A bit of Black in the Royal Family!

Today has been overwhelming! I was practically thinking of the Royal Family throughout the day and of course, the wedding today! Whew! Loving love is a bit exhausting. πŸ˜‚ Where on earth does one start from? First of all, I would not mind a British Royal somebody to just meet me on a blind date […]


Uduak was already ten minutes into what was supposed to be a 15-minute jog when she realized that she was lost. She looked around, jogging as she went, trying to figure out where on earth she was. Nowhere looked familiar. She turned into the dirt path that seemed a bit familiar, convinced that she had […]

10 things you must know before you join the Natural Family.

It’s another beautiful day people. I said I was going to put up more hair care posts and here we are. First I would like to give a little background gist. Flashback 2015. I had hair on my head and it was doing really badly. It was falling off and it was breaking. My scalp […]

It all started with a craving…

So today My People, Ice cream carried me to Wuse Market, all the way from Maitama! πŸ˜₯😫πŸ˜₯ What even happened sef? I was in court reading my thing jejely. Next thing I start looking for ice cream and cake. You know this yeye cravings that just start and fall on you? That’s what I had. […]

Oh no! Not again! My family’s simple remedies to itchy scalp.

Every once in a while the scalp itchs. It is NOT because we are dirty and not even because we have dandruff. I for one, have had badly itchy scalp when I was clean down there, you know what I’m saying? No dandruff or scales but the scalp be itching like mad. At some point, […]