Day 4

Thursday… I’m supposed to start exams on Monday and ASUU started a warning strike yesterday… Whatever the plan is, Kolewerk. I don graduate finish. Back to business…

Song- He Knows by Anthony Evans. Cool song that passes a special message to me.

Moment- When I saw a reply from Peter Bartlett, from the University of Glasgow, who is like one of THE MEN in mental health law. Needed help with my project which deals with the subject topic in Nigeria and I reached out. He sent me some articles and I was just feeling like a star.

New Friend- Esther. I like to call her Estee… I have met few people who are as humble as she is. I already loved her before I discovered she was a FECAite… All the way from Cross River. God dey ooh.

Scripture- Psalm 16:5 The Lord is my chosen and assigned portion; my cup. You hold and maintain my lot. He is not just God, He is my share. Oke-oma. The keeper and maintainer of my lot.

Movie- The Purge- Anarchy. I do not usually like action movies or any movie where there is a lot of blood and death but The Purge got me. I saw the first one some years back and this sequel just killed it. The Purge- Election Year is next on the list and I can’t wait.

Trip- Aba came next in September after Edo is August. It was a family trip, something we do every year since my siblings entered boarding school in the East. It was fun to be in Aba, in a different location than I had always stayed during my visits to the town.

Bucketlist item- Finish at least half of the non-fiction books I have at the moment. That’s about 10-15 books to read before my next birthday.

Today’s picture is….

Just there...

Thinking of sharing some baby pictures…. Y’all might as well see where we started from…
Have a nice day sweeties…

Ciao, ClandieChi.

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