For new friendships…

Emmanuel looked at the three girls laughing in front of him. First of all, this wasn’t how he thought his break would go, gisting and laughing with the most unlikely trio he could make up.

There was Savage Moremi. Moremi was funny, she was nice and very brutal when she wanted to be. He didn’t even remember how they became friends. She took her shots and she shot quite well.

There was Kande. She was his group leader. She was quiet most of the time but obviously, she could light up when necessary. They didn’t really talk much except on official business.

Finally, there was Chidera, assistant group leader. For some funny reason, people thought she gave off ‘good girl’ vibes. But like Kande, she could light up when necesary and she was quite friendly with a lot of people in the group.

Looking at them, Emmanuel accepted the fact that he was the official target of all the jokes today. Moremi, in particular, was out to get him.

This was not the same as hanging out with his guys, but the feeling was quite similar. At the end of the break, he bought drinks for all them (water for Moremi, of course) and some would call that unnecessary. But then, what was N300 compared to a nice time? Not much actually.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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