A bit of Black in the Royal Family!

Wedding Goals!

Today has been overwhelming! I was practically thinking of the Royal Family throughout the day and of course, the wedding today! Whew! Loving love is a bit exhausting. πŸ˜‚

Where on earth does one start from? First of all, I would not mind a British Royal somebody to just meet me on a blind date and let’s start our life together. I’m kidding. But seriously, I can’t get over Megan’s story. I’m trying but I Kent.

The wedding was such a success, pun definitely intended 😎. Megan’s dress was a dress, my people. It was a dress. I’m crazy about cake on a normal day so I wasn’t so into the detailed story of the cake I read online.

See the guests. These people went all out to tell all of us that they were marrying a Semi-Black woman and they are loving it. Black culture was just like a golden thread woven throughout the tapestry of the wedding. From gospel music, the black, clapping, fat-black-woman-belting-vocals kinda gospel music to the Black Bishop of Chicago preaching fire and brimstone. Just the way we love it. Uncle was even so bold, he mentioned slavery in his sermon. Like I said people, it really has been an overwhelming day! 😌

So let me just say this about all that happened today. Nobody has a right to be stupidly stubborn about tradition and rules again. The British Royals were the last people to exercise that privilege. It is done. If you know about some of the rumours that went with Diana’s death, you will understand how big of a deal this is. We have had a Black man in the White House and now we have an American woman with a healthy dose of melanin in Buckingham Palace, so please! Now might be a good time to swallow your pride and take life easy. If the Queen can do it, if the Royal Family can do it, what’s that you were saying about who you are? 😏

Secondly, let your Black light shine. Don’t cover it for anybody. Megan’s wedding was Megan’s wedding. Not Kate’s. Not Diana’s. And it was still traditional. You can’t scrape the classy off that wedding. She was able to bring in herself without being too much.

Like we say around here, today’s wedding is a goal. Let me go and sleep. I can just imagine Megan like 20 years ago, maybe looking at pictures of the Palace and then flipping the page to something more pressing at the moment. Today, I’m singing ‘Mama look at how we made it’ in my Falz voice, on her behalf.

See how Harry is a subtle member of the beard gang? I renew my fan membership.

For those of us hating on Princess Kate, I just want to say that we might want to mind our business. Yes she is Royalty, she can wear a different dress everyday but repeating ensembles is not yet a crime. So what, she wore a dress we have seen before for the wedding today? Thank you for not criticizing what you don’t understand.

Have a great night people. May this kind of goodness hit y’all.

Ciao, Clandie Chi.

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Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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