As a sister with natural hair, the journey is hard. Whether you start natural with a big chop or you transition, whether it was a choice made educatively or a life saving option when you noticed that relaxers are making you look like a cancer patient, either way, it is hard.

For big choppers, you start with the teeny weeny afro which is cute and all that but may make you look like a boy or a child or a boy-child. But then, the joy of pouring water on your hair everyday…. Bliss.

Then you graduate to the state when you ain’t got no TWA and your hair still can’t get into a decent bun. Those days, this was the period of frustration but thank God for puffs now.

You do a lot of puffs and protective styles and so much product testing and experimentation with all sorts of hair treatment techniques which make you seem very crazy. But some months later, there is healthy hair on your head and it packs cleanly.

For the transitioners, I feel your pain, that terrible period where everybody asks you when you will have a retouch because your hair is looking bad.When hair styles can’t be so neat.

That terrible period when you have the demarcation line problem, because you ain’t here and you ain’t there. Sitting on the fence has never felt so terrible.

You snip off a bit of dead hair every now and then while your healthy natural locks increase. And one sweet day, you are all naturalle. Finally.

Ok, so whether you big chopped or transitioned , you now have hair. Combing it is a struggle sometimes. Chwaa chwaa chwaa, you are in pain and so is your comb, because yes, your hair is a thick forest. Your roomate looks at you in pity and wonder and even a bit of respect. Yes ke!

Everybody wants to touch your hair as they have never seen natural hair in their lives and you may be a goddess. How do you comb your hair? What products do you use? Is there some special technology for keeping your kinks curly or coily? So you advice and you teach them the wisdom you have acquired over the years.

They want to be like you but they can’t settle for the struggle. So when you go in a wide puff intended to intimidate and oppress, yea, that one. That All-Day, Everyday Slay Puff, they gel their hair into a tiny bun and stick a fake big puff on it. Hehehe, yours ain’t real sugarpuff. Pun intended.

When they can’t take it no more, they resort to asking you when you will retouch your hair. Never. But it’s hard to maintain. Is it your maintaince? Combing it must be a chore. Is it your chore? It’s not all that anyway. Aunty this is the point where we can see your brown skin turning green with envy. Must everybody’s hair be like your own? Plix!


Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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