It’s been a great week so far. OK I’ll be more honest. I couldn’t wait for the week to end. Came down with something on Tuesday. I don’t know what was wrong with me except I had all the symptoms of a sick person sans the fever. I was ready to snap at anybody who even slightly irritated me and I think at some point, I might have entered into a mental shell. The fact that I’m just ready to be done with law school didn’t help much. It’s a weird feeling when you realize that your exams are so close and some things are still looking like Sanskrit.

Anyway, I had to go to the Federal High Court this week to make some enquiries. When I got there, I met this guy* from CLASFON who looked familiar. But I was sick and not even ready to be friendly at all. When I greeted him, the way he smiled at me just adjusted my day 😁. No, there was no crush alert anything. The smile was just so genuine like he really wanted to know how he could help me. Needless to say, we got along quite well. Turns out he wasn’t even the one I needed to see but when the needed person came, I was ready.

I attacked him in the full glory of my friendliness and trust me, it is very effective. Even if I say so myself. Dude couldn’t wait to help me. I asked for his number, he reeled it out. I asked him to look through the cause list for my case, he did it. I wasn’t satisfied and asked to do it myself and he handed it over to me. Considering the fact that I was a potential irritation, he didn’t get irritated because I was giving off friendly vibes.

It might look ordinary but if you know Nigerian Government workers, then you know that this guy was eating out of my hand. In a good way. I can just imagine what would have happened if I had approached him in my please-i’m-sick-don’t-disgust-me tone. One person’s smile just turned my day around.

I’m at the office now and I really do not want to be here but I think I’ll just smile through. Ok, maybe not so much smile as not frown through. I have another person to seduce* today at the police HQ and I’ve been prepping all morning. I must get the information I want. πŸ€“

Note to future externs. And current externs- Relationship is the koko* if you want to stay in this law thingy. Even if you don’t want to stay. I’ve made some great friends and Egbons* during this externship period and I know that one day, it will be useful to have their numbers. Knowing someone that knows someone will never go out of fashion. All those silly fees you pay for nothing can be avoided if you know the right person. Directly or indirectly. So smile, be friendly and for the ladies, like my boss would say, forget femininity and ask that Uncle Registrar for his number.

Finally. Before you say I’m leading some people astray. Wisdom is the principal thing. In all your doings and getting, get wisdom.

*Turned out to be the CLASFON Abuja Branch PRO. You just never know who you will meet.

*seduce – I’m sure y’all know I don’t mean this in any sinister way, yes yes?

*koko – slang for main thing or something important.

*egbon – Yoruba word for an elder one.

Happy Holidays…


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