Externship Again!

Hello everyone….

Can I just say that the court attachment part of my Externship is over and I am a bit giddy. It was such a wonderful experience and I worked with some of the nicest people. My judge was just too lit…

Picture with the Judge, Hon. Justice H. Y. Baba.
That’s how Benchers Form took us to Supreme Court…
At the Supreme Court. Had some of the best people in my Court.

Anyway, Chamber attachment started this week and my law firm is a great place with great people and I am not just whining head here. My Head of Chamber kinda reminds me of Femi Jacob in the movie, Stranger Than Ever.

Advice to any prospective law school extern, pick your externship location carefully. If transport is an issue, you really want to pick somewhere that is close to you. If transport is not an issue, like you are mobile, then you want to pick the happening spot in town (in terms of legal practice ooh!). This is so that you are close to the court and any government institution you might need to visit.

My court and chamber are within walking distance from each other. So is the Corporate Affairs Commission for registration of companies and other related matters. The Pension Commission, Human Rights Office, National Communications Commission and National Investment Promotion Commission (which hosts the One-Stop Investment Center for investors) are all so close.

Did I mention that the Ministry of Justice and other superior courts of record are also really near by? That, if I may say, is a goal when you think ‘location of law firm’.

By the time I’m done, I should be able to do a full post on all I learnt and small tips that would help future externs.

In the meantime, I’m having fun. I was at FIRS the other day to make some enquiries and they were so nice. I think I like nice people (I mean, who doesn’t? 🀷). Generally, I think I can say that Abuja is treating me well.

Have a great weekend people. Have fun, read, sleep. Enjoy your weekends!

Ciao, Clandie Chi.

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