Day 1

Hi. Happy birthday to me. Thank you. I don’t feel strange today or any different. Just very thankful that God kept me till this moment. Right now, my whole body aches from all the weeding I had to do yesterday and Friday and I got shocked by electricity a few minutes ago. That thing is crazy but I’m fine. Very fine. All the excitement is replaced by a very sober feeling that God didn’t have to sustain me but He did.

That was the intended intro for my last birthday post but my phone started acting up and I couldn’t upload anything. I start exams tomorrow and yea, my birthday was great because I wasn’t thinking of exams the next day. Plus I got some really pleasant surprises…

Well before I get into all that- because I can go on and on in that state – let’s get to business. The top of everything in Year 21.

Song- Actually it’s songs. Onyeuwaoma by Nikki Laoye and Banky W (What a combination). Charles, God bless you for giving me this one. Another song I’m saving for boo. The other song is Loving me by Jonathan Mcreynolds. I love this song. The lyrics are like my personal words to God right down to the part where he sings about God loving him even with the pimples on his face… Soul brother or nah?

Moment- #Exousia concert. I gotta tell you guys that worship is just bae. And I’m not saying this just because Nikki was there. Yea, I got a picture with her but it was great just worshipping. No talk, nothing. Of course it made me wonder why my voice was so croaky.

New Friend- Uzoma…my friend in everything. This one is almost like a miracle because we became friends in a way I told myself I would never make friends. God had other plans, probably had a good laugh too. There is too much to say so let’s stop there.

Scripture- Psalm 16:7 I will praise the Lord who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me.
This may seem figurative but I know that it happens live. This scripture has been one of my top prayer points… Lord, even in my night seasons, instruct me. Then when I sleep, instruct me still.

Movie- God’s not dead 2. I saw this movie just a few nights ago. If you have seen it, then you get why it can be my no 1. If you haven’t, please, grab your copy now!!!

Trip- Akure. Ok, this one was all Sola (from Day 2 ) inspired and it was a #first trip. It was short but great. I met some of the tallest guys I have ever seen. Saw shoes that were size 49.5 – 50. God is just beautiful is His diversity. Got to watch a basketball game and I’m goner. I wonder why football is a biggie… It’s not even half as exciting as B-Ball. However, the trip to and from Akure was really bad. Had to add that.

Bucketlist item- Make new friends. Actually I think what I want to do is have stronger friendships. It was a bit hard coming up with new friends for this post. So by my next birthday, I hope I have stronger friendships… With more females of course.

Picture Time. So this is me some few years back…


And this is the nine shades of Clandie…


Have a great day sweeties. It was great doing this countdown with y’all. Thanks for following. Thanks for sharing. Do let me know what you think because feedback is another bae.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

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