On this NYSC matter, where did we stop? A typical day in camp yeah? Today, let’s talk about groups.


This is the basic Corp group. The family unit. The cell.

All Corp member are divided into platoons. You know your platoon by checking the last number in your state code, I spoke about it in my first NYSC post. So once you get your ID tag, you know your platoon. Almost every thing you will do as a group would be with your platoon.

As a platoon, you have kitchen duty, which is basically helping out at the kitchen. Don’t worry, you won’t be doing any cooking. You will just be helping out with the process of preparing the food.

Your platoon will compete in dance, drama and comedy competitions, sports competitions and cooking competitions. On the carnival day, you will be give a tribe to represent, you are to dress like them and well, represent them. It’s a competition too. Because there will be a winner.

This lady with me was the star of our carnival. She got all dressed up as an Old woman to represent a small tribe from Taraba State. Of course, they won and I had to famz.

A hunterπŸ€“πŸ€”

Another platoon… That guy was literally being carried at some point…

On the bonfire night, your platoon is responsible for your feeding. Well, the way it was in Wailo, platoons cooked for the cooking competition and just cooked enough for everybody. So no dinner from NYSC that night.


Also known as OBS, this group works at the broadcasting studio. They are the publicity guys, the usher girls, the technical and sound guys, the DJs, the fun people. In other words, these guys are the face of camp. NYSC wants to interview Corp members for radio or TV stations, they pick from OBS. They need people to welcome officials or visitors, they pick from OBS. OBS Crew members have front seat privilege at camp activities and they are basically treated like a platoon. On the carnival day, they don’t dance or move with their individual platoons, they move together. It’s like Platoon OBS. Like us in the picture below…

OBS, One Family!

You see, our shirts don’t have our platoons on them. They have OBS.

As OBS members, we get some privileges. We have special tags that let us move when others can’t, if you get my drift. We get posted to town. We are in the spotlight. Also, no CDS troubles as you are automatically part of the Publicity team. Unless you’re a lawyer or doctor, then they’ll send you to professional groups to suit your course of study.


Well, these are your doctors, nurses, and lab guys while on camp. They are Corp members who studied in the medical field. Anybody can join Red Cross though.

The medical team kinda enjoys exemption from ALL camp activities. Well, except eating. This is because, they will be in the Clinic attending to patients. There’s a shift plan though so they take turns.

On the carnival day, they move as a group, no platoon ish either. They also have special tags identifying them as either medical personnel or Red Cross.

Please ooh, Red Cross members don’t have these exemptions ooh. They move around with the ambulance and stuff but they still mix.


I know. The exclamation mark is my way of doing small ojoro*. This is my CDS group after all.

The Band is well, the Band. Ever watched Drumline? Yes, remove the cheerleaders, the uniforms and every other thing. Just leave the drums and that’s the Band. They play for all occasions.

They are exempted from all platoon activities because they rehearse when most platoons are meeting to plan or do anything. They stand apart on the parade ground and it’s automatic posting to town. They don’t have tags though.

Also, no CDS troubles because band is a CDS group. There will be auditions though and if you make it, you get to join the Band for CDS. If not, you have to join another CDS group.

Our shirts have the Band logo and slogan, not Platoon IDs on them. One Band, One Sound!


I’m sorry but what can I say about the special Man O’War group? Absolutely nothing. I was not a part of them and I really have no idea what they did during their meetings. The group exists though and they also get some privileges like automatic cool posting to town. I think they are closest to the soldiers so that should count for something.


No, it’s not beef. I really don’t know what to call them. They are like the special marching squad. The best of the best. I have to say I admire their marching skills, it’s like art. Automatic posting to cool places (infact wherever you want, so I heard), popularity with officials, which is a privilege whether you believe it or not, amongst other things.

I can’t think of any other special group at the moment.


CDS is compulsory. I haven’t really experienced it yet because I haven’t really started NYSC in full. It takes up one day per week, you join your CDS group and do whatever you do to help the community…

You can’t pick a CDS group. You are assigned one. However the following people automatically get the attached CDS group;

  1. Band members – Band CDS
  2. OBS Crew members – Publicity CDS
  3. lawyers or law students – Legal Advocacy or Legal Aid cds
  4. Doctors, nurses – one medical-related CDS group like that. πŸ˜„

Other than the above, no other person is assured of the CDS group they will be assigned. At least, from what I have observed.

I am a lawyer (to be) and I knew as surely as I know my name, that I didn’t want to be in the legal advocacy group. So I joined the Band. Just in case, as a plan B, I joined OBS. There was no way I was going to legal CDS. I made sure I worked hard in both groups, hard enough that if need be, there would be a struggle over who would get me πŸ€“. At the end of the day, I was asked to pick and I chose Band πŸ˜‰. Legal advocacy CDS, goodbye honey. I’ll miss you. Not.

They say I’ll be forced to go back but they don’t know me. πŸ™…I’ll just go Wakanda on them.

All CDS groups have a president. And then some other officials. I don’t know how they are selected.

That said, I’ll just like to add as a final touch for today that it pays, like truly pays to get involved. With your platoon especially. Befriend all your platoon officers, both NYSC and Army. There is a score sheet and if you have your eyes on state awards, take it serious.

Be nice, make friends.

Feel free to ask questions or email at adaamarae@gmail.com

Till next post comes along…


*ojoro – cheating or showing favour

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