Hello! I promise, I’m rounding up. Thanks to everyone that has followed so far and commented and liked and shared, both openly and in secret. I’m so glad this series wasn’t totally useless and that it was of help to some people.

That said, this post covers some of the more popular activities in camp. I will try to be brief as possible.


Well, this is done on the 3rd day usually. All the NYSC officials are there including the State Coordinator, there would be a judge, might be the Chief Judge of the state or a representative who would do the swearing in. It’s done in the morning.

Truth be told, I can’t really remember my swearing in. It was done in the rain. Literally. I was so excited that morning and the rain just spoilt everything. I didn’t take a single picture.

Just so you know, they take the phrase ‘under the sun or in the rain’ literally. Buy a shower cap if it’s rainy season. Be prepared.

Uniform is 7/7.


Lectures go on during the day before SAED training and it would be on different topics such as relocation, PPAs, entrepreneurship, elections (well, this was because of the timing of our batch), safety and many other things.

There is a language class, where you will be taught a few phrases of the more dominant language in the state, Hausa in my case. There is also a cultural lecture, how to dress in that area, other things you need to know about the people in that area and how best to conduct yourself while you are there. Ours was given by the traditional ruler of Wailo.


This is Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development.

Different skills are taught and there would be an exhibition at the end of camp. There would also be a competition for some of the skills.

I was in the hair and beauty care SAED class and had my nails fixed for the competition. We came second. πŸ€—πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†


The carnival is done on the morning of the last Saturday in camp. Go prepared with at least a wrapper and here’s why. Platoons will be given a tribe to represent and they would have to dress like that tribe and dance and stuff. Your wrapper would help you or your platoon to prepare.

For the carnival, NYSC officials would be present and the platoons and other special groups such as OBS, the Band and the medical team would all dance and well, present for the carnival. A platoon would be picked as the winner at the end of the day.

Uniform is white customized shirt and jeans or anything you like from the waist down. Please be decent. Or you can wear the traditional outfit of your platoon.


In Wailo, there was no bonfire on our bonfire night. I know, very weird. Instead, they drew a large circle on the ground and made us dance around it 😏. Even weirder.

Anyway, the bonfire night is the night of the carnival. So it’s carnival by day and bonfire by night. It should be the noisiest, most fun night. I imagine it is in other states. Bauchi was just 😌😰.

Note that platoons will be fending for themselves on this night. No food from kitchen. Each platoon cooks and feeds their members. This night is also when the cooking competition is held and the result of every competition held before is announced. The best platoon is also announced during this event.

Uniform is white everything.


Variety night is the night where the beauty pageant is done. Basically, that’s the biggest event if the night. There’s Miss Wailo (or whatever your Miss NYSC is called), Mr Macho, Miss Lepa and Miss Orobo.

There might be *ojoro in selecting the winners so just steel your mind for whatever happens.

Uniform is white everything. Well, except for the contestants.


This is passing out for camp, and it’s done on the very last day of camp. This is how it goes;

The passing out starts by about 9am. There will be breakfast by 7:30am and that’s all the food they will be giving you in that day. Until that 9am, you are free to go to Mammy and eat and get ready.

You want to be completely packed by this morning because once they chase you from the hostel you are going with your box and all you have and want to leave that camp with.

The idea is that you take your box out and keep it somewhere safe (Chapel for chapel people, mosque for Muslims, Studio for OBS crew or restaurants for those that have ‘customers’) and then head to the parade ground.

All the marching that you would have been practicing is for this day. Uniform is 7/7.


In Wailo, this was done platoon by platoon on different days. It’s a scary something. But it’s a fun something. It’s not something I can tell you guys about, you just have to experience it for yourself.

Go have fun!

Uniform is 7/7 but not with your crested vest. Wear your normal white shirt and the rest of the kit.

PS – There will be a lot of ripping at Man O’War drills, lol. I tried not to laugh that day but mehn, I couldn’t help it. My very good friend, Roland (that’s his real nameπŸ˜‚πŸ˜†) got so embarrassed when his trousers tore so badly and someone shouted Gucci! Apparently, he had on Gucci boxers. But that’s not the gist. Some girls had to deal with worse when their trousers tore and all they had on inside were panties. You do not want to be in that situation.

So here’s my advice and I mean that in its plural sense…

  • Wear boxers (for the guys) or long tights (for the ladies).
  • Before your drill day, go to the tailor and make sure that your trousers are in good shape. They should not be too tight or rrrrrrip!
  • If you can, go with a needle and thread. For the smaller tears. You might not need it. A friend might.

That’s Roland by the way… πŸ˜‚πŸ‘€πŸ˜œπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‡

I thinks those are the major activities I can think of at the moment. Camp is fun if you decide to get involved so please do. Make friends. Don’t be a wet blanket or a shell man. Get out of your comfort zone and mix.

This is 5/7. It’s a play on the NYSC kit. Two more posts and we are done. All good and ready to go for November 20 this year or anytime in the future!

Till next time, all my love…


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