It all started with a craving…

So today My People, Ice cream carried me to Wuse Market, all the way from Maitama! πŸ˜₯😫πŸ˜₯ What even happened sef?

I was in court reading my thing jejely. Next thing I start looking for ice cream and cake. You know this yeye cravings that just start and fall on you? That’s what I had. It was kinda bad, so I put it on my whatsapp status. Some thing like this…

That done, I waited. And a few minutes later, God answered my prayer ooh. Porpo (If you know, you know) allowed God to use him and I was going to get my cake and ice-cream. So I packed my books (All you law students, it was already 2:30, I had been reading πŸ˜‡) and headed out to my favourite ice cream place. And that is where yawa started!

First, My ice cream spot (in Wuse 2) was out of service. I almost cried, after taking ‘drop’ to that place, how dare they be out of service for Maintenance and Upgrade? I told them I wouldn’t leave until I got my ice cream. Yours Truly was this close πŸ‘Œ to throwing a temper tantrum. But God prevailed and I finally left.

The next place I could get ice-cream was Shoprite Mall, Lugbe. It is close to my house. But I was like, before going home, let me just walk down to where I’ll get a Lugbe cab and see if I will see any ice cream shop on the way.

Secondly,  My people, I walked 😌. I got to the junction where I would get my cab and was told that there was no cab to Lugbe. Like what is this? Ki le leyi😏 (I know my Yoruba is bad, manage)?

While I was thinking of an option, I remembered my Etisalat sim that has been having issues. I found out their office was nearby, so I took a cab there. Still in what I may call Wuse 2, not sure.

Third, I got to the Etisalat office and they said I needed an affidavit to prove ownership! Number I have been using since forever and a few weeks join! Argh! By this time I was just tired and I wanted to go home. I just asked for the nearest place to get a cab to Lugbe and the man I asked told me to “go front small”.

That’s how Clandie kept on going front small for almost 15 minutes! Next thing I knew, see me see Wuse Market😱😰. Please, kindly remember that I have not even seen the ice cream that brought me out in the first place. My feet were hurting, I was genuinely hungry (if you know, you know) and I just wanted ice cream.

Seeing as I was in front of Wuse market, tor! I said let me enter and buy a few things, I’m already at the market abi? So I entered, got a few things I needed and started out to really find this Lugbe cab, Haba!

By this time, apart from all the discomfort from my painful feet and hunger from my stomach, I could feel my liver cooking and I definitely could see (with my inner eyeπŸ‘) my skin turning about 4 or 5 shades darker. The sun was craaaaaaay!

I finally found my Lugbe cab. I had to sit at the back. It was so tight but I got home safe. Remember that I was supposed to have stopped at the mall for my ice cream? Didn’t happen. I was too tiredπŸ˜₯.

Immediately I got home, I bought a bottle of Coke. To say sorry to myself for all the stress I had put me through. Went to make some food and by the time I was done, I couldn’t eat because I have this terrible I-can’t-eat-what-I-spend-too-much-time-cooking-cos-the-smell-fills-my-stomach syndrome. A mild case of it anyway. And I had a bad case of Hot Pepper Hands. So no ice cream and I’m not able to enjoy my food.

Still haven’t had my ice cream but I look forward to it tomorrow. Have a great night and next time you have a sudden craving, take a deep breath and calmly make sure that the ice cream shop isn’t closed for repairs and upgrade. You might end up doing something you will call silly.

Have a great night. Sleep in view for me.

Ciao, Clandie Chi.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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