Helloooo! I just got back from orientation camp in Wailo, Bauchi State where I was basically phoneless. Network was so bad, I couldn’t even check my mails for 3 weeks! But I’m out now πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒWho missed me? I missed you too.

I went for NYSC immediately because I felt that if I allowed myself to rest too much after my bar finals, I would be too soft to survive camp. I was right.

I’m sharing these tips from my experience in Bauchi, some stuff might differ in other camps but it is basically the same thing. It’s a long one, hang in there because the information could be useful πŸ€—. I’m breaking all my gist into posts so fear not!


Let’s start with you just arriving camp. You will be searched by some soldiers. There is nothing like male or female. Anybody can search anybody. The searching is not that deep though but contraband will be siezed.

Contraband includes knives, any fire starter, lighters amongst other things. Some other things won’t be seized but you can’t wear them out. For example, mufty and coloured wear. This almost got me decamped but that’s talk for another day.

Once you have been searched, you will enter the gate and start registration. The officials at the gate might not remember so ask for your undertaking form. Be prepared to photocopy if they have run out of forms. They will.

You will then be given your hostel. Please if comfort means anything whatsoever to you, then report to camp on the first day and report early. I got to camp on the second day and I got one of the dormitory-like hostels which was like a tin of sardines. But I really don’t care for comfort when I know it’s just for 3 weeks.

Once you are done with hostel registration, drop your stuff ( please lock everything lockable) and start the main process of registration. You would need the following;

  • Passport photographs. Most people will say you need hundreds. Not true. I went with 24 copies and let’s just say I didn’t use up to 1/3 of that. But please the motto is be prepared. So go with plenty passport photographs. White background preferably, but red is also accepted.
  • Your certificate or statement of result. Original and copies. Again, from all I got, I made about 10 copies I didn’t use up to 5.
  • Your call up letter and green slip. Very important documents. Call-up letter is the one with your posting while the green slip is the one with your details and measurements.
  • Your school ID card. Original and photocopies. For law school graduates they may ask to see your NLS card. Just be nice and show them. πŸ˜‚
  • For medical and pharmacy students, you would need to show that you have been properly inducted. I don’t know what they give you guys but bring it to camp. They want to make sure you are certified.

Before all this, you would have gone to the clinic to do some sort of medical clearance. You must present the original copy of your certificate of good health from a government hospital. This includes the clinic in any government institution. I used a certificate from the Law School clinic in Abuja.

Once you are done with registration, you would be given a state code. The last number of your state code determines your platoon. I was BA/18B/3353 so I was in platoon 3. The code will be on a tag of some sort which you must always wear. It’s like your ID card for the duration of camp.

Next stop is the almighty meal ticket. It is a powerful card, this meal ticket. Not because I love food but because it is also the allawee ticket. You need it to collect all your small change on camp. Don’t lose it!

This is my meal ticket. It would be signed each time you collect an allowance. Your passport photograph should be attached to it.

By your state code and platoon, you would have to open an account with a bank for your allowances aka allawee. I was lucky to get Access Bank where I already have an account so no stress there. It pays to know your BVN people, you will need it.

Once you are done with the bank, basically, you are done with registration. At this point you should not have spent a dime. Unless your bank requires an opening fee of #1000 which will be paid into your account. If however you didn’t come prepared to camp, you would have spent a lot on photocopy and passports and stuff.

After registration, head to your platoon spot where you would get your 7/7 after filling up a biodata form and submitting a copy of all your documents. So these are the things you are entitled to get;

  • 7/7 which includes your khaki jacket and trousers, NYSC cap, crested vests, jungle boots, belt and two pairs of white socks with two green lines at the top
So this is a picture of some friends and I in 7/7
  • Two white shirts. Which are of poor quality. Mine expanded each time I washed them.
  • Two white shorts. If you are anything like me, the shorts fit well.
  • A pair of white shoes which will probably not be your size. I went with one pair and then I did like 3 swaps before I got one my size.

When you register online, you will provide details of your measurements and stuff like that. Do not be deceived. None of that will be used. For all the clothing you would receive, go with extras, at least to use until you find someone to swap with. I did and it saved my life. Go with extra pairs of socks too. Doesn’t have to be the one with green lines. When you want to buy your white shoe, buy the rubber ones. They are real easy to clean and they are pretty. Plus they are practical. They cost just about #500. Unless you have you too much money… πŸ˜‚

Your uniform for everything is white on white on white. Enough said.

But just in case that really wasn’t enough, go with extras. This is all you would wear morning and night.

All you wear!

You would be able to buy all these things on camp but you don’t want to. Which brings us to Mammy. There is a camp market on every camp and it’s usually called Mammy. They have everything. Literally. Things are expensive there so get what you can before coming to camp. I’ll say more on Mammy later.

So now, you have registered and you have gotten your kit. You are basically good to go.

Next posts will talk about camp activities and clubs. And food πŸ˜†!

Until next time, love y’all!

Clandie πŸ’ž

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