‘In Law School, a plate of food is N700. Just brace yourself to be eating once a day’

‘In Law School, just pack provisions and chin-chin. Omo, you gats make up for your stomach ooh.’

‘In Law School, if you decide to be doing 1-1-1, your money go just finish’

Fiafiadumo thought of all the things he had heard before coming to law school. As the cab he had taken dropped him at the gate, his heart was pounding like crazy.

He had so many thoughts. What would his room mate be like? Who would be his first friends? Who would be his best friends? How on earth would he cope in a place where food was N700?

He was directed to his temporary accommodation. It was cool. Nobody else was in the room but he knew he should expect them. Just then, there was a knock on the door…

Hi, I’m Dunmo’
‘Really? You be diaspora? See as you call the name. I’m also Dumo. Where in Rivers are you from?’
‘Hehehe, Guy, No! I be Yoruba, as in Jesudunmo’
‘Oh, ok’
‘So, i’m in the next room. I wan go chow, you in?’

Fiafiadumo thought of spending his money, eating a meal of N700. But then, there was a first time for everything… ‘Yea, let’s go’. He was not going to fall hand from the first day.

As, they got to Mammy, he wondered what he would eat. Rice was a good starter. No need for any extras. He would buy one meat though. Only God knew how much that one would be.

Dunmo led him to one of the food joints, Mama Ngozi. At least, it was clean. He let Dunmo do the talking.

Ndidi, give me one full plate of rice, with one extra meat and two portions of plantain. Erm, add salad join. Beta pikin, oya do sharp’

Fiafiadumo nudged Dunmo, ‘Guy, isn’t that way too much? How much do you want to spend on one meal’
‘hehehe, it’s just N550. Full plate with two pieces of meat is N350, a portion of plantain is N50, so two for me. Extra meat is N50, same with a portion of salad. N550 bro’

Fiafiadumo shrugged but his mind was giddy and faraway. When Ndidi asked him what he would have… ‘rice, full plate with one portion of plantain’

He smiled to himself. N300 left. He would use it to buy airtime and call all his friends. He would use it to tell them that they were all wrong. Law school was going to be manageable after all.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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