Forced? Or Nah?

Fego didn’t understand. She had tried, but she couldn’t grasp the idea. This was not something she was trying to force on someone. Obviously, she had assumed – and quite wrongly – that THIS friendship at the very least was mutual and if it wasn’t, was she the one who was just out there in the cold?

This was not the first time he had disappointed her. Oh, no. Making a mountain of her hopes and then blowing it all up with dynamite was one thing he seemed to do so effortlessly.

Does one start to recount all the times he promised to call and he didn’t? Or the plenty promised texts that never came? Now, he seemed to have upped his game, standing her up three days in row!

Fego looked at her phone and wondered whether to call or not. Actually, the question was whether to call again because she already did once and he said he would call back. No surprises though, he hadn’t. Didn’t even reply the text she sent the third night, right before she shut down about it.

She blamed Anthem Lights. She blamed the good music she couldn’t resist. If she had kept her admiration to herself, she wouldn’t be feeling this way now, like a tramp begging for attention.

He had asked that she keep in touch. She had tried. She really did. But that was it. She was done. Officially. For real. For good.

Because, a girl can only go so far.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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