World Milk And Doughnut Day

Happy Sunday lovelies…. Enjoying your day already yeah? It’s Sunday and we are supposed to be somewhere Worshipping!. I was just browsing yesterday when I found out that Friday, June 1, was World Milk and Doughnut Day from Emily’s post on The World Doughnut Day, talking about some of her best doughnut places. Note that it’s not together but separately. If I had known about this, I would have had a doughnut or two.

I guess I should just confess right here that I’m one of those weird people that do not like milk. Strange yeah? Anyway I do not like milk. It has a funny taste and the smell makes me nauseous. However, I know that it is very important for health purposes and that’s fine by me. I won’t say no to some milk in my hair or skin products.

Doughnuts on the other hand! 😍. I think it was the first pastry I learnt how to make. Officially. I love pastry. I love sweets. I love doughnuts. It features regularly on the breakfast menu back home. Sprinkle some sugar on it and dig in.

I’m always amazed at some of the things we have days for. Like, who started the World Doughnut Day? How did we start celebrating milk (a bit biased here though)?

This is a late post. Should have come Friday I guess but I didn’t even know we were celebrating anything. So if I see a doughnut today I’m buying it to celebrate in arrears. I already put more milk than I would ever think of putting in my coffee this morning, so we settled that already. 😎

Maybe next year, I can celebrate by taking packs of milk and some doughnuts to needy people. Nice idea yeah?

You can find other food remembrance days right here. You can also find other remembrance days, not necessarily food related, here. Some of them are just funny. Like the World Pi Day or World Hello Day.

Have a great, creamy day.

Ciao, Clandie Chi.

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