The meaning of your blog name.
My blog is called The Clandie Place.

My blog has been baptised a couple of times since I started it almost 5 years ago. I can’t remember the first name it had. Then it became The Hideout. Now it’s The Clandie Place.

So why did I come to The Clandie Place? Well I love privacy and this blog has always been my ranting spot. That plus the fact that it is totally mine. I don’t have to share it with anybody or worry that someone will break something or tear one of my books.

It’s called The Clandie Place because it’s where Clandie comes to chill and have some alone time. It’s where she can talk about stuff that’s on her mind or just stuff that she likes.

Everything here is everything me, like I’ll always say. So there, now you know why I call this blog The Clandie Place.

Do you have a blog? What’s it called? Why is it called that? Would you like to share?


PS: Today is supposedly No Bra Day, hence the featured image. I know, such a weird thing to have a day for 😌 but then….

…It is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month so maybe this ‘day’ makes sense after all. Get checked ladies. It just might save your life.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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