Dele walked into class that morning with what would probably be called a frown on his face. He sat right in front of class because he was really not in the mood. The mood to get all chatty with his regular seatmates or even anybody. The front was his best bet for a quiet class.

Looking around, he saw Feyi. Today, he was not even in the mood to say hi. He was supposed to return her textbook which she had given him the night before but he was going to wait till one of the breaks. Or even after class.

Deep inside, he wondered why he was so pissed off at Effiong. He had been adopting the ‘silence is best’ policy but man, his roommate was funny sometimes and he was almost at breaking point. It was so girly but one day, he was going to really scream.

GONG! Crush alert. Adaeze just walked by. She had never even noticed him, including the two times he sat down beside her and tried to talk. She replied and went back to her blue headphones. She was always with them.

Dele shook his head at how scattered his thoughts were and tried to still his mind. Sort of like meditation, just not so concentrated. He couldn’t wait for the class to begin. He knew it would bore him. It was going to be a long boring day. But at least he would not be thinking of ways to off his roommate.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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