It is not as if you hate coming out at night. No. You like the occasional stroll in the evening. You don’t mind sitting on a bench and just watching people walk by, getting their business done. Nah, you do not mind that at all.

However, you do not go for strolls or sit at the park enjoying a quiet evening because you are single. Yes. Who would have thought that this could be a reason, but my sister, we know it is.

Tell me please, what is the point of going out to be reminded of your single state? A state you are in not by your own choosing. Or what fun is there in going out to be reminded that your crush has a girlfriend and he does not even know your name? Nne, just stay in your room, your heart says.

Everytime you go out, your body starts twitching and itching. Everbody is sitting in pairs but you. You don’t even know when you became like this but a couple laughing together makes you feel somehow, like you should shout ‘BOKOHARAM IS COMING, RUN!!!’ just so they can break up and leave. Aunty, when did you become a sadist?

So you don’t go out. You stay in your room and roam all over facebook, encouraging yourself with Dr Ebele’s and Barr Ola’s posts. Telling yourself that the right man would come in due season. For now, there are other things to think about, things way more important.

Ashi! Let’s not lie to ourselves, Aunty Achom-nwoke-nkem! All that encouraging stuff is not working. Oluwa provide a boo biko. Please, open his eyes, let him see well, let him see fast. Delay is denial biko.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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  1. This post has a lot of sadness in it, but yeah, it’s a reality the ‘single’ ones face. We’ve all been here at some point and it’s tough. But life is funny, you finally get your craving and then along the way things come up here and there and you suddenly want to be all on your own again. But what i’ll say is … truly, there’s no fun alone. Good read!!

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