Your favorite musician and why.

This is a herculean task. I love music too much to have one best musician or one best song. I can’t! 😭😭😭

Anthem Lights or Jennifer Hudson?

Anthem Lights!
Jennifer Hudson

If I was forced to pick on pain of death, I would likely go with Anthem Lights at the moment. They are a Christian band made up of Chad Graham, Caleb Grimm, Joseph “Joey” Stamper and Spencer Kane. Past members included Kyle Kupecky and Alan Powell. I already said I couldn’t pick a ‘musician’.

New team….
Old team…

Why? They have some original songs and they do these wonderful covers of other artists. They also make some great medleys and mash-ups.

I’m picking them because they do my kind of songs, both Christian and secular and they have a great sound. Let’s stop there for now.

Another old team picture…

OK. They are also so cute. 3 of them are married and they have such beautiful love stories. Everything about them is just so nice. I love them!

You can easily download some of their great songs from Godtube or check out which also gives a little bio of the group.

Jennifer is one of my forever best voices though. I never evuh get tired of her. But let me just go with Anthem Lights… πŸ€—

Do you know them? You like?

Till tomorrow sweeties,


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