Government workers and Drama.

Hello people! Hope y’all are having yourselves a nice day.

So far (it’s just been three days), Court attachment has been good. Tfare has been hmmm… A friend of mine told me of these buses that convey staff to and from different locations. She actually suggested the buses from NYSC office which is opposite my court but it was late and I decided to join the one which actually belonged to the court. My people, I sincerely regret!

First of all, issues with seating as there were too many people and not enough seats. I was quite early and the people in the bus told me to come in. I got in and sat but I was willing to stand if necessary because I actually do not like negative drama.

Now the people in the bus! Those that will be speaking igbo to you just because you look igbo or because they heard your name is Chioma. Those that want to ‘mistakenly’ flirt because they think they have seen JJC that they can say anything to. Monkeys. Then the mother you find in every place who was in this situation, willing to let me sit on her laps rather than have me come down from the bus. Then of course the very loud man with a potruding tummy and very big head who is Igbo and refers to everyone as nna. One of them even told his fellow brother to ‘hold me tight’ because I was his ‘nwannne’… Uncle please, I do not know you, neither do I know him. Let’s hold nothing and no-one but ourselves tight!

Should I talk about the different smells? No. Let’s save your imaginary noses.

Anyway, I got to my dormot (bus stop) safe and sound. I had to carry someone on my laps but who cares? I’m in my bed now and I didn’t spend as much money as I normally would so, fine by me.

I have a feeling I would see some crazier stuff while on externship and God be my Helper. I am also going to look for other alternatives to avoid any further altercations.

Goodnight people… Sleep in view for me.

Ciao, Clandie Chi.

PS: This post is for yesterday. Just discovered this morning that I didn’t publish… Enjoy anyway.

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Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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