Talk about your addictions….

I don’t have any addictions as I think of it now.

There was a time I could say I was addicted to carbonated drinks but I don’t think I’m still addicted.

I use my phone a lot but I’m not addicted to it. I’ve never been addicted to social media.

I don’t drink basically and even though I like wine, I don’t take it often. I don’t smoke or do drugs of any sort.

I’m sorry, today I have nothing to write about.

Instead, I would just use this opportunity to say that Jesus is my ultimate cure for every illness and anything that even tries to become an addiction. He has the power to save and save absolutely. Completely.

Are you struggling with any addiction? Jesus is just a prayer away. Even if it’s in your thoughts. I could also be a confidential accountability partner if you want. You can shoot me a mail at and I’ll be happy to pray and trust God with you.

Clandie πŸ’ž

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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