I remember this one time I lied to my mom. What you would call a White Lie. I was about 7 and I had just been knocked down by a very careless Okada man (motorcycle driver). This is not a case of I was playing on the road or I was in the wrong place. Nothing of that sort. I was coming back from a friend’s birthday party with two of my sisters and next thing I knew, I was on the ground with a badly bruised leg.

I can’t remember why but I remember thinking that my mom would beat me if I told her that I had been hit. Very strange but my sisters also thought so too. So we decided to lie about it.

We got home and told my mum that I had fallen down and hit my leg on a stone. She said ok. She cleaned the wound and that was the end of it. Years later, we told her the truth about that day and she looked at me like, what kinda monster do you think I am?.

I was thinking about this story and it just occurred to me that sometimes we lie about the most stupid things for the most stupid reasons. At the time, it looks wise but later on we see the unnecessary damage caused by our white lies.

How do we even classify one lie as white and another as black? Last time I checked, the Bible didn’t differentiate so I wonder why we do. You look at it critically and you just see that, there is no need. And you know what they say about lying. One lie never stops at being one lie. It always ends up being a matriarch to a whole clan of other lies that you would have to tell in other to keep up the first one.

Anyway back to my story, as we grew up and before we eventually told my mom the truth, my immediate younger sister would threaten to tell on me whenever I annoyed her. I would be so scared, like heart-pounding kinda scared. She used it over and over again and each time, that threat would shut me up. I had used my own hands to put myself in a very unnecessary bondage over a really small matter. Oh, the power she wielded over me with this small incident.

There is no white lie. No black lie. All the lies keep you in bondage. All the lies lead to more cover-up lies. Let today be the day we decide to stop saying stuff that’s not true. Do not let one small something come and disturb your peace of mind or have any sort of hold over you.Β Last-last, who your lie help?Β 


Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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  1. Interesting post!
    Sometimes we lie because we fear the consequence
    Not to go off topic but I always ask myself, would the world be a cold hearted place if everybody told truth
    Good post!


    1. I know right? I also ask myself what I would do if I was in a situation where speaking the truth would hurt the other party. It’s a dicey something and not usually so straightforward but we just gotta try yea?


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