Hello people… today I’m celebrating an amazing friend of mine. Some months back, we were talking about poetry and I asked him to share one of his poems. He did.

I like to call this The Backslider’s Poem. it is a call to come back home. It is especially for believers (yea, cos it’s all about Jesus). You will see what I mean as you read through, so please do.



Hey you…
When was the last time we spoke?
We’ve walked together all this while
Yet our hearts remain miles apart
You used to be my carbon-copy, my facsimile
You once held the key to my heart
Please tell me this is all a joke

Hey, can you hear me…?
How are we so close and still so distant?
I so long to experience those times again
When our hearts melted for each other
And our bond was strong and unfeigned
When we were best of friends – more like brothers
I can’t just imagine this is happening – I can’t

Hey, listen to me…
How did we let this get out of hand?
I’d tell you what happened to us
You abandoned me for those ‘dogs’ – yes you did
You let my voice wane and like a virus
They have eaten up your conscience – sordid!
Oh, that you heeded my warning beforehand

Hey, talk to me…
When are you coming back? Today?
I have terribly missed you
You know you’ve been away since December
Please talk to me, tell me you miss me too
Return to your body – that’s our home remember
So what do you say?

Hey, let me remind you…
Our union is so potent – you remember yeah?
You know you can’t conquer the world alone
You know you’re just a mind, a soul
And guess what, you belong to me – you’re my very own
So return home anyhow – no worries we’d be whole
And let’s conquer the world again – year after year

Hey, it’s me…
It’s your spirit speaking
Your body and I are waiting…

So there, hope you enjoyed that and got the message. Happy birthday Uzo… thanks for sharing.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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