My LL.B story

Hi there…

Last post I gave y’all some gist on how I got into school and all. I’m gonna give you some more gist and hopefully I’ll find some picture to make the read better.

Ok, so you already know how I got in. First year was just there for me. I wasn’t into school and and by the end of first semester, I was definitely not into law. Law 101 was boring. 102 was worse. And I loved my psychology course. Didn’t think about switching though.

I found FECA and I’m the better person for it. I mean I can imagine what I’ll be like if I didn’t join FECA. It was like my major growth stimulant or should I say catalyst? I thank God for them everyday.

200 level was also just there. I moved from school and started living solo. I loved it. I could scatter my room and come back to find my paperback exactly where I left it. Life! Lol, I missed my roomie though and this time I had a housemate.

First time I saw him, I was so angry because I knew he was in law, he was my senior and I wasn’t ready for anybody to be able to poke nose into my business. At home and in school. Even worse, I found out he was the ‘cooking’ type as opposed to my gala_indomie type of person. Lord, where exactly did I go wrong to deserve this?

“jeez! You are going to be living with a boy?” “Eew, are you guys gonna share the same toilet and bathroom? Guys can be so dirty” “hmmmm, you have grown ooh. You are now living with men. No 9 month course though”. I heard all those and more. It didn’t matter that I was living in a theological college. All that mattered to some people was that I had to use a bathroom with a guy.

But then, Ola-Amala (Ola is the name, Amala is the favorite food. In my opinion though.)was bae and boo at the same time. Of course, his idea of okro soup is an abomination to my Igbo mind but… In law, in life, this one is a friend. My egbon. And he didn’t ever ever leave dirty toilet for me. I left plent dirty dishes for him though. And he NEVER nagged. When I used the last bucket of water or his plates and spoons and then forks and disappeared. When I hijacked his laptop to watch movies or locked his iron in my room so he had to wear rumpled clothes. When I was sick and told him to buy 3 bottles of coke for me. Lol, I’m still owing the money for that one. Hmmm, I’ve met people in this my life sha.

So yea, he’s part of my LL.B. story. By the way, he got called to the bar some days ago. Bros is a barrister and solicitor of the supreme court right now. Looking up to that.

Have a nice day folks,
Ciao, ClandieChi.

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Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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