Day 6

Hiya.. 6 more days people.

Song- You hold my world by Israel Houghton. Fell in love with the guy this year and that song was just lit.

Moment- Waking up on the first day of October to hear my aunt had given birth that morning. I missed the naming but she gave the baby the name I had in mind…. #bossfeeling

New Friend- Etinosa Ighodaro. Another FECA friend that is just great. Even when I showed him my picky side, bros was just calm. He was still asking me what I wanted to eat. In Regional Congress!

Movie – When love happens. Gideon Okeke (Lawd!), Oreka Godis (#baefashionista) and Weruche Opia.

Scripture- Psalm 8:4 what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?

Trip- Plateau state. Jos is like home for me. Went for another wedding. With ulterior motives of course. That trip was just great sha plus it was my first time visiting in about 8 or 9 years. Saw some friends I hadn’t seen in 13 years!

Bucketlist item- visit 3 new states. Working hard to get all the states off so I can move to countries and cities.

Today’s picture was taken in Jos..

Balling at the wedding with sis

Infact, let’s make it pictures..


Have a nice day sweeties…

Ciao, ClandieChi.

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Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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