One chance!

For a split second, Tolu wondered how on God’s green earth she got into such a horrible situation. Gbenga was forcefully pulling her against himself and well, she was no match for a guy who was either drunk, high or plain crazy. All she had wanted was a hi and a handshake. The said confrontation […]

Self-imposed loneliness, aka, The art of being purposely antisocial.

Sometimes I shudder at myself. And here’s why. I am at a birthday get-together and it is all my friends gathered in one place. I am supposed to be happy right? And having the absolute best time of my life, yes? All my friends in one place, my kinda music playing, suya and cake all […]

Affirmations to remember during some of your worst days by Jessica.

Hello lovelies! It’s been a while. I have my first exam on Friday and then it’s about 3 weeks to Bar finals. Sometimes I get scared. Sometimes I panic. Sometimes I sleep in frustration. Sometimes I’m numb. I have come up with a billion ways to motivate my self but trust me, there is no […]