Disguise I

Hiya… This is sorta kinda a poem. A story too. Enjoy.

Part One

One early Friday Morning,
I got up to pray.
Just as I knelt,
The door bell rang.

This had happened before and when I took a look
Alas, a man in haggard clothes
In his hand what looked like a book
With tattered and dirty notes

Did I give him the time of day?
Not in this life!
Wouldn’t have heard what he had to say
Even if faced with a dagger knife.

What would people think
If they beheld this sight?
Or if the scribes with their ink
Were to write of my plight?

A noble man like me
Allowing a haggard drunk
Come in to drink my tea
Or sleep in one of my bunks.

So I sent him away
With a loud shout from inside
And an advice to get a job with pay
And quit wandering like the blind with no guide.

Ciao, ClandieChi.


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