Yesterday, October 1, was Nigeria’s Independence Day. Nigeria turned 58.

I’m a Nigerian and Independence Day is usually a public holiday, there are parades in every state and everywhere is in a celebration mode.

Yesterday was different. I kept waiting for the ‘feeling’ to write about Nigeria but it never came. And that’s when it occurred to me that as much as I say I believe in a better Nigeria and that things will get better, yada yada yada, deep down inside, I was secretly planning how to escape the mess that had become my country and just run away to any country that would take me.

My point is, I stopped believing at some point and no, this is not going to have a fairy tale ending where I come to sudden realization at the end and fall in love with Nigeria again. I still don’t like her very much as I write this.

But in the Spirit of Independence, I have decided to be little more optimistic. I won’t stop doing my best to make my space better, to bring the change I want to see in Nigeria, in my own little way. I won’t give up on her. I will collect my PVC* and I will vote at the next elections. I will never stop planning to get my masters abroad but I will stop planning how to never come from a never-ending academic spree.

Nigeria might be in a mess but it’s our mess. Either to enjoy or to clean up. I’m not even going to start thinking about how Hollywood finds it very convenient to use Nigeria when they have need of a country in Africa to throw in their storyline. And it’s always for something bad. But we are not talking about that.

My original plan for an independence day post had been to post screenshots of what some of my friends had to say about Nigeria and just leave it at that. Here are some of those pictures…

You see how we feel? But then, it wasn’t all bad…

As we are sad, we are praying hard. There has to come a change, or else, we will end up with a mess we really can’t manage.

One of my friends took it really personal, now is not the time for badmouthing…

I had so many bad things to say but thank God I saw that status. It shut me up. So I didn’t write a hate speech yesterday.

Happy independence Nigeria. It’s a day late because I am mad about where we are now. God knows I love you but I don’t really like you at the moment. I won’t ever stop praying for your healing, our healing.

Have a great day ahead people…

Clandie πŸ’ž

*PVC – Permanent Voter’s Card

All pictures used in this post are from my friends’ posts on Whatsapp. I left in the names as a way of acknowledging those whose status update I stole. Thanks y’all.

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