What was it about this need to impress people one didn’t even know and whose opinion of one didn’t actually matter? Danielle looked at the young man making a call beside her and wondered what exactly he hoped to achieve.

Of course, he had been quiet and unassuming until those three fine girls from law school entered. Then he had a sudden urge to make a fictitious phone call to a non-existing person simply known as ‘Guy’. Not the name but the Nigerian term for all young men.

He asked Guy, quite loudly, why he had not returned the 100 thousand naira he borrowed last month. He said, again in loud tones, how that ‘small’ amount was dulling his non-existent business and explained how it was chicken change really. Really? Then why couldn’t he let it go? Danielle had the answer to that.

When he noticed that the three girls were beginning to pay attention to him, he became a bit louder, this time letting Guy know that he was travelling next week to Lagos to tidy up his Canadian Visa as he had no plans to go to England or America for the ‘summer break’ and how his sister, another figment of his very creative imagination had been inviting him to come over to Canada for a visit. Or should he just stay in Africa, visiting with friends in Uganda or one of the royal families in Kenya, who happened to be really close family friends?

Just as one of the girls smiled at him, he ended the call, which was not even real, to walk up to her and say hi, not before he shot a warning glance at Danielle. But then, Danielle thought, there was no need for that. Fine-girl-about-to-be-decieved would soon find out for herself that our uncle had never left the shores of Nigeria and as a matter of fact, all of his family lived in a two bedroom flat, not five minutes walk from Sasa market in Ibadan, Oyo state. She, Danielle, would simply shut up and wait for the inevitable to happen.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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