Oh no! Not again! My family’s simple remedies to itchy scalp.

Every once in a while the scalp itchs. It is NOT because we are dirty and not even because we have dandruff. I for one, have had badly itchy scalp when I was clean down there, you know what I’m saying? No dandruff or scales but the scalp be itching like mad.

At some point, I perfected what I may call the tap-scratch. We all do it. You know, you are in public, your wig is looking all peng! And then the itch starts. So we tap on the spot as hard as we can because we can’t dig our nails in and scratch like we really want to. So we tap hard.

The tap-scratch.

Today’s remedies are simple things I have tried. My family has tried this and we testify. Fam here isn’t just my blood but the entire Nat Fam. So leggo!

  • Lemon. This is a one-do-all fruit, you must know if you are into DIY for skin and hair. It takes care of a lot of things with its astringent properties. Not only does it help with itchy scalp, it is great for clarifying your scalp. It bleaches the hair some though but if used well, this should not cause too much of a damage. It should be mixed with water and some oils like coconut oil and you are ready to go.
  • Baking soda. I think this one works because of its clarifying properties. We know that dandruff causes itching and product build-up is even worse than dandruff. If you do not like to use shampoo, mixing some baking soda with your conditioner before you co-wash is great to clean and free your scalp. With clean scalp, our scalp won’t itch so bad. Caveat: it bleaches with constant use so you might want to use sparingly.
  • Coconut oil and honey. If you can’t already guess, let me just say it. This is as soothing as any hair mixture gets. Coconut oil seeps into your hair follicles, saturates your scalp and enters all those pores there and then, the honey soothes any inflammation you might have gotten from all the scratching and itching. Works best after you have clarified, peep the baking soda and lemon again. Test and see, that this mixture is so good.
  • Oils. Oils. And more oils. I cannot even overemphasize the importance of natural oils to anybody with hair on their head. Oils won’t work if there is no moisture. All you would have is a head dripping in oil. So what you want to do is have clean scalp, moisturize and then oil up. Your hair type would determine how much oil you want to use. My hair is kinda dry so I’m liberal (unless my oil is about to finish, and then I’m notπŸ˜€).
  • Know your hair. Know your hair. Know your hair. Know your hair. Know your hair. I said that 5 times.
  • Know your oils and creams. We have sealants which are different from penetrating oils. To kick off itchy scalp you need all these with a good dose of moisture because dryness causes itchy scalp. Hello Spray Bottle! Deep conditioning regularly would do wonders for your moisture levels and here’s how to do it without robbing the bank.
  • Finally, Don’t be such a product junkie! πŸ™ˆ I know, it is hard and right now I’m like the proverbial kettle. But too much product leads to build up and the truth of the matter is that we are not always concerned with clarifying. We use regular shampoo to wash which does a lot of harm (I’ll talk about that later). It either adds to the build up or it strips your hair badly, all of which contribute to itchy scalp. Or we pile on all sorts of chemicals which is just bad news. So there, let’s strive to be better product-avoiders. Use all natural products as much as you can.

So there! 7 things done by the fam to keep the itch out. Next time you want to do the tap-scratch, remember these.

I seem to love talking about hair so look out for more hair care posts because we just have to take care of the crown.πŸ’†

Ciao, Clandie Chi.

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