 and I said as much here. It turns out I was wrong and camp actually starts this month. Some time next week. So I’m so sorry, it’s kind of why I was so relaxed because I thought we had time to go through all this and get our shopping lists ready and stuff.

So today, I’m just going to be giving a basic list of things you will need to buy or get for orientation camp. It’s a very basic list and needs would differ depending on some other factors but it’s my hope that the average person would be good to go with this list.

Here we go


  1. Original and copies of your call up letter
  2. Original and photocopies of your green slip
  3. Original and photocopies of your school ID card
  4. Original and photocopies of your Statement of Result or Certificate
  5. Medical clearance certificate with NMA seal
  6. Passport photographs
  7. Licensing certificate for doctors and pharmacists.


  1. 3/4 white shirts
  2. 3/4 white shorts
  3. 2-4 extra pairs of white socks
  4. Undies
  5. White sweater or jacket for colder regions. For this October batch, remember, Winter Harmattan is coming. Cold for night in the North no dey joke ooh!
  6. Wrapper and towels
  7. Lots of handkerchiefs, depending on where and when you are going.
  8. Slippers
  9. 1 pair of white tennis shoes. Buy the rubber ones, they are super easy to clean and they are cheap.
  10. 2/3 Church clothes
  11. Beauty pageant clothes if you intend to participate.
  12. Local attires for carnival.
  13. Crazy shoes (sneakers) for carnival๐Ÿ™ˆ


For the food people like me, this is just in case you can’t do camp food and you are not so cashed up.

  • Garri
  • Groundut
  • Tea things and beverages – milk, sugar, Milo etc
  • Nutri-C
  • Biscuits.
  • Any other one that you might like. Remember to pack light.


  1. Dettol or any other disinfectant.
  2. Another bottle of dettol ๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. Hand sanitizer.
  4. Sanitary pads
  5. Soap for bathing and washing
  6. Sun block creams.
  7. Detergent
  8. Tootbrush and toothpaste
  9. Sponges and soap case or a bathing bowl
  10. Hair brushes and combs. Ladies, especially the naturalistas, get your hair in a protective style before going to camp. Make sure it can last for three weeks. You can use diluted spirit (rubbing alcohol) to clean your scalp and then moisturize like mad because it can dry up your hair
  11. Oils and creams. For body and hair.
  12. Spray bottle and night scarf for the naturalistas๐Ÿ™‹
  13. Laundry bleach e.g. Jik


  1. Basic pain killers e g panadol
  2. Mentholated creams like Robb or Aboniki
  3. Methylated spirit/ rubbing alcohol. To clean small wounds and your scalp if need be.
  4. Ladies, PMS and menstrual pain drugs
  5. Inhalers and routine drugs for those that need them.
  6. Basic First Aid kit with cotton wool, band aids etc
  7. Allergy drugs
  8. Anti-malaria drugs and laxatives.

Hopefully, you won’t need all this but better safe than sorry.


  1. Bible and other books to read.
  2. Writing materials for SAED and lectures.
  3. Plenty pens or pencils just in case they keep getting lost
  4. Waist bag
  5. Water bottle
  6. Small food flask and cutlery
  7. Torch or rechargeable lamp
  8. A clear bag or two for all your documents
  9. Dark permanent marker for marking all your things
  10. Treated mosquito net
  11. Padlocks for locking everything lockable
  12. Beddings – bed sheet, pillowcase, pillow, blanket and stuff like that
  13. Chargers for phone and lamps
  14. Powerbanks
  15. Hangers and cloth pegs
  16. Makeup kit for those that will have time or compete in pageants.
  17. Sunglasses, depending on where you are going
  18. earphones. Try not to use this when a soldier is close by. For some very weird reason, they don’t like it. But you will need it at night if your room is very noisy.

Well that’s about it. That was my list anyway. You might need to take more things or less but this list covers the basics.

Camp is starting Next Week Tuesday and I wish all prospective Corp members the very best.

Congratulations to all Corp members passing out today. Wishing you guys the very best out there!

Have you gone shopping for camp?


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