The one who got away 1

I remember the first time I saw Dauda. It was at a friend’s traditional wedding. I was a bridesmaid and he was a groomsman. We didn’t know each other but at some point when we were all out dancing with the couple, our eyes met. I was not there to look for boyfriend. Let’s forget the fact that all the grooms men were either doctors, pharmacists or in some medical related field and that, my dear people is my forte. But no, I was here to rejoice with Zainab, do my bridesmaid duties and go back to my house. Plus, there was no way my father would let me marry a guy from Plateau state. Our family line was supposed to remain pure Yoruba. In fact, if he could be from either Osun or Oyo state, better. My mom is from Oyo and my dad is from Osun.

However, it looks like Dauda had something else in mind. He told me later that he had been watching me from the first time he saw me and had been thinking to himself why I was frowning. But honestly, I didn’t notice him. He was just one of the groomsmen and I didn’t think we would have to be in close quarters at any time.

After the traditional wedding, the wedding party was to go to a hotel. We were to be lodged there for the night, have some kind of mixed bachelor’s night. And yeah, Dauda was in charge of it. Along with two other Hausa girls. One, Aisha, I knew and the other, Zahra, I didn’t. In fact I thought she was Dauda’s girlfriend. They seemed all chummy chummy that night.

I know, you thought I said I wasn’t interested? I wasn’t. But I hate people confusing me and that is what this uncle Dauda was doing. You see, us girls, we can latch onto anything if we want to.

So you see, when during the general introductions, Dauda came to me and said, ‘Yowa! I’ve been wanting to know your name all night’ you can’t blame me if my mind went a little astray. But seeing him with Zahra put it back in perspective for me.

How did that night even end? It turned out that most of us were not even party types. Before we could blink, we were breaking off in groups and gisting and we were just dulling the DJ. It was at this point that I, Eniola Kachiside Jegede, decided that I had had enough. I had to wake up early and I am not a morning person.

Next time, I will explain my weird name and all this back story.

From me to you, love and light!

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Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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