The start of a wonderful friendship.

Nnamdi looked at his wristwatch and wondered why time was so freaking slow. Law school was difficult and some of the lectures were so boring.

He always sat in front so he didn’t even have the small pleasure of looking around, you know, to feed his eyes a bit, look and laugh or just shake his head at the oddities that were some of his classmates.

But then, even if he didn’t have all this, he had one thing. Felicia always sat in front of him. She was a constant k on the first row and from his usual position on the fifth row, he always had a vantage point, all the better to peep at her every now and then.

Nnamdi couldn’t say what drew him to Felicia. He wanted so much to be her friend. He DIDN’T want to date her. She seemed so cool with her space, never seemed to be in a rush. Just cool, calm and very calculated.

He had collected her number after they met in church and he was already thinking of how to send that first text. Everybody knew he was not a caller. His phone beeped. He had forgotten to put it off.

‘Hi. Will you be at the service this evening? Felicia ‘. Yes, yes and yes again.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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