Hello Adulthood!

Hello everyone. It’s night here in Nigeria and as I write this, I’m in a night bus on my way to Jos, in Plateau state. From there, I will move to Bauchi where I have been posted for my compulsory year of serving my country.

This service thing. It’s called NYSC for National Youth Service Corps. It’s compulsory if you are below the age of 30 and you have plans to work in Nigeria at any time.

So this is how it works. You pick 4 states from a couple of states made available to you. You get sent to one, to serve your country in some capacity. I read law so I will probably be sent to a law firm or a charity organization where I can use my legal and advocacy skills. Some get sent to schools or hospitals. It all depends.

Anyway, what this means for me basically is that I am all grown. It’s not like I didn’t know I was all grown but you see, I might go for service and never return to my father’s house. I might get a job from there or get married. Basically, it’s time to start fending for myself.

Also, I’m not serving in a near-by state. Bauchi is like a 10-hour journey from where I live in Abia state. It’s in the north and I don’t speak a word of Hausa which is the major language there. In this shaky times, a young Christian Igbo woman in Bauchi…. Let’s just say that most of my peeps are uncomfortable with it.

My parents are the best and they brought me to the park by 6pm. They hung around till about 9:20pm when the bus arrived and we moved. My father seems not to like people leaving his house. He tries to hide it but you can just feel him going all emotional. Especially when it’s a big move. Like this one. To Bauchi.

Adulthood is scary. Why was I so eager to grow up? It’s time to start being me and being really responsible for all my actions. Like all by myself. Not like my parents are going to just abandon me ooh. They are nice.

Life happens people. Children grow up and leave the house. That’s why my aim in life is not to be mother to my 4 boys and 1 daughter (maybe? 😂). There is so much more out there.

Well, Hello Service! I look forward to having a great time in camp (there is an orientation camp for 3 weeks) and meeting great people. I have never been to Bauchi, so it’s one more state down. About 12 more to go.

Hello Adulthood. I can’t believe I was hungry for you! 😂 Anyway, it’s good to meet you. I hope I get to be a really great adult.

Sleep tight ( If it’s dark in your part of the world too) or have a great day!

Clandie 💞

We have not even left Abia state and the man sitting next to me is already falling asleep on me. Like, what does one do in this situation please? 🙄

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Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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  1. Awwww…. Daddy’s baby is now a big girl. Trueeee! Time to fend for yourself and all. Infact that should be your prayer.. that you won’t return to your fathers house after service. Let us hear that you got retained after nysc or your NYSC experience got you a big job somewhere.

    The talk of getting married and all… inevitable. I should be getting ready to receive invitation card abi? lol.
    You’ll be fine don’t worry.

    Liked by 1 person

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