It’s a painful thing being put in the friend zone. Oh, stop it. You know exactly what I mean. You have been there before, you know. That bad friend zone thingy. You have felt the pain and gone through the torture of listening to her go on and on about him without knowing that all you want to do is just kiss her. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

You laugh at all her jokes, hug her even when it is not needed, confide in her and touch her when it’s not needed and she remains oblivious, the thought of you or any other guy obliterated by thoughts of that one guy.

Oh, I know you know because for the past few months, I have been that girl. Not That One you want to kill yourself over but the one you torture with stories of another girl. The one who picks you up everytime your pain gets the better of you.

So you know just what I mean, how I feel. Maybe you will read this and hear what my eyes are shouting at you. You will understand why I can’t help touching you, my hands won’t even stay still when you are near me. You will see my laughter and hear the cry that is fighting to be heard. I have loved you since, I love you now and I probably will do so till the end.

I can’t remember how I started loving you but I might do it till I forget how not to. So please, kick me out of the friend zone fast because this is what broken hearts are made of.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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  1. Love is scary when you are n not sure if you will receive it back. Love is blind. A broken heart is not easy and the pain is tense but being rejected is how you learn and could make you stronger.
    I understand this because most people go through this. I wish you luck with everything and for every dark night there is always a brighter day.
    Keep your head up!

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