One chance!

For a split second, Tolu wondered how on God’s green earth she got into such a horrible situation. Gbenga was forcefully pulling her against himself and well, she was no match for a guy who was either drunk, high or plain crazy. All she had wanted was a hi and a handshake.

The said confrontation was happening in a resturant for goodness sake, with onlookers who were doing nothing to help and she wondered why. Not even her so-called friends were moving an inch. Thank God for all the Oyo state students who were there at the time and helped to pull her away. She was definitely going to the next state meeting.

Gbenga was actually pulling quite hard and at the moment, all she was thinking was why the hell was no fork handy? Next thing she knew, she was sprawled on the floor, on top of a guy she really didn’t know anything about.

She didn’t know whether to be embarrased or angry. She wanted to scream and she also wanted to cry. She was not sure she could ever enter that resturant ever again.

Why were assualted girls the ones left to be ashamed? She could hear him laughing with his buddies inside while she was outside cowering in shame and that was just not right.

So, Tolu called her mum, dusted herself and went back into the resturant. She cancelled the indomie order she had placed and walked out with her head high. Tonight she would cry and cry, tomorrow somebody would be reported to the Head of Academics.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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