Bad belle.

Your alarm screams like a banshee for the third time, refusing to be quieted. You know you should get up but you really hate mondays. Remember that 16-year old who killed two people in Carlifonia because she just didn’t like mondays? Tsk tsk, that’s you but you are an African. A black African who does not do stuff like that. Your mental capacities would have to be really bad before you would kill like that. But you really do not like mondays.

Your roomate is already awake. She is an early riser, you are not and she does not know that it is common courtesy not to turn on the lights until the last person has woken up. But you forgive her. After all you are a Black African and you can’t kill for such trivial matters.

Your water drum is almost empty. Shraa shraa, you must wake up your neighbours too as you scrape water from the drum. Let them know that the tap did not come on last night and you suffer for it. As you scrape up the last drops of water, shraa shraa, Ndoki must hear it too. You know she has water, but she would never offer you some. Let her know you will survive. Shraa shraa, scrape, let her know you have just enough to bath while she drowns in her big buta of water.

Finally, you have your bath. You brush you teeth and your hair. You are ready to go out but you do not have anywhere to go to. Aah, tsk tsk, you forgot that today was a public holiday. Why did you even wake up this early? Silly alarm.

Your roomate has gone out to read. Bad child of her mother! She didn’t even leave her scrawny dell computer that cannot stay on without AC power. Eeh, she would say she didn’t think you would need it.

There is nothing to do, so you put off the lights, close the curtains and go back to sleep. You would know it’s time to wake up when your roomate, the one with four eyes, returns from her reading place.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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