The last days…..

Today, I attended a programme put together by CLASFON which is the christian fellowship for law students. It was awesome but that is not the gist.

It was the second time I was attending anything CLASFON. No, the third time. First was in my first year at the University. I went for some reason I cannot remember. Second time, was a worship concert so I went. And now, Lex Groom, a mentoring programme for law students and I thought, “what are you doing at home?” The answer to that question was nothing. So I called my girl, Bukky (lawyer, artist and naturale queen) and off I went. But nah, that’s not the gist.

It was a great programme and I gave my self a mental cookie for coming. Just as I was about to leave, I saw them. Boys. Lots of them. Tall and short. Fine and so-so. Dressed and painted. This is the gist.

No, they didn’t put me on potential crush alert but they got me on regret mode and I’ll say why in a bit but lemme explain something first. The University of Ibadan is a world and boy, do we have some culture here!. Second semester is like one long festival because all the departments and faculties and fellowships are having their anniversaries or week or something. Law week ends tomorrow and Zik Hall week is just starting (The guys? They were from Zik hall, having a rally of some sorts.).

So I was saying how the boys got me all sad and all. I need to say that I’m a final year student of Law at the University. December 2nd approaches slowly because that day, I’ll write my last exam as an undergraduate student of law. Five years of wearing white and black so much that you go shopping and you are colour blind. Five years of wearing shoes everyday, so much that my feet look wierd because my toes are white and the other parts are black(ain’t I just the perfect law student?). Five years of trying to find a place in law. Five years of never using my library card because I wasn’t interested in law reports. Five years of never attending law dinners or being in a justice match.

Need I say more? I’m just kinda sad I didn’t get more involved in stuff like that. I’m not a bookworm and I was involved in extra-curricular activities, just not the ones that had anything to do with my faculty or law. So, yea I was a little jealous today, but then……

Life is too short to be too cautious. Your time in school is even shorter. Go all out. Knock your self out. Just don’t break your head.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

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Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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    1. Do both of us a favour ok? kill UI. you’ll enjoy it and I’ll know someone learnt from me. Plus you already are better, I know all the things you’ll do cos of your job. So explore outside law. Stop procrastinating……


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