What is something you hope to change about yourself and why?

Hmmm, you guys want me to use my hand and cast myself right here. It’s alright.

Well first, if we were talking of something physical, I would be slimmer and taller. No, I wouldn’t change my pimply face. However, I’m sure that is not what y’all want to hear.

I hope to change my tendency to procrastinate. I really do not know when I became like that but I have discovered that I do this a lot. If you are my friend, how often I call you is proof of this flaw. It’s not because I do not remember but because I keep pushing it off. I am working to change this aspect of who I am at the moment before I lose something really important all because I was too lazy to act in the moment.

And that’s the why right there. I have lost a lot of things, or should I say opportunities just because I was too lazy to stand up and move. I kept on saying ‘later’ or ‘not today’ and I missed the goody train.

I was gonna add how I hope to change it and stuff but I saw this picture that kinda sums up all I’ve learnt about not moving stuff over when I don’t have to. See below πŸ‘‡

So there, that’s one thing I hope to change about myself and why I want to change it. If you are my friend and you know me in some way, please you are given full permission to bug my life when you know I need to get to something. I would hate you and then love you…. πŸ˜†

Till tomorrow friends,

Clandie πŸ’ž

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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