Real Something Here.

Hello my people… How has the story reading being going? Some of the private feed back I’ve been getting have been making my days. Some have made me want to 😒… Anyways…

This Law is a funny something sha ooh. Ever since I came to Law School I’ve been waiting for a sign that I’m in the right place. Chukom! I have seen nada! I even started chooking my eye where I’m not supposed to, looking for a sign, any sign but you know what? Mbanu! Nothing to be found. What will we now do with LL.B and BL ooh?

Everyday, I ask myself why I am wasting my time here because it seems I do not fit into law. I’m, sometimes, a lazy academic, I don’t like litigation, i love, love, love corporate law but I detest anything that requires long, principal-partner-sucking-blood working hours. So what is in the law for me? I saw a list of so many things you can do with your law degree and no shade or anything but I didn’t like anything on the list.

I eagerly await service year. It keeps looking like I’m one of those people who are meant to be divergent. So maybe, I’ll find it then. Till then.

Well, externship is over, exams in view. Mock trials are on and I’m appearing today. Wish yours truly luck. Have a great day people!

Ciao, Clandie Chi.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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