Today is Father’s Day and I do not know what to say. I’m not so close to my dad. In fact we only started getting close when I was in the University. Prior to that time, I think I was a bit scared of him.

However, I have some really fun pictures of my dad and myself and I wish I was at home. I would have been able to share, but alas! In spite of the fact that my dad is not my best friend, I am very much aware of all the wonderful things he has done to keep me afloat.

My dad is one of my greatest influencers, in both good and bad, I dare say. People say I look like him. They also say I’m stubborn like him. I say my name is Chioma Njoku and they go, ‘George Njoku’s daughter? No wonder!’. I have always been proud to be his daughter and he has rubbed off on me in more ways than one. When I stroll, I walk with my hands linked at the back. When I’m taking a nap, I like to keep my legs up and crossed. All these things I got from my dad.

I love pictures and my dad did a great job of preserving our childhood with some of the best pictures ever. He captured every moment. Not the usual first steps or Chioma after she spoke her first word pictures but more unconventional pictures. I really wish I could share some of these pictures but I would do that sometime soon. Once I get home.

Pictures like this one.

Happy Father’s Day Daddy. We never called our parents Mama and Papa or even Dad and Mum. It’s always been daddy and mummy, so that’s easier for me to say.

I love you more than I tell you Daddy. I’m super proud of you like you won’t even understand. I raise my head high and I say my name anywhere because of how proud and privileged I feel to be your daughter. I’m a big girl now and I won’t come running to you with every little problem but just know that all the words you have ever spoken in advice still guide me.

I’m trying to make a name for myself now but before that is a done deal, thank you for the clean name you made that doesn’t even let me mess up. Thanks for the integrity, honesty and uprightness. Thanks for the good examples.

Happy Father’s Day to all my other father figures. I have so many. I can’t mention all their names, some of them are just two or three years older than I am but they have at one time or the other being fatherly.

Finally, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Special love to those reading this post. We love you more than we let on. Don’t distance yourself from us, don’t shut us out.

In the words of Rachel Platten, You don’t have to be superman. You don’t have to hold the world in your hands, you’ve already shown me that you can, you don’t have to be superman.

Much love,

Clandie πŸ’ž

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Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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